Daily Divination April 13/16 ~ A Very Special Day

Todays reading is a very special one. It is the day I opened up the special new Thoth deck with the 3 Magi. I had one before, but that deck left me long ago, and since they they have discontinued it. I was very fortunate to find this one on ebay for a reasonable price.

And so, to start it off right, I pulled out the singing bowl and some sage, and took my time meditating with these cards.

It was a very etherial experience in nature, and when I was done, these were the cards that I drew.

05 - Seed Breakthrough

And here is a cheat sheet for this particular layout!


What the reading is about: Strife. Spiritual conflict. Something blocking your way forward.

On either side, relating to it. The fool. And the Magus. We are blocked by our own new beginnings. What causes us strife, and the way around it, are the going to absolute zero and realizing that we have everything to learn, and nothing to lose.

Top right: What will happen naturally if not tampered with.

Truce. Failure. The Sun.

Together, these cards signify a progression of energies that can happen in any way, but either way its mostly really good. We have truce, a mental balance, and the sun, shining bright with inner light, shining awareness on areas of reality that are broken, or failures, to determine if we should change focus, or dive deeper.

Top Left: What will happen if we take action outside of the natural flow.

The Hermit, Essence of Fire, and Interference and Distractions.

Okay, I think that this is pretty much telling us to not mess with the flow and just be, let its currents take us. If we go off and be the hermit, it may spark a wonderful fire in your own consciousness, but it will ultimately lead to more interference, distraction and ruckus in relation to everything else that’s going on.

Help in making decision. 

The princess of swords, knight of disks, and the emperor.

This part is an indication of the 3 aspects of our consciousness. Our working self that bridges the mind and brings them into the physical. The part of us that does that physical work, and the one of us who is the leader of our own lives!

I believe this reading is about balancing our work and doing it well. This reading could also apply to 3 people, 3 aspects of a community, and etc.

Karma and destiny, working beyond our control: Empress, Virtue and Peace

This one is really simple. God is on our side. There are forces of the universe much bigger than we can comprehend which are spiraling things and conspiring to support us in our every thought and creation. Should only, we let go, and flow.



Daily Divination is posted every morning! See you tomorrow!

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