Macrocosm to Microcosm: This Video Shows How Insanely Vast Our Universe Is


I stumbled upon this video recently and found it to be so incredibly mind blowing. I had seen similar videos in the past that would show the spectrum of the universe. But this video is special because it goes all the way out, as far as we can observe in the universe, then all the way in, to the quarks that make up reality.

This video was done in such a seamless way, I had to watch the entire thing twice. When we watch videos like this, it helps remind us how insanely vast this reality is. From the universe, to a molecule; there is infinite space all around us. We are in the middle of (what looks like to us) the vastness of the universe and the vastness of the microcosm.

This video can really help remind you that there is infinitely more out there than our physical, 3D planet. When you watch this, how can you not feel that there is infinite life out there? There is so much space, so many planets, stars and life forms all swirling around in this infinite universal soup.

Let this video remind you that everything is eternally connected and we are part of something so magical, so much greater than we can even comprehend. The best way to understand it all is through feeling.

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