Pair O’ Dime Shift ~ Comment Response (Season Finale!)

For the Season Finale of Pair O’ Dime Shift, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do a comment response video. Let’s take a look at the general vibe of all of the comments we get, respond to a few personally, and to everyone who has written in.

Thank you for being a part of this little experiment of ours. Pair O’ Dime Shift will return.

All my love,

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6 thoughts on “Pair O’ Dime Shift ~ Comment Response (Season Finale!)”

  1. amazing video so glade you made it :D just one comment that will prolly tern into a lot more just in this one…love is not for us it is to give away meaning the love we have isn’t for us to love are self it is to love other and every thing the fact of loving are self is ment for others till you share that love with every one and every thing you will not get the love in return there for you will not bge able to love your self you get what you put out the people hwho shoot down what you have to teach are simply just blinded by what they have be told sense birth and what they see being pushed onto others so they feel it must be true be the truth of the matter is it is push but not understood but every one wants to understand that’s why the shoot people like us down so they can feel a little smarter about what they have to say but the truth of it is they just make us grow bigger come up with new thoughts and give us the courage to keep doing what it is you guys are doing I would love to be able to sit down and talk with u guys and share some ideas. I am new to the site but watch the human history movie a good bit ago and t changed my life and made me want to learn more that’s how I can make this comment today but love pity and sorrow are not for are self but to share with others and when you feel pity and sorrow for some one it is just a way of your soul telling you that they need you to share your love with them and to show the the way of happiness witch is not what most think it is..its not money its not fame its not lots of girls its being one as well people joining together to make things better to share what we know or just what we think we know so we can learn and grow so we can live I happiness again and be one with the world and here her thots again to lead us in the right way I do not post this in hopes of people will think im smart I post it in hope people will change and love one another because no matter what happens in this world there will always be someone or some thing that needs your love and it would just be selfish not to share it even if you don’t get the love back or your self at least they got to feel like some one loves them and in return even if its not you they will share there love with some one or some thing else and that’s all that matters because I say again your love is not for you but every one and every thing else there will always be things that will love you and that is where you get your love for your self if its a person a pet or just a plant it can and will share the love back with you my peace always find its way to you what you are doing is amazing and helping more people then you no even the ones who sad it was crazy stupid or just blasphemy what you said will always stick in the back of there mind until there eyes are truly opened I bow my head to you and every thing you have done
    thank you from my hart and my love gos out to you

  2. okey but Now you say love yourself first but some there are also problems withto love himself or to believe in themselves have you tips por those persons ? ?

    1. Since love is a stat of being and we are beings, we are love. Just trust in who you are and you, We, are love. We are constantly giving and receiving so will we ever be filled up? Only if we stop giving.

      1. but theres a problem e=with what u just said love is a stat of being aka a stat in wtch a being can be in and we are being so there for we can be in love but we are not love we are beings though so love is not who we are nor is it what what we have for are self its is to be shared yes but never givn to are self are love is a gift for others only ment to give away never kept so to love urself u must share ur love with some one else so they my do the same without sharing it u my not have it because even tho some believe they only love there self bt truly the love some one else whether it be the parents a pet or even a plant the are sharing the love back no mater what there will always be someone or something to love you it dosnt matter who you are or what youv done there will always be love for you and that’s how you can love your self and you can never fill with to much love just like you can never love to much its just ur view of the point of love you are at because if you are loved by a lot of people u half to love a lot of people so there would never be a way o fill up cas if u would stop sharing your love then people will stop sharing the love with so u will no longer be filling just using nd all u will have is the love from a few to keep u going

  3. Hello,

    Giving out information which you think will inspire and help people is not always easy. However, I commend Ray and everyone in involved for having the courage to do so.

    One thing I have found (and I’ve said this before in a previous comment) is that people will always find something to criticize or complain about. They will not be satisfied until they do. Because we live in an age where people will find countless reasons to be afraid, they will always find a way to throw rocks at something rather than to help build something.

    One thing I appreciate about Pair O’ Dime is that it does not claim to have all the answers or that it is right about everything. If it did, it would present its information in a completely different way. Granted, I do not accept everything presented in this series (plus, I am weary of the constant “Lord of the Rings” references), it does not mean sending everybody to hell just because I don’t agree with whatever is presented here or elsewhere. But you know, people will fight to be “right” regardless of the cost. In my opinion, that will only perpetuate the cycle of cynicism and despair that haunts most people today. It is a futile effort to try and do what Albert Einstein supposedly said, which is to solve a problem using the same mentality used to create it (by the way, where exactly did he say that?).

    Another thing I appreciate about this series is that it addresses the “naysayers” directly. It doesn’t put them down, but it counters their statements by analyzing the mentality behind their reasoning. It appears that some people can’t grasp that. It seems that some people just want a reaction and therefore “proof” of what is presented. That is fine. This is not to say that people should go and believe everything they hear, but what the real message (if I am not mistaken) presented is to analyze for oneself what their truth is. People expect perfection where there is none and for that they will be perpetually disappointed. Again, the cycle continues. Once more, it is easier to call someone an “asshole” than it is to try and understand the other person for their reasoning or to try and understand themselves for thinking the way they do. This is mainly because kindness and understanding are seen as a weakness and because people want to appear strong they will put down anything that may defy that strength- hence, calling someone a name or something similar or worse.

    Regardless, the information is out there and it is up to individuals to find out for themselves. I am grateful to Spirit Science and Pair O’ Dime for their contributions in helping people realize their ability to make the world a better place. It isn’t easy but at least they’ve got the courage to do so. Thank you once again and please be well.

    P.S.–> I invite visitors to check out my blog site at Go to “A Guide For Visitors” to introduce yourself to the site and to help visitors navigate through it. I look forward to seeing you there.

  4. these videos are believably AWESOME!!! and they literally get better every time.

    ~infinite Love, apparently Always

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