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Daily Divination ~ Opportunity for Incredible Change!

Day: Friday
Planet: Venus
Astrological Meaning: It is the day of the Divine Feminine! Let Aphrodite and Love shine! 


Today there is a powerful opportunity for real change to occur.

Every single card today is positive and in support of breakthrough, growth, and transformation. The Queen of Cups, Strength, The Empress and Death. Together they signify a deep emotional stirring which fills us with the strength of our divine feminine.

Death is the breakthrough of the old, what wasn’t working, and the bridge and portal into the new understanding.

Have a look.

06 - Reawakening

What can we learn from this spread today?

The Tarot is a symbology relating to aspects of ourselves, and so each reading, while the person interpreting the cards can describe them, it is up to you to look, question, and understand them as they relate to you in your own way.

The Queen of Cups is on the far left. She describes our deep subconscious, our deepest waters, our most sacred emotions that we hold so dear that sometimes our waking conscious doesn’t even recognize it.

The Empress mirrors it on the other side. She is our bright and shining queen, all 4 elements of “queen” energy united as one. She is that feminine leader within all of us. Yes, even in men! We all have this aspect within us, even if we don’t know its there. For many of us, the Empress is a part of those deep emotional waters in the Queen of Cups. We don’t even know that we have it within us.

Strength is on top, lending support for the entire reading. It is in the suit of Wands, and the element of Fire, so this support comes from a very spiritual place. For those who are seeking wisdom from the Higher Self, it will offer you its strength.

And Death is on the bottom, saying that whatever motion transpires between the emotional body and our feminine side will only yield positive, healthy, personal transformations.

It is saying trust and let go, let those old things fall away, for death is not the end but merely the conclusion of one awareness, and the beginning of another.

It is through our female side, our right brain, and our heart, that we learn about what we really want.

Today, lets not be afraid to go there.

With love,


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Daily Divination 4/14/16 ~ Protect Your Light

Today’s reading is a reminder of the light in each of us. It is also a reminder that our light is a gift that can flicker when not protected.

rune 41416 doneSowilo is the Sun Rune. Like a warm summer day, it illuminates our lives and provides clarity, energy, and warm light. It reminds us that somewhere deep inside is a powerful being that is on a divine path, capable of handling whatever the universe is willing to throw at them. Consistent awareness of this power leads to success in the long term, and provides us the faith to maintain that path before it is fully illuminated.

Tiwaz is the warrior rune, which we have seen a lot of lately. It is the namesake of Tyr, the mythical warrior that allowed his own hand to be eaten by the giant wolf Fenris in order to capture it. It reminds us both of the strength of the warrior and their willingness to sacrifice parts of themselves for others.

Tiwaz reversed carries a warning against involvement. It suggests that we do not go running straight into the battle and put ourselves at great risk. Perhaps this is the time to use your warrior energy for protection. The wisest of warriors aims to preserve peace through strategy and cooperation. They render war and battle unnecessary by remaining in their own power, tending to their needs and the needs of those who they fight for.

As we consider our intentions for the day, consider your own source and connection to light and how it may be vulnerable. Protect it with love, care, and discipline, and it will always be there to serve you. Be cognizant of your own physical safety and security around your home and family. The world needs your light, and it is up to you to protect and preserve it.

Alistair & Forest

rune border

Daily Divination April 13/16 ~ A Very Special Day

Todays reading is a very special one. It is the day I opened up the special new Thoth deck with the 3 Magi. I had one before, but that deck left me long ago, and since they they have discontinued it. I was very fortunate to find this one on ebay for a reasonable price.

And so, to start it off right, I pulled out the singing bowl and some sage, and took my time meditating with these cards.

It was a very etherial experience in nature, and when I was done, these were the cards that I drew.

05 - Seed Breakthrough

And here is a cheat sheet for this particular layout!


What the reading is about: Strife. Spiritual conflict. Something blocking your way forward.

On either side, relating to it. The fool. And the Magus. We are blocked by our own new beginnings. What causes us strife, and the way around it, are the going to absolute zero and realizing that we have everything to learn, and nothing to lose.

Top right: What will happen naturally if not tampered with.

Truce. Failure. The Sun.

Together, these cards signify a progression of energies that can happen in any way, but either way its mostly really good. We have truce, a mental balance, and the sun, shining bright with inner light, shining awareness on areas of reality that are broken, or failures, to determine if we should change focus, or dive deeper.

Top Left: What will happen if we take action outside of the natural flow.

The Hermit, Essence of Fire, and Interference and Distractions.

Okay, I think that this is pretty much telling us to not mess with the flow and just be, let its currents take us. If we go off and be the hermit, it may spark a wonderful fire in your own consciousness, but it will ultimately lead to more interference, distraction and ruckus in relation to everything else that’s going on.

Help in making decision. 

The princess of swords, knight of disks, and the emperor.

This part is an indication of the 3 aspects of our consciousness. Our working self that bridges the mind and brings them into the physical. The part of us that does that physical work, and the one of us who is the leader of our own lives!

I believe this reading is about balancing our work and doing it well. This reading could also apply to 3 people, 3 aspects of a community, and etc.

Karma and destiny, working beyond our control: Empress, Virtue and Peace

This one is really simple. God is on our side. There are forces of the universe much bigger than we can comprehend which are spiraling things and conspiring to support us in our every thought and creation. Should only, we let go, and flow.



