Human History Movie in Review… 2 Years Later

It’s been 2 years since i sat down to animate the Human History Movie… in fact, originally it wasn’t even a movie. It started as a 5 part SS lesson, each week going further into the story.

The ending of the 5th video coincided with the start of my journey around the world, a pretty good end to a season finale, if i do say so myself.

It wasn’t until maybe 8 months later when my friend Andrew Golden downloaded all of the Human History videos, and edited them together into a full length movie! Which is seriously amazing, it’s because of him that the movie even exists, and to this day i can’t thank him enough.

HHmovie1Now, despite the HH Movie being the most popular video by far, it is also the most controversial. Never before have i seen so many mixed comments, everywhere from “This is the most amazing, mind blowing video i’ve ever seen!!”  all the way to “This is the biggest load of pseudoscience garbage that ever walked the face of the planet”… and everything in-between.

The magic of this particular movie, i think, is that it opens up a discussion about the way things are on this planet, and a story to go along with it that demonstrates One possibility among many, which is vastly different than the ones that we’ve been told in schools.

Besides the fact that the story does seem so far removed from what we know today, it serves a purpose engaging everyone with a sense of magic and wonder for our own species.

Regardless of all of the details, the picture that it paints is a dramatic, engaging story about a civilization on the brink of despair, and in its final moments, uses it’s technology and awareness to shift back to a more primitive state of being, and forced to grow in its awareness back to full strength over the course of several thousand years.

When you then place that story overtop of our own world right now, it gives you a sense that you are here on this planet now for a bigger purpose than to flip burgers for 5$ an hour, or punch papers in a skyscraper in some polluted city.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 12.32.05 PM

That’s the most important part of what makes this movie great. It’s the sense that you are a part of something so much bigger than you realize. All of us are. If we step outside the bubble of what modern society (we) has set up for ourselves, we can begin to actually shift our life into a direction that is going to create a powerful movement for everyone around us, and ourselves.

There’s plenty of the Human History movie that i still agree with today, and there’s plenty that i find today i simply do not, from the perspective that – with more information, my understanding changed.

The details are the details, and they’re not important. Who cares if Thoth was a priest king of atlantis or a scribe in egypt. Maybe he was both, maybe he was neither. There are a lot of questions brought up from watching this video which simply do not have answers yet, and likewise, there are plenty that do.

And regardless, today – i still believe our history is not what we think. I don’t think its as cut and  dry as “We evolved from monkeys, the end”, nor do i believe it’s as simple as “God made everyone in a Poof, the end!”.

This is the most important thing of all – regardless of what story that you subscribe to, the Atlantis Story, the “Evolved from Apes the end” story, stories from the bible, stories from other ancient books or anything like that…. we have to remember that they are in fact just stories.

And stories are not happening right now.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 12.30.11 PMStories can be used to bring about a greater sense of awareness of the present moment, they can be used to analyze the past and explain things to give us new information in the present. But the past is the past, and a story is simply a story.

What’s happening right now is the most important thing, because right now is where the power is. Right now is where the magic is. Right now is where you can actually do something to change the world, and make the world a better place.

That’s why i say not to get caught up in all the details. They’re fun and exciting and interesting to talk about, but at the end of the day, the real power lies in being able to take what you learned and apply it to something real, to make a real difference in the world around you.

Speaking of which…


If reading into our ancient history is tickling your fancy, and you want to really dive into some amazing reading on the subjects, i’ve got 3 books to recommend for you that i think you’ll love.

The first, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life. You’ve probably seen me recommending this book everywhere, and for good reason. A large part of the Human History Movie was based off this book, and the information therein is amazing.

The second, The Twelfth Planet. This is a book which dives deep into the Sumerian Tablets, the ones referenced at the beginning of the HH Movie. If you’d like to get into some crazy stuff, about human history and aliens and stuff like that… well, this is a book for you.

The third is called “Fingerprints of the Gods”. This is a book all about an exploration and archaeological expeditions into our ancient past. Looking at many ancient sites and remnants of ancient cultures, Graham Hancock dives deep into just how amazing our ancestors were, and what information and technology they may have had that we today can’t even imagine possible.


