Spirit Science 2 ~ Chakras

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In this week’s lesson, we take a look at chakras and how your body receives energy. After last week, we got a lot of questions about HOW thought affected you and the world around you. Did you know that your body has a system for this?

Everything is energy and everything vibrates differently depending on the frequency. If you study musical octaves, you see that all of the vibrations in existence have a harmonic pattern that they all flow through. The chakra system works on the same principle. This is how you receive energy from the world around you, the world of thoughts and emotion. The human body is also an emitter of energy through what we call “Aura’s” (Not discussed here, but still very relevant).

We too are vibrating bodies of energy, just as is the rest of our reality. With this awareness, there are many very interesting things we can learn!

chakras2Not only are we these patterns, but the process of learning and growing also matches this pattern. Here’s a quote from ‘The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life’, one of my favorite books on the matter.

 When beings come into a brand-new reality where they’ve never been before—babies coming to Earth, for example—they have one thing on their mind and one thing only. They want to be able to survive and stay here; their whole focus is on being able to survive this new world, so they do everything they can to stay. 

As we mentioned, the first chakra becomes like a lens through which you interpret this new reality, and the interpretation requires your whole focus, just trying to stay in this new world.

The moment survival has been achieved, it becomes apparent to the spirit that one or two more chakras are available. (It’s actually two, but spirit may see only one.) The rest of the chakras are not apparent because of the half-step wall. 

The half step hides the higher chakras from spirit, at least until spirit has learned to master the lower chakras and wisdom shows the way into the higher understanding.

Once survival has been achieved, you desire to make contact with the beings in that reality—this is instinctual. When you’re a baby, that’s usually interpreted as making contact with your mother, especially her breast – this reality, but in fact it is sexual in nature.

As you get older, the desire for contact becomes purely sexual; you want physical contact with the beings in this world. 

In higher worlds it takes on different connotations, but basically you locate and make contact with the life in that new world. So we call that chakra the sexual one.

chakra-yantrasAfter you’ve survived and made contact with the beings, you now have the third chakra available, which has to do with wanting to learn how to manipulate and control the new reality, or what you might call willpower.

You want to know how things work, what the laws are in this new world. How do you do it? 

You spend all your time trying to figure out physical things. Using your willpower, you begin to try to control the physical world. In higher worlds, physical is different from physical in the third dimension, but there is still a correspondence between the worlds.

Your efforts to understand the reality are interpreted in many ways as time goes on. When you’re a baby there’s a particularly interesting time, often called the terrible twos, where you want to know everything about the world around you and test to see what you can and cannot do. 

You pick up everything, break it, throw it in the air, look for something else—in short, do everything you’re not supposed to do. This child will continue until he/ she is satisfied in her understanding of the physical world.

When you’re a baby, you don’t know that there’s a change in direction after the third chakra; there’s something like a wall obscuring the next four chakras.

The child is not aware of the many more chakra lessons to come. There’s more to life, but the child is totally oblivious to it.

On Earth, even when we become an adult, we may not know there are higher centers in the body. Much of the world is still living in the first three chakras. But that is changing fast, because Mother Earth is waking up.

Hopefully, this will give you a clearer perspective of what the chakras really are. There’s so much to talk about with chakras, I hope this helps you as much as it did for me. This is definitely a topic we will be coming back to. ^_^

If you would like to learn more about Chakras

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3 thoughts on “Spirit Science 2 ~ Chakras”

  1. So I can’t watch the video because of copyright issues. But I read the article below and I’m a little disappointed. In other videos I have watched you go so deeply into actual ancient history and making sense of things and correcting myths and lies we’ve been told. Yet you don’t do that here. Why?
    If you look into origins of chakras there is a much deeper story to be told. And our western understanding of chakras is not great at all. I would love to see you actually go into depth on the truth of chakras and the many different systems. And show that this one system we’ve been taught and it’s colors and meanings (sexual, survival, power) is not actually based of ancient practices fully.

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