A Reading for Our Ascension

Today’s reading is a yin and yang of each other, and through recognizing these polarities within ourselves can we come to know our own divinity, and shed this mortal skin and become the immortal beings of light that we are.

This isn’t fluffy wordplay, it’s very, very real.

Let’s have a look.

princess of swords and universe

Take some time to actually observe both of these cards. See what they mean to you first, before reading on.


Notice the similarities between the fire the princess commands, and the shape of the snake in the Universe. They are a curved mirror of each other, and their patterns are opposites. Behind them, one background lies in the red section of the color spectrum, and the other in the blue/green section. Though, there are aspects of each variation of color hinted in each.

Now, look at the women. One is a young female with her bright staff, commanding and moving the firey element in a burst of passion and charisma. The princess energies are often in this sense, more focused on what they want to do, without as much attention put towards those of another element.

The Universe, on the other hand, shows an expanded ear-mind, representing that instead of pushing energy outward, she is taking in the voice of God through the Eye of Truth. The wisdom passes through the snake, the representation of the life stream of the universe, and into the consciousness of the individual.

So these two cards together very represent the taking in, and putting out, of energy.

Its basically asking us to reflect on where we put our energies, what we are creating outwardly, and what are we taking in from all dimensions.

If we can recognize each, on this very special Sunday, we may just find ourselves gleaming with that certain special ‘something’ that sparks wisdom and inspiration to flow through all that you touch.

At the end of the day, it is in the complete harmonic balance between the in and the out that creates the phi ratio (between the circle and the square, if you recall from this video here)

The closer we get to Phi, the closer we get to becoming pure light, far more capable and wise and knowing, because we have touched the Mind of God, and returned to this dimension to communicate its thoughts.

Thanks for reading, happy Sunday!

With love,




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