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Daily Divination 4/12/16 ~ Finding Your Strength

Today’s reading brings Mannaz reversed and Uruz. That would be the rune of humanity reversed and the rune of strength. How might one interpret the reverse of humanity or community? How might the strength of the ox be affecting this? Let’s find out.

runes41216Mannaz in reverse can be interpreted in a few ways. In its upright orientation it represents man and humanity, from the global community to your own community to your own self and inner being. It reminds us of the importance of our relationships to others and to the world around us. It emphasizes the importance of nurturing those relationships and understanding yourself as a human, with your unique needs and experience. Its reversal could signal a time or sense of solitude, or it could also represent the same meaning as upright, but to a close relation of an opposite gender. For a husband, this may refer to the wife, to a sister her brother, etc.

Uruz comes as the action as if delivering strength to Mannaz. Uruz is the symbol of the ancient Aurochs, a now extinct ancestor and namesake of our modern ox. The Aurochs is a fearless beast that fights full force with its horns. It is known for its raw power, its strength and stamina. While not necessarily aggressive, its rune represents a deep well of strength. This strength, though it may feel distant, can be called upon when needed and nearly inexhaustible once unleashed.

Those of you that have been keeping up with these readings might draw a parallel to the repeated manifestation of Tiwaz, the warrior rune. While there is surely more of that to come, we are reminded of the strength of the warrior here with Uruz. Both are very masculine runes and are reminders that we all must find our power and strive to maintain our place within it.

To interpret them together, I see two distinct meanings. This could signal a strength in solitude, should the reversed Mannaz indicate a personal struggle, or strength to a loved one, if indeed Mannaz is referring to the experience of a loved one. In either case, the strength of Uruz highlights the unleashing of strength. Use this strength to push forward through your struggle. Share this strength with your loved ones. Come at today ready to take on insurmountable hardship, and you will find ease in your execution. Share your strength with your allies and bring joy and love to those around you.

Forest & Alistair

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Daily Divination April 11/16 ~ Now Ground It!!

Todays Daily Divination came up completely with Earth! A 2 card spread from my own Patch-Deck, which I’ve been carrying around with me since before I even knew what Tarot cards were!

The two cards are the Ace of Disks and the 2 of Disks. 1 and 2, the beginning of the Spiral. These cards follow the main theme of both the Rider decks and the Thoth deck, so the readings for it will be the same across the board. The core message here? GROUND IT!! Take everything that’s happened, everything that you’ve learned over this past weekend, and GROUND it and make it real. Bring your learnings down to the physical realm!

Lets have a look at it shall we?

ground that change!

The Ace of Disks is all about the essence of the physical itself. It is something physically present, or the possibility of something physical about to transpire. Nevertheless, it is tangible in nature, not necessarily relating to the mind or the heart, but the physical causality of the third dimension.

The 2 of Disks on the other hand, is all about change. When you have motion in the physical realm, change is pretty much a given. In fact, the basis of physical reality IS change. Everything physical is simply changing its form, or location, or something about it over time. If you make yourself a food, you are gathering ingredients, changing them into a combined thing, and changing them again in your belly. If you’re going somewhere, you’re changing the location around you.

What are you going to do about it?

We’ve all had one hell of a past week. This weekend in particular hit a lot of people with some very big realizations and universal truths, sometimes the medicine being hard to take, other times it flowing very smoothly.

What we must do now is GROUND this energy and make it real. Don’t just say “Oh yeah I learned something” and go on with your life, but really contemplate what you learned, and APPLY IT to your life! This is how we change the world. This is how we bring great change to our lives.


Change is a universal constant, and if we can observe the change in the physical, we can be the changers of it, instead of subject to it. That is however, sometimes a given as well, which is why we have the yin/yang energy very present in this, because just as much as we create change, change is also a part of nature, and sometimes we have no control over the things that change around us.

Times themselves are changing, the way that people are living are changing.

And big things are on the horizon.

Go with peace,



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Daily Divination April 9/16 – The Conflict and Balance of Passion and Emotion

Yesterdays reading was a very powerful one. Things are changing, and so we change with it!

As we do, new energies come into our lives and provoke new actions and thoughts towards the things that transpire in our lives.

Today is just one of those days, where we sit and reflect upon the multi-lateral energies of the Queen of Wands. The union of Water and Fire, but where instead of extinguish each other, they create a powerful, yet unstable consciousness.

queen of wands dd

The Queen of Wands is the Watery aspect of Fire. The emotional aspect to the spiritual, firey passion inside. She is the combination of two contrasts, thus contains both the loving, understanding and sympathy that comes with water, and the pride, passion, inspiration, and powerful independence of fire.

Due to this imbalance, however, we find ourselves easily shifting from Yin to Yang, from Dark to Light, and from Light to Dark. It is easy to become hot-tempered, revengeful, overbearing and possessive, taking small things and blowing them up to a great grudge for a much longer time than necessary.

It is the firey aspect that causes us to not want to forgive, but the water that soothes the heart and nurtures the awareness with a motherly love.

In this space, we miss the stability of earth, and the logic of the air…  This is all about passion and emotion.

If we can find a balance between these two things, today will be a wonderful day.


Much love!



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