Thanks for taking the time to read this blog!

All my love,



14 thoughts on “Human History Movie in Review… 2 Years Later”

  1. Fitted in perfect with everything i have learned on my journey. don’t remember seeing any evil in that story .
    Perfect. everyone should try to make out who the naacals are now.

    1. Yeah i have seen this movie and learned a lot. Can you please make a video on chi energy ? I know we all have this energy inside our body but we don’t know what is it and how to use it.

  2. Hello,

    I couldn’t agree with your analysis of story telling more!

    I stumbled across your channel on youtube a year or so ago and found your cartoon swagger and storytelling compelling in your HH movie, a great piece of work!
    I had already ventured into the research of human origins and mankind’s history for a number years as there was a fire inside of me that could only be quenched by the quest of truth.

    The books you mention in your post I have read many times, Zecheria was a true pioneer and has pointed humanity, with compelling evidence, that our history is the key to our future. The work of Michael Tellinger is giving us physical evidence to Zecheria’s work now that many skeptics mocked him for.

    Graham is one of the greatest researchers of our time, I value this mans work highly, his story of human history provides undeniable evidence of a lost hitech civilization, as an active user and advocate of psychedelics, Graham has a Terrence McKenna-esc nature to him which attaches to his work and penetrates the mind of reader. I cant wait to see him in melbourne!

    The quest for truth can only lead so far without action, in a world that is shrouded in darkness.

    The people mentioned are trail blazers true light bringers that inspire a generation into again believing in “what if?”

    The internet generation has brought us a ton of information that has taken time to digest but at this point in time we can now say certain things based on fact.

    Beneath the great Spynx there is underground chamber’s unexplored or content unknown to the general public. The Great Pyramid has a hidden chamber only a remote controlled robot got some interesting images of the doorway entrance to in the 90’s. BOTH of these were referenced on the ancient “emerald tablets of Thoth” supposedly written and made by Thoth himself. Both remain hidden from public view and both can reveal untold truths to us. Yet since this became fact an eary silence has fallen of the subject and Egypt has fallen into a complicated state of revolution possibly hijacked by the industrial military complex.

    Michael Tellinger, spoken about earlier, is bringing to life Zecheria’s story of the Anunaki story and i would advise any 3D thinkers to contact Michael and help with the work going on in South Africa as this is a great puzzle that could blow energy crisis out of existence.

    The discovery of such underwarter cities such as Heracleon is becoming increasingly frequent. Japan, India, Cuba and Cambodia all having vast evidence that this great lost civilization of pre-flood, pre-iceage advanced humans is real and provable!

    The latest announcement from the world of hidden ancient history is on the case of “elongated skulls” We must now face the fact that humanoid creatures with elongated skulls, with a full 25% larger cranial capacity does not share our DNA or the DNA of anything known previously to of existed on Earth. Before we even bother to argue about alien existence we should ask what does this all mean??

    In short we now know that in our not so distant past we had extremely intelligent humanoids on the planet. We also know that there are extremely ancient precise monuments, built with a high level technology we have no knowledge of, on Earth. No advancements are being made or given to the public on these matters which shows the dark times we are in. It is so important we spread this information like wildfire throughout the internet and communities. We will not let history be deleted and our quest for truth will continue until the end.

    Thanks again for the subject and your spirit science volumes I also find brilliant pieces of work and always recommend to beginners of the subjects who have always responded with positive feedback.

    Keep inspiring, be curious.

  3. I love stories, thanks for sharing this one. I just read a story called iron john written by Robert Bly, It struck a chord with me regarding manhood, and the story involved with that. It would be cool to see a spirit science focusing on growing up as a man and growing as a woman, involving the story behind each. It eases my mind to read stories whos symbols align with the feelings I get regarding what I need to do.
    Much respect

  4. Hello Spirit Science!

    I can’t thank you enough for the incredible wisdom & knowledge you have brought me. You’ve answered many questions that I’ve felt my entire life. I do have one more question that hasn’t been talked about over your video/websites. I thought you & your team may know. It’s about the origin of the “Rhesus Negative” blood groups. I’ve done extensive research on the internet & have some amazing finds (and outrageous- bonker ones too) but I would like your input. We’re they descendants of Atlanteans, Nacals, Essenes, or the actual bloodline lineage of Jesus (Yeshua)? I appreciate your time Spirit Science!

