How Gardening Strengthens Our Connection To The Earth

Living in this busy digital era, it’s often difficult to make time to ground yourself while also maintaining a wholesome connection to the earth. As trifle and hectic as our world may be, it’s not necessarily difficult to cut away a small amount of time to heal your heart and soul while also joining our Mother Earth for communion.

Gardening, among many things, is a healthy way to join your karma with your earthly rites as well as improve your physical being. We all know one of the main benefits of a home garden is natural food grown by our own hands and a wonderfully healthy hobby, but let’s look a little deeper. Here are a few things you may not have considered about getting down and dirty in your backyard.   

  • Sticking your toes in the soil, feeling the warm Earth below, smelling the various minerals and organic matter.

  • The initial moment of entering your “green space” is sacred, and can allow for moments of deep reflection.

  • No matter what you want to plant- it’s your space in the world, one where you can take a step back from the rush of life.

  • As you work the dirt into your skin you can feel the power that the earth sends you, magnifying your already deep connection. This moment allows for grounding and reminds of one’s roots.


Take a moment to consider the opportunity that a green space allows you. Whether working in your backyard or even setting up some nice houseplants by your favorite window, there is great medicine to be taken from any green space, no matter how large or small.

It is common knowledge that the sun and fresh air should be a healthy dose in anyone’s daily routine, and here are a couple of reasons why. While overexposure to the sun can be harmful, the vitamin D that is fed to us through the sun is integral for a happy heart.

A recent study showed that the absence of proper levels of Vitamin D contributes to a higher risk of heart disease, particularly in men. While we can adjust our diets to accommodate a small amount of this crucial vitamin, a certain amount should be absorbed through our intake of sunlight. Sunlight is also responsible for a certain amount of serotonin production, leading to a happier healthier you!

While sun and soil offer so much to us as living beings, good old fashioned fresh air is just as important! The old adage “need some fresh air” happens to have more to it than we may think. While breathing clean fresh air seems very self-explanatory, a deeper look will reveal unexpected benefits.

Existing in close quarters with others, as we do in our offices and schools, makes you automatically prone to a myriad of bacteria. Time spent outside with deep inhales of a natural environment can be a huge boost your immune system and you will be exercising! Being outside and working in the garden is a great physical routine. Exercise also increases immune function. You can back off the energy drinks and coffee as the combination of both air and sunlight are found to be a natural energizer!

lady in gardenWhile we clearly have our scientifically backed reasons as to why gardening is healthy, let’s take a moment to bring it back to the Spirit. Planting your green space gives you the elected opportunity to reconvene with the goddess, as well as your inner self.

When feeling yourself breathe with the earth around you, you’re allowing the stresses of the modern world to fade away. There’s a strong sense of self when watching your plants thrive and grow, even more empowering is the self-knowledge which you embody. Watch your garden thrive! With trial and error, we educate ourselves, bringing surprises around every turn!

The communal aspect is also a very important benefit to keep in mind. By having an outlet to bring your local community together one opens up chances to make meaningful and important connections with the human family.

By connecting we are truly able to make big things happen, most importantly the positive changes that are needed for a healthy tribe. It is also something that can be shared by both young and old, offering bonding and empathetic joy.

The Earth wants to be spoken to, sung to and cared for. Your soul naturally craves the same. If that thought feels remote to you just give it a chance! Soon, you will understand that your spirit has been longingly whispering for it from the beginning. Gardening offers ourselves and our tribe a simple way to feed that natural need.  

Whether your green space is large or small, the effects can be felt in great waves. Through this beautiful act, we can create conscious, healthy communities. Striving for a healthy body, mind, and soul leads to a greater future for all of us. So get out there, embrace your green world!


Written by Faye Monk

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