Pair O’ Dime Shift 11 ~ Skeletons in the Closet

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

In the spirit of the season, lets talk about fear, those pesky skeletons in the closet that get us all worked up. I get a lot of questions about how does one go about “releasing” fear, and my answer always seems to surprise everyone i talk to about it.

Fear is not something you release. It’s an experience, it’s something you go through in order to grow. Courage is the “being in your heart” that allows you to pass through that gate, and on the other side is a new found awareness which comes along with the transmutation of energy and the ingredients that are a part of it.

Fear does not get “released”, it gets changed, transmuted, and used as rocket fuel to propel you into space!! The only thing to fear, is fear itself.

All of my love,

ps. Do you like my batman costume?

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