Daily Divination 4/14/16 ~ Protect Your Light

Today’s reading is a reminder of the light in each of us. It is also a reminder that our light is a gift that can flicker when not protected.

rune 41416 doneSowilo is the Sun Rune. Like a warm summer day, it illuminates our lives and provides clarity, energy, and warm light. It reminds us that somewhere deep inside is a powerful being that is on a divine path, capable of handling whatever the universe is willing to throw at them. Consistent awareness of this power leads to success in the long term, and provides us the faith to maintain that path before it is fully illuminated.

Tiwaz is the warrior rune, which we have seen a lot of lately. It is the namesake of Tyr, the mythical warrior that allowed his own hand to be eaten by the giant wolf Fenris in order to capture it. It reminds us both of the strength of the warrior and their willingness to sacrifice parts of themselves for others.

Tiwaz reversed carries a warning against involvement. It suggests that we do not go running straight into the battle and put ourselves at great risk. Perhaps this is the time to use your warrior energy for protection. The wisest of warriors aims to preserve peace through strategy and cooperation. They render war and battle unnecessary by remaining in their own power, tending to their needs and the needs of those who they fight for.

As we consider our intentions for the day, consider your own source and connection to light and how it may be vulnerable. Protect it with love, care, and discipline, and it will always be there to serve you. Be cognizant of your own physical safety and security around your home and family. The world needs your light, and it is up to you to protect and preserve it.

Alistair & Forest

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