Daily Divination 4/12/16 ~ Finding Your Strength

Today’s reading brings Mannaz reversed and Uruz. That would be the rune of humanity reversed and the rune of strength. How might one interpret the reverse of humanity or community? How might the strength of the ox be affecting this? Let’s find out.

runes41216Mannaz in reverse can be interpreted in a few ways. In its upright orientation it represents man and humanity, from the global community to your own community to your own self and inner being. It reminds us of the importance of our relationships to others and to the world around us. It emphasizes the importance of nurturing those relationships and understanding yourself as a human, with your unique needs and experience. Its reversal could signal a time or sense of solitude, or it could also represent the same meaning as upright, but to a close relation of an opposite gender. For a husband, this may refer to the wife, to a sister her brother, etc.

Uruz comes as the action as if delivering strength to Mannaz. Uruz is the symbol of the ancient Aurochs, a now extinct ancestor and namesake of our modern ox. The Aurochs is a fearless beast that fights full force with its horns. It is known for its raw power, its strength and stamina. While not necessarily aggressive, its rune represents a deep well of strength. This strength, though it may feel distant, can be called upon when needed and nearly inexhaustible once unleashed.

Those of you that have been keeping up with these readings might draw a parallel to the repeated manifestation of Tiwaz, the warrior rune. While there is surely more of that to come, we are reminded of the strength of the warrior here with Uruz. Both are very masculine runes and are reminders that we all must find our power and strive to maintain our place within it.

To interpret them together, I see two distinct meanings. This could signal a strength in solitude, should the reversed Mannaz indicate a personal struggle, or strength to a loved one, if indeed Mannaz is referring to the experience of a loved one. In either case, the strength of Uruz highlights the unleashing of strength. Use this strength to push forward through your struggle. Share this strength with your loved ones. Come at today ready to take on insurmountable hardship, and you will find ease in your execution. Share your strength with your allies and bring joy and love to those around you.

Forest & Alistair

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