Daily Divination ~ Opportunity for Incredible Change!

Day: Friday
Planet: Venus
Astrological Meaning: It is the day of the Divine Feminine! Let Aphrodite and Love shine! 


Today there is a powerful opportunity for real change to occur.

Every single card today is positive and in support of breakthrough, growth, and transformation. The Queen of Cups, Strength, The Empress and Death. Together they signify a deep emotional stirring which fills us with the strength of our divine feminine.

Death is the breakthrough of the old, what wasn’t working, and the bridge and portal into the new understanding.

Have a look.

06 - Reawakening

What can we learn from this spread today?

The Tarot is a symbology relating to aspects of ourselves, and so each reading, while the person interpreting the cards can describe them, it is up to you to look, question, and understand them as they relate to you in your own way.

The Queen of Cups is on the far left. She describes our deep subconscious, our deepest waters, our most sacred emotions that we hold so dear that sometimes our waking conscious doesn’t even recognize it.

The Empress mirrors it on the other side. She is our bright and shining queen, all 4 elements of “queen” energy united as one. She is that feminine leader within all of us. Yes, even in men! We all have this aspect within us, even if we don’t know its there. For many of us, the Empress is a part of those deep emotional waters in the Queen of Cups. We don’t even know that we have it within us.

Strength is on top, lending support for the entire reading. It is in the suit of Wands, and the element of Fire, so this support comes from a very spiritual place. For those who are seeking wisdom from the Higher Self, it will offer you its strength.

And Death is on the bottom, saying that whatever motion transpires between the emotional body and our feminine side will only yield positive, healthy, personal transformations.

It is saying trust and let go, let those old things fall away, for death is not the end but merely the conclusion of one awareness, and the beginning of another.

It is through our female side, our right brain, and our heart, that we learn about what we really want.

Today, lets not be afraid to go there.

With love,


Daily Divination is posted every morning at 5:26 am pst! See you tomorrow!

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