Daily Div ~ Recognize the Futility, in Order to Transcend It!

Today marks a glorious day. The day that the Spirit Kingdom shift out of a state of being subservient to the Matrix and become creators once again.

For those who don’t know, we (meaning the core of Spirit Science) have been working our butts off for about 3 months now on one fundamental project… Accounting. >__<

I know, its not fun in the least, but it was something that needed to be done, less we risk destroying everything that we’ve worked for because some guys in an office building somewhere said so, and it was something that not a single accountant that we talked to could comprehend what it was we were asking for. It was a very interesting scenario, and looking back its hard to get that 3 years have completely gone by so fast and we STILL hadn’t resolved it. Very strange indeed.. Nevertheless, we had to do it, and so we did.

That time is over, and todays card is symbolic of this, and so much more.

08 - futility 2


The old system doesn’t work, it is futile to stand for it and try and make it work…

But yet, the problem is twofold. We cling to that very old system which no longer works for a reason..

That reason is that the new system MUST be birthed from the old system if we are to have any system at all.

If we have no system then we have ANARCHY.

And while Anarchy can be complete freedom for people with intense survival skills and small communities that group together in the woods to grow food and be awesome, it still leaves the vast majority of people in a very chaotic new world, for you see, pretty much all of us have deep anger and emotional scars, and anarchy is a way for many to vent it. This is the fundamental basis behind a riot.

And while we may appear to be heading for a ‘global riot‘,  we still do not have to IF we are willing to create something new that allows for a higher way of being, more in tune with nature – one that promotes GROWTH (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual), as opposed to suffering.

This is actually what we have dedicated ourselves to creating, and much like everyone doing the same, we are still working out exactly how it can work, given all of the different ways that people CAN help, online, in real life, etc etc.

If you feel the same way in any way, you too are a mind trying to find new ways of living inside of this human matrix, and if enough of us are focused on it, we will begin to penetrate the layers of ‘what is‘ into the realm of limitless possibilities.

We do this by identifying the edges of the structure that keep us in place.

08 - futility 3In this card, is it 6 swords (thoughts) holding back one big sword thought? Or one big sword thought breaking through 6 sword thoughts?

For both sides, the path is blocked. It is futile, going the way we are going.

Identify the energetic edges of your environment, and then expand them in your own consciousness. Soon, you’ll be walking through walls.

With love,

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