Daily Divination 4/19/16 ~ Chaos Inherited

Thurisaz and Othala

Thurisaz is named after the mighty Thor, the familiar Norse god which carries the great hammer. Today it is acted upon by Othala, the rune of Ancestral property or an inherited estate.

41916 runes doneThor’s power can be unwieldy and chaotic. It represents the intensity and power that is sometimes necessary when it comes to fighting demons. Demons take many forms and are alive within each of us. Sometimes they manifest as life’s great challenges and other times as a nasty thorn in your side. Thurisaz, itself resembling such a thorn, also represents the destructive cycles in nature that give birth to new opportunities. The great swinging hammer creates space for new life to thrive, new challenges to be taken on. Growth is only possible with this great intention.

Othala represents that which is inherited as both earthly wealth, family heritage, and spiritual knowledge. It can come to represent man’s constant struggle to create a heaven on earth. From generation to generation, we work to progress the state of our tribe and strive to leave behind wealth and comfort as we become ancestors to future generations. This means a legacy of spiritual wealth just as much as it does monetary wealth.

Together, these two runes suggest a disruption in inherited wealth. Remember that great energy is required to create change in ingrained structures, as generational karma can often be. We carry the burdens of our ancestors and much as their charm. As much as we benefit we must also strive to contribute, but it must be in a way that is true to your power. You will be of great help to your family and tribe when you contribute from your most authentic self.

Alistair & Forest

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