Pair O’ Dime Shift 12 – A Cup Full of Empty

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Have you ever heard the phrase “Fill your Cup from the inside” or “Fill your own Cup” ?

Usually it’s used in reference to weight loss, and often it’s used in the new age spiritual community as well.

Often i hear this mantra being lived by as if it were a religion, but yet it always begs the question. “What does it look like to Fill your Own Cup?”

I sometimes get the response “Well, you start by breathing” – Interesting, breathing being the process of taking something in from outside you, bringing it in, and flowing it back out…

Another example i love, could you imagine going up to a newborn child, only days old, and telling it “Alright Kiddo! You’ve got everything you need inside you! Just fill yourself up from the inside! Come on! Hop to it!”

This is the female energy we’ve been talking about, and it’s so important to creating real and honest connections full of growth and vitality. You can’t have the male aspect without the female aspect, and it’s okay to acknowledge that sometimes we need help, or could use support from others to make our dreams a reality.

Female energy is nurturing, supportive, caring, and it’s something that doesn’t require you to “fill your own cup from the inside”, because we are all connected, and the cup can be filled from somewhere, and then must flow to somewhere…

By the way, it’s not a cup. It’s a river.

And we’re all in it together :)

All of my love,
A Question from the Comments by Jim Poy:

Hmmm I’m a bit confused here because all the while I thought that it is important to fill you cup first because you cannot share something that you don’t have. Just like in love, you can’t truly love someone if you don’t love your self fully. Help!

– – – – – –

Thank you for the courage to ask your question. It serves us both well. Your question is so profound that it may well serve others as well as it serves you and i and so I have set my attention to it as i am compelled to offer My help in explanation.

We will make a more in depth video soon, in the mean time i will do my best to explain, please forgive me if i am not yet able, or my explanation is not yet good enough, i am doing my best, and I know you are too. Together we all can, and will do ‘better’.

Love is not something to do, it is something to be. We get confused because the concept of love has been ‘objectified’. We think it is something to have or give. A diamond ring, a hug, a kiss. We even have the ‘make love’ thing, if you get my meaning.

Certainly there are things that ‘come’ from love. It is the ‘come from’ that should jog you. There is no order to love. It is not possible to ‘love yourself first’ as the analogy implies. Understand it is simply a mistake of time… of dimension… ‘order’ in all it’s forms. That is why we all have such a hard time of it… ‘trying’ to love ourselves… much less ‘first’.

I sometimes say it’s mixing the 3rd and 4th dimensions and then explaining what we did with 2nd dimension language… think of it like trying to explain how a battleship works to an ant. How would you even start?

Genuine love, what everyone ‘is’ deep inside is both so expansive and so finite that it is not yet ‘explainable’, or perhaps ‘understandable’ by the evolution of the geometric structure that is our thinking brain.

That is however, not required to ‘be’ it. The tree does not ‘understand’ how to grow. It simply does, it’s designed to. We simply do, we are designed to.

One final example of the reference in regard to our language, our way of communicating. Without the ‘constraint’ of time… I could have written everything above with one word and you would have understood it…. ALL

5 thoughts on “Pair O’ Dime Shift 12 – A Cup Full of Empty”

    1. The ascended of the being what many know as Jesus but not entirely the se one written in the bible, eight greys making up their “karma” and many others have talked to me and I have recorded their teachings. Here’s a point to validate Jordons teachings and theirs.. First they will NoT give me ideas on things if I have not ASkED the right question first! It has to come into my universal light consciousness before they touch on any subject therefore.. The same goes with love.. You MUST love yourself first. I was once SO preoccupied with my ego and how others perceived me so I have been celibate for eight years now and it has taught me vast knowledge in self reliance and love. Anyway.. Love light eternal MInneapolis

  1. What I got out of this video is the need for community, connectedness, as opposed to the idea that a first priority is taking care oneself before others. In a perfect world we would harmonize together and be in sync, but it’s hard to get to that point obviously in society today. I enjoyed this video, keep em coming

  2. Hello,

    I hope you do not mind me jumping into the conversation. There are a couple of things I would like to say.

    First of all, I disagree with Ray when he states that it is not possible to love yourself first, although I can understand the reasoning behind his logic. To say that it is not possible to “love yourself first” implies a limitation of possibility which contradicts the idea of a universe with “infinite possibilities”. I say, you cannot give a person food when you don’t have any or can provide a means to get food for yourself. Therefore, logic would dictate that before you can give a person food to eat, you would first have to nourish yourself to have the ability to gain the knowledge to be able to get food not only for yourself but for another, if that makes sense.

    I do accept that love is a process. But I believe that it is a process that begins on an individual level. Surely, beings (be they plant or animals) exercise love as an individual process that just is, as Ray explains. But I believe that it has to come from within that individual regardless of whether it is “being” that love or not. Does that make sense?

    I don’t think it is a “mistake” of time, dimension, or “order in all it’s forms” as Ray suggests. To be quite frank, I don’t know what message is being implied with that sentiment. As for explaining a “battleship to an ant”, why would anyone be interested in doing that? In fact, why would anyone assume that an ant would be curious about such a thing in the first place? Why assume any of it is true? (Please forgive me, Ray).

    I wrote a piece on “Love” which might clear up the issue (or confuse it even more, depending on your thought process). I do agree with the point Ray made about love being “objectified” in the modern context. If you read my article, I talk a little bit about that. You can find it here–> In any case, I’m offering an opinion which I hope will help Jim understand the issue better. Hopefully it will provide some resolution for him. Regardless, thanks for taking the time to read and post this. Be well, all.

  3. This is pretty cool. Hey Jordan, I’m new here and have been waking up since 2012 and I’m only a freshman. Also, I could be wrong now, but I think I’ve found the picture for Christ conciseness. Look up images of ‘The Secret’ movie and you’ll see a image that is both male and female if you scroll down. I hope this helps you.

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