Daily Divination April 9/16 – The Conflict and Balance of Passion and Emotion

Yesterdays reading was a very powerful one. Things are changing, and so we change with it!

As we do, new energies come into our lives and provoke new actions and thoughts towards the things that transpire in our lives.

Today is just one of those days, where we sit and reflect upon the multi-lateral energies of the Queen of Wands. The union of Water and Fire, but where instead of extinguish each other, they create a powerful, yet unstable consciousness.

queen of wands dd

The Queen of Wands is the Watery aspect of Fire. The emotional aspect to the spiritual, firey passion inside. She is the combination of two contrasts, thus contains both the loving, understanding and sympathy that comes with water, and the pride, passion, inspiration, and powerful independence of fire.

Due to this imbalance, however, we find ourselves easily shifting from Yin to Yang, from Dark to Light, and from Light to Dark. It is easy to become hot-tempered, revengeful, overbearing and possessive, taking small things and blowing them up to a great grudge for a much longer time than necessary.

It is the firey aspect that causes us to not want to forgive, but the water that soothes the heart and nurtures the awareness with a motherly love.

In this space, we miss the stability of earth, and the logic of the air…  This is all about passion and emotion.

If we can find a balance between these two things, today will be a wonderful day.


Much love!



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