    Thanks again,
    ~James Peralta

  5. I first saw this video a few years ago and I was skeptical but since then I read the Law of One by Carla Rucket, the Seth books and the Emerald Tablets by Toth.
    Since then my view of everything has changed for the better.
    Thank you for you videos.

  6. Episode 12 is what got me into this. It gave me most of my understanding of how life words. Finally found the channel around half a year later. Never going to stop watching.

  7. I loved the human history movie its what got me addicted to spirit science and help to make me the person I am today and I cant thank you guys anuf for that :) and I didn’t even know what it was I was looking up mediation videos to listen to when I meditated but then a saw a funny picture of Jesus and at this point I hated christens more then any thing because I saw them has hypocritical jack asses who never listen to any kind of reason and there only argument was ever o god did it witch I F**kn hated more then any thing but now I can say I don’t mind them as much I just try to open there eyes to the world around them and what they are missing at one point one try to tell me that “dinosaurs were not real but there bones were made by the devil to trick people into thinking there was no god” 0.o not joking they rely said that befor I would have called them a dumb ass and walked away but sense I watched this video I just simplify said if that’s realy what you want to believe fine but explain all the proof of them even the Mayans have panting’s of people riding them and there has been thousand of rocks that tell the same thing so again I say thank you for all your videos and every thing you have shown me :D and sorry for the wrong sorry

  8. Hello There,

    When I first saw the Human History movie, there were obviously things I didn’t like about it. Oddly enough, after a while I found myself looking for it because at the time I didn’t know who made it. Thankfully, I found Spirit Science and I was able to see the movie and get a better grasp of it.

    I don’t know that I accept or not accept what is presented in the Human History movie as a whole (I like the Crystal Movie a little better). All I can say is that it is interesting. It covers some points which I was curious if Spirit Science was willing to address. I’ve seen it a couple of more times now and I still feel like it is an interesting presentation.

    I think it is natural for people to evolve in their thinking so I am not surprised that Jordan feels differently about some of the information he initially presented in the movie. I do the same with my writing. I go back and say, “I don’t know if I believe that anymore” or “I can find a better way to present that.” I believe it is part of the growing process.

    Naysayers are a dime a dozen so there is no love lost there, to put it bluntly. But like you say, the past is the past. We can argue it and try to prove each other wrong about it or we can focus on NOW and improve things from there. I personally believe that in our lifetime we will evolve past the need for money and destruction for profit. I believe we will move past the need to establish social status and go towards an egalitarian world where challenges will be a way to improve oneself and the people around them. Bitching will be a thing of the past and people will work together to improve things for themselves and others. If the Human History movie teaches anything, it is indeed that our life is more than what we think it is. And even if all of it is not 100% correct, we at least have a starting point from which to make an improvement.

    Thank you, Jordan, for making the Human History movie.

    As always, people are welcome to check out my site at Be well.

  9. Hey Spirit Science!,
    How are you? Have you guys ever seen the work of Michael S Heiser? He has a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages and he claims that Zecharia Sitchin, the author of the 12th planet,cannot read the Sumerian Tablets, nor does Sitchin even know Hebrew. Heiser is also really big in UFO research circles and he has tried many times to get Sitchin to debate him, but Sitchin always refuses. Like, you guys really opened my eyes to a lot of mystery in this world and I don’t want you guys being taken advantage of by people like Sitchin. This comment might not mean much to you guys, but it really changed my worldview to learn that Sitchin has no professional expertise/skills in his proclaimed field of knowledge, ancient languages. Also, Dr. Heiser is really nice and won’t insult people for making mistakes. Have a great day and good luck in your journey for truth and love.

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