Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

How To Balance And Strengthen Your Energy Cords

This is a visualization from the Peruvian shamanic tradition brought to you by Trevor Lewis, an empath healer and author. This exercise ensures you’re using energies wisely. To start, pick any area of your life where you want to change the energy you’re investing.

This can be a person or a concept, for example a relationship, friendship, money, or job. You can do this visualization with all areas of your life. Checking the cords within your life ensures that you have the right balance of energy with every person and field.focused-mind-energy

Next, when you have a person or concept in mind, imagine two cords connecting you to the target:
    1.    One for energy going from you to them or the concept.
    2.    One for energy coming from them or the concept to you.

Now, in your minds eye look at the two cords and ask:

1. Do they contain light or dark energy? If there is a dark energy present, imagine the light energy dissipating the dark until there’s only light energy.
2. Is it an equal exchange of light energy? If not, are you putting out more light than you are receiving back or vice versa? Now, visualize an equal amount of light energy exchanging between the cords.
stock-photo-two-hands-creating-an-energy-sphere-digital-illustration-1006499143. Do you need to increase or decrease the thickness of the cords?
When you want an increase of flow, resulting in a stronger connection for a significant relationship, visualize more light energy flowing through the cords. See the cords begin to strengthen and become more vibrant.

Maybe you want less flow? For instance, you may love your work and be passionate about it, but as a result you’re losing your perspective on your relationship with your partner. You can decrease flow to a cord when visualizing less energy flowing to and from the cord. See the cord decrease in size but, still full of light. You can decrease the cords that exchange light energy with your work and increase the ones that exchange light energy with your partner.

4. Do you need to reduce the thickness on a temporary basis? Imagine the cords decreasing in light and when you want them to increase come back to this visualization and increase them.

5. Is it time to sever the ties completely with a particular person or concept? If so, make sure you’re ready to cut them or it completely out of your life on the physical and energetic levels. If it’s a person, you can imagine the cord from you to them coming back to you.


Then the cord that connects the person to you going back to them. This releases the cords so you can receive your energy and the other person receives theirs.  When it’s a concept like debt, sickness, jealousy, greed or anything else you want to eliminate imagine the cords.

Now see your light detaching from the concept and coming back to you. Next, the concepts light detaching from you and going back to it’s origin. This detachment will have profound effects on your life.

We’re all sensitive to the energy cords we create in our lives. Consistent visualization will maintain your energy cords and create the life you want to experience. There are many energies that we can be sensitive to. Find out how to reclaim more of your highly sensitive self on thrivingempath.com.


Feature picture: Cameron Gray

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