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Daily Divination 4/21/16 ~ Fire & Ice

No doubts on this one, this is the ultimate meeting of two very powerful, very opposing runes. Before we dive in, let’s consider the day that we are talking about. Yesterday we celebrated cannabis day and tomorrow we move on to Earth Day, and with a full moon to top it off. Mars is officially in retrograde and soon 4 other planets will join. This is a powerful time with powerful forces at work. Be weary, be sharp, and be well. Taking care of yourself during these uncertain times is paramount.

rune42116 doneFirst we draw Kenaz, the rune of the torch. The beacon light, or torch light, is what leads the way in time of darkness and uncertainty. We travel with a torch to light our next few steps ahead, illuminating who and what is immediately around you. Kenaz suggests the burning flame of creativity, vision, and inspiration that is necessary for new growth. The fire of life fuels you, giving you a reason to get up in the morning and meet the day with fervor, skill, and passion.

Compare this fire energy with Isa, the Ice rune, representing stillness and the slowing of movement. Isa calls on us to draw inward during these times and seek clarity through patience. This rune will often come to us when it is time to slow down and take care of ourselves, perhaps after a long period of hard work or excessive fun. In either case, the rejuvenation that accompanies periods of rest is what prepares us for what’s ahead. This gives us the chance to review our intentions and how they compare to our habits. Hopefully, we use this energy to elevate ourselves to live the lives we truly want, and truly deserve.

Together, we see Ice acting on Fire. This time of year, spring in full swing, spirits and kinship high, we see time speeding up and plans coming into fruition. We see connections being made, paths becoming fulfilled. The time is ripe to make great strides ahead in your mission. Whether you achieve this or not will depend on your ability to adapt to the circumstances and maintain your composure in the midst of a whirlwind of opposing forces. You will see emotions run high and you will see relationships strained, especially when they rest upon half truths.

Keep in mind that this time is powerful. We are all powerful beings full of light and intention, and we are all ready to bloom. Keep your head up and be strong, positive changes are coming to you. If you are feeling rushed, overwhelmed, or like you might need a minute to catch up, this is your day. Where we see delay we also see preparation. Consider all of the activity around you to be of benefit to you. Consider it to be the breath of fresh air that you need to forge ahead. Breathe it in and be well on your journey.

Alistair & Forest

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Daily Divination ~ Dealing with our Blockages

Today is a peculiar reading because of the nature of the day. All around the world people gather together to get high and celebrate the healing medicine that is cannabis.

But there’s more to it than that, of course there has to be, there are billions of fractals of human experience going on, and this 420 phenomenon is only one small aspect of the bigger picture.

As many of you know, we just hit Mars Retrograde, amongst a litany of other retrogrades that are also occurring at this very point in time. This particular one hit me personally like a freight train, the day Mars Retrograde started I went into a really angry spiral that lasted a day and a half. Even now, i’m not 100% clear on what it was was at the core of my anger… I only knew that I was angry, about all sorts of things.

So it makes sense that as we go into tomorrow the cards that I’ve pulled are Oppression and Strife. Two cards that mirror each other perfectly in magnitudes regarding blockages of a spiritual nature.

09 - Blockages1

These two cards imply the essence of the challenges that we face that we may not be able to resolve easily because they are such large and solid blocks, they require patience, time, understanding, and growth to move through.

After pulling these 2 cards, I couldn’t leave it there. I asked for more information, on what this meant and what we should do regarding these challenges, and I pulled Works – the 3 of Disks.

The 3 of Disks is all about focusing on getting the things done that need to get done in order to create what we’re trying to create. Sounds simple enough right? Want a result? Do the work!

The works shows 3 disks spinning together creating a pyramid from above. This is the basis of building any sort of establishing “thing” in the 3rd dimension. In order to build it, we have to start small, and grow big.

Perhaps the nature of these blocks, Oppression and Strife, are only blocks that can be resolved by starting something fundamentally new at this time, and though it may take some time, with patience and putting your heart into that new thing, we can bring our blocks to a resolution within ourselves, and without.

So with that, happy working!

And happy 420 ;)

With love,


Daily Divination 4/19/16 ~ Chaos Inherited

Thurisaz and Othala

Thurisaz is named after the mighty Thor, the familiar Norse god which carries the great hammer. Today it is acted upon by Othala, the rune of Ancestral property or an inherited estate.

41916 runes doneThor’s power can be unwieldy and chaotic. It represents the intensity and power that is sometimes necessary when it comes to fighting demons. Demons take many forms and are alive within each of us. Sometimes they manifest as life’s great challenges and other times as a nasty thorn in your side. Thurisaz, itself resembling such a thorn, also represents the destructive cycles in nature that give birth to new opportunities. The great swinging hammer creates space for new life to thrive, new challenges to be taken on. Growth is only possible with this great intention.

Othala represents that which is inherited as both earthly wealth, family heritage, and spiritual knowledge. It can come to represent man’s constant struggle to create a heaven on earth. From generation to generation, we work to progress the state of our tribe and strive to leave behind wealth and comfort as we become ancestors to future generations. This means a legacy of spiritual wealth just as much as it does monetary wealth.

Together, these two runes suggest a disruption in inherited wealth. Remember that great energy is required to create change in ingrained structures, as generational karma can often be. We carry the burdens of our ancestors and much as their charm. As much as we benefit we must also strive to contribute, but it must be in a way that is true to your power. You will be of great help to your family and tribe when you contribute from your most authentic self.

