Spiritual Parenting: 9 Timeless Truths All Parents Should Teach Their Children

When children are small, their problems are small and mom or dad can fix just about anything. But the bigger they grow, the same can be said for the problems they will bring home for you to help them manage.

There really is no manual on how to raise children properly. We all do the best we can, with what we have and the tools we have learned on how to get by in this world. But the more equipped we can be as parents, the more well adjusted children we will raise.

9. Everything is temporaryshutterstock_374136676

Nothing lasts forever and it isn’t meant to. The more we cling to the old, the more we harbor the stale and stagnant memories/energies of the past, reverberating them within our own body and keeping them alive within our cells.

Teach your children early on about non attachment. To move and flow with the ups and downs of life, embracing all that can be seen, heard and felt without becoming attached to places and things.

8. Pain helps you grow

Pain is an essential part of life. We grow the most through the difficult experiences in life and so we must embrace our toughest challenges, our deepest sorrows, and our dismal defeats. Be with your child and stand by their side through their heartaches, reassuring them that everything happens for a reason.

Without the darkness, the stars wouldn’t shine.

7. Awareness is everything

shutterstock_366990245We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge. Teach your children to think bigger than themselves.

As the ego is moulding in a young person, there becomes a tendency to become self centred. Everything becomes about them, (me,me,me) and its usually not until they reach school age (or later) where they come to realize that this world is filled with billions of other “me,me’s” that also want to be seen and heard.

It is in this struggle to be heard, to feel unique and special that victim mentality can form as they begin to blame others for their problems, and by teaching them to take responsibility for their own happiness we set them on to a path of self dependance that will take them leaps and bounds ahead of “the crowd”.

6. Find your own path.

As much as we want to help our children grow, learn and find themselves. We can’t live their life and we do not exist inside of them. They are the only ones who can find what resonates with them and what they choose to obtain while they are here.

The more we impose our own predisposed beliefs, view points and indoctrination, the more they conform into the same box we often find ourselves trapped in.

When your child asks questions about the world, instead of immediately responding with what you think you know, ask them what they think, and work your answer around it.

Let them be imaginative. It’s what they do best, and it’s what we lose as we grow older.

 5. Danger is real, fear is not.

The only thing to fear, is fear itself.shutterstock_307192661

Fear is an emotion. An emotional response that is generated by our own thought forms. Whether it be fear of the unknown, fear of death or fear of the future, fear is an illusion.

As we seek to protect our children from the monstrosities of the world, we tend to inflict fear in our children as a means of alerting them to potential dangers. We need to remove fear from the equation and teach solely the dangers. When we inflict fear into our children as a means of protecting them, we are unknowingly putting ourselves in vibrational alignment of those things in which we fear most.  What we resist, persists and in order to raise our vibration we must lose the fear, and ascend into love.

4. Life is about the experience

Life is not a lesson to be learned but an experience to be had, shared and appreciated with the ones we love. We too often like to remind our children that there will be tough lessons to be learned in life, which can in itself, be a defeating attitude. When we can look at life from growth by experience, it lightens the severity of the situation, which allows for a more free flowing transition through each stage of growth.

3. Your perception of the world depends on you.

The world is nothing but a mirror.

shutterstock_357969482Even as adults we are still learning that the way in which we look upon the world relies 100% upon the beliefs, indoctrination and programming that we’ve been subjected to. Now, couple that with emotional burdens and unhealed wounds and voila! we’ve formed an expectation of the world in which we exist.

Now to be honest, their isn’t anyone out there whom can say they’ve had a perfect childhood or upbringing, the growing pains of toddler all the way through adolescence and maturity can take a toll on us. But, we can help to ease this if we are more in tune ourselves.

The better equipped the parent, the more well-adjusted the child. Make a conscious effort to not let your children become dumping grounds for your beliefs and perceptions, keep their minds open and curious, you might learn a thing or two yourself.

2. Find Your Freedom

In order to make ripples and cause waves in the collective conscience of society, it first involves breaking away from the collective conscience of society.

When we introspect through spiritual practice such as meditation, we raise our awareness and when we raise our awareness, we expand our consciousness. We bring conscious memory forward and draw upon the wealth of unlimited knowledge that is found within each of us. (It’s in our DNA).

When we can break the programming of continually drawing only on 3rd dimensional ideals of this “basic memory storage bank of repetitious action”, we break through the veil and find freedom of spirit.

Let your children think for themselves, challenge them and let them challenge the status quo.

1.”The sky is not the limit, your mind is”.

Teach your children to understand that the only limit that exists is the one they impose upon themselves. People will always say it can’t be done, until it is.

The only limit is your imagination. Get creative!

by LJ Vanier, Team Spirit!

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