Daily Divination April 11/16 ~ Now Ground It!!

Todays Daily Divination came up completely with Earth! A 2 card spread from my own Patch-Deck, which I’ve been carrying around with me since before I even knew what Tarot cards were!

The two cards are the Ace of Disks and the 2 of Disks. 1 and 2, the beginning of the Spiral. These cards follow the main theme of both the Rider decks and the Thoth deck, so the readings for it will be the same across the board. The core message here? GROUND IT!! Take everything that’s happened, everything that you’ve learned over this past weekend, and GROUND it and make it real. Bring your learnings down to the physical realm!

Lets have a look at it shall we?

ground that change!

The Ace of Disks is all about the essence of the physical itself. It is something physically present, or the possibility of something physical about to transpire. Nevertheless, it is tangible in nature, not necessarily relating to the mind or the heart, but the physical causality of the third dimension.

The 2 of Disks on the other hand, is all about change. When you have motion in the physical realm, change is pretty much a given. In fact, the basis of physical reality IS change. Everything physical is simply changing its form, or location, or something about it over time. If you make yourself a food, you are gathering ingredients, changing them into a combined thing, and changing them again in your belly. If you’re going somewhere, you’re changing the location around you.

What are you going to do about it?

We’ve all had one hell of a past week. This weekend in particular hit a lot of people with some very big realizations and universal truths, sometimes the medicine being hard to take, other times it flowing very smoothly.

What we must do now is GROUND this energy and make it real. Don’t just say “Oh yeah I learned something” and go on with your life, but really contemplate what you learned, and APPLY IT to your life! This is how we change the world. This is how we bring great change to our lives.


Change is a universal constant, and if we can observe the change in the physical, we can be the changers of it, instead of subject to it. That is however, sometimes a given as well, which is why we have the yin/yang energy very present in this, because just as much as we create change, change is also a part of nature, and sometimes we have no control over the things that change around us.

Times themselves are changing, the way that people are living are changing.

And big things are on the horizon.

Go with peace,



Daily Divination runs daily at 5:26am! See you tomorrow!


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