Alistair & Forest

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Daily Div ~ Recognize the Futility, in Order to Transcend It!

Today marks a glorious day. The day that the Spirit Kingdom shift out of a state of being subservient to the Matrix and become creators once again.

For those who don’t know, we (meaning the core of Spirit Science) have been working our butts off for about 3 months now on one fundamental project… Accounting. >__<

I know, its not fun in the least, but it was something that needed to be done, less we risk destroying everything that we’ve worked for because some guys in an office building somewhere said so, and it was something that not a single accountant that we talked to could comprehend what it was we were asking for. It was a very interesting scenario, and looking back its hard to get that 3 years have completely gone by so fast and we STILL hadn’t resolved it. Very strange indeed.. Nevertheless, we had to do it, and so we did.

That time is over, and todays card is symbolic of this, and so much more.

08 - futility 2


The old system doesn’t work, it is futile to stand for it and try and make it work…

But yet, the problem is twofold. We cling to that very old system which no longer works for a reason..

That reason is that the new system MUST be birthed from the old system if we are to have any system at all.

If we have no system then we have ANARCHY.

And while Anarchy can be complete freedom for people with intense survival skills and small communities that group together in the woods to grow food and be awesome, it still leaves the vast majority of people in a very chaotic new world, for you see, pretty much all of us have deep anger and emotional scars, and anarchy is a way for many to vent it. This is the fundamental basis behind a riot.

And while we may appear to be heading for a ‘global riot‘,  we still do not have to IF we are willing to create something new that allows for a higher way of being, more in tune with nature – one that promotes GROWTH (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual), as opposed to suffering.

This is actually what we have dedicated ourselves to creating, and much like everyone doing the same, we are still working out exactly how it can work, given all of the different ways that people CAN help, online, in real life, etc etc.

If you feel the same way in any way, you too are a mind trying to find new ways of living inside of this human matrix, and if enough of us are focused on it, we will begin to penetrate the layers of ‘what is‘ into the realm of limitless possibilities.

We do this by identifying the edges of the structure that keep us in place.

08 - futility 3In this card, is it 6 swords (thoughts) holding back one big sword thought? Or one big sword thought breaking through 6 sword thoughts?

For both sides, the path is blocked. It is futile, going the way we are going.

Identify the energetic edges of your environment, and then expand them in your own consciousness. Soon, you’ll be walking through walls.

With love,

A Reading for Our Ascension

Today’s reading is a yin and yang of each other, and through recognizing these polarities within ourselves can we come to know our own divinity, and shed this mortal skin and become the immortal beings of light that we are.

This isn’t fluffy wordplay, it’s very, very real.

Let’s have a look.

princess of swords and universe

Take some time to actually observe both of these cards. See what they mean to you first, before reading on.


Notice the similarities between the fire the princess commands, and the shape of the snake in the Universe. They are a curved mirror of each other, and their patterns are opposites. Behind them, one background lies in the red section of the color spectrum, and the other in the blue/green section. Though, there are aspects of each variation of color hinted in each.

Now, look at the women. One is a young female with her bright staff, commanding and moving the firey element in a burst of passion and charisma. The princess energies are often in this sense, more focused on what they want to do, without as much attention put towards those of another element.

The Universe, on the other hand, shows an expanded ear-mind, representing that instead of pushing energy outward, she is taking in the voice of God through the Eye of Truth. The wisdom passes through the snake, the representation of the life stream of the universe, and into the consciousness of the individual.

So these two cards together very represent the taking in, and putting out, of energy.

Its basically asking us to reflect on where we put our energies, what we are creating outwardly, and what are we taking in from all dimensions.

If we can recognize each, on this very special Sunday, we may just find ourselves gleaming with that certain special ‘something’ that sparks wisdom and inspiration to flow through all that you touch.

At the end of the day, it is in the complete harmonic balance between the in and the out that creates the phi ratio (between the circle and the square, if you recall from this video here)

The closer we get to Phi, the closer we get to becoming pure light, far more capable and wise and knowing, because we have touched the Mind of God, and returned to this dimension to communicate its thoughts.

Thanks for reading, happy Sunday!

With love,




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Daily Divination 4/16/16 ~ Courage & Protection through Service

Today’s drawing reveals… Another Warrior! For those of you keeping track, this is now the 4th Warrior Rune to appear in the last five readings. Serious warrior vibes, Stay Strong People!!!

Our first rune drawn is Algiz in reverse. Algiz is referred to as the shield rune and its purpose is to protect against any and all attackers. The reversal of the rune can mean a call for caution. We may be vulnerable to attack from sources seen and unseen. You might also notice the shape of our peace sign, representing peace through the lowering of the shield.

rune reading 41616 doneOur good friend Tiwaz, the warrior rune is beginning to take on a new meaning. The continued warrior theme suggests to me that we are all under a period of strengthening. Ultimately, we must all be working toward the common good, and to do that we must build ourselves up to full strength. By devoting ourselves to service we may find the clarity and calm of the warrior.

This reading calls on us to take stock of our strengths and consider how you might best serve humanity with your own unique talents and your unique strengths. Let your passions, your creativity, and your spirit be your guides. Use great caution that the dark and fearful forces do not steer you away from your purpose, or siphon off your strength along the way.

If you have found that place in your life, give thanks and go to work with the full strength of your warrior. If you have not, give it some thought today. You may find you are well on your way.

Forest & Alistair

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