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2 Simple Steps That Will Help Open Your Third Eye

The third eye, the gate way to higher levels of consciousness, is scientifically known as the pineal gland. The pea sized and pine cone shaped gland is located at eye level in the center of the brain.

The pineal gland produces and secretes melatonin, as well as Dimethyltryptamine (DMT).


These 2 steps you can take today won’t require fasting, yay! Alkalinity is a main factor when achieving decalcification and activation of the pineal gland.

This is because the pineal gland is not isolated from the body in the blood-brain barrier system. Without the brain filtering mechanism protecting the gland, the calcification process happens easily within an acidic body. The human body functions best when it’s alkaline and an alkaline body can begin to heal the pineal gland.

When the pineal gland is active there is a pressure at the base of the brain and the forehead. You may begin to feel energy and see images unlike anything before.  Your new discoveries within these dimensions will be truly epic and I’m excited for you. There’s no reason to delay, let’s get started!

Step 1: Elimination
To fully activate the pineal gland all acid forming foods and drinks need to be eliminated.

This list of foods is highly acidic and should be avoided when concentrating on pineal gland decalcification and activation.

  • Alcohol, All Meat, All Seafood, Artificial Sweeteners: Acesulfame potassium (Sunett, Sweet One), Aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet), Neotame, Saccharin (SugarTwin, Sweet’N Low), Sucralose (Splenda), Black Tea, Coffee, Dairy, Fluoride Tap Water, Fluoride Toothpaste, Pasta, Processed Chocolate, Processed Food, Refined Salt (Use Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt), Seafood, Soda, Sugar, Tabacco, White Flour


Keep in mind that this is a lifestyle change that takes inspired action for a successful transition. Three years ago I took action, but I wasn’t inspired. I didn’t want to believe that acidic foods effected my body. I ate healthy enough, but there were plenty of meals in between that were full of coffee, sugar, flour, and pasta.

Through synchronicity, I stumbled upon Hydrion pH strips and tested myself. I was in shock seeing my 5.8 pH and I committed to making a major change. The strips motivated me to keep up my new habits, especially when I craved unhealthy food. Each morning I would use the test strips and see my progress.

Now, I use the strips once a week because I’m a consistent 7.6 pH. I suggest using pH test strips so you know exactly where your pH currently is and you can track your progress.

alkaline foods cropped

Step 2: Consume Pineal Gland Activation Food
Eating and drinking alkaline food is easy because most fruits, green vegetables, peas, beans, lentils, spices, herbs, seasonings, seeds, and nuts are alkaline. When concentrating on the pineal gland follow these tips, so you can experience pineal gland activation benefits quicker.

Drink Spring Water with a 7pH or higher. The human body is up to 75% water, making water consumption a huge impact on the rate alkalinity can be achieved.

Always Choose Organic so your body is reducing the toxin buildup and not adding to it.

Drink Lemon Water and Eat Watermelon. Both fruits are extremely alkalizing and will help your body eliminate toxins more effectively.

Eat Alkaline Grains, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Millet (Sorghum), and Buckwheat Groats. These grains will add fullness to meals and maintains alkalinity.


Supplement with Vitamin K2 MK-7, a specific fermented form of Vitamin K that can be bought in it’s whole food form, unlike Vitamin K2 MK-4 which is sold synthetically. It removes calcium from where it shouldn’t be (arteries, soft tissue, pineal gland) and moves it to bones and teeth. Unlike Iodine which only removes the misplaced calcium entirely from the body.

Organic apple cider vinegar “with the mother” is a detoxifying agent and cleanses the entire digestive system. ACV also cleanses the blood in the oxidation process among many other health benefits.

Organic Unrefined Cold-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil or MCT Oil is a medium chain triglyceride that has therapeutic effects on the brain and has been proven to help epilepsy and Alzheimer’s. The fatty acids increase blood levels of ketone bodies and supply energy to brain cells. Since the pineal gland is located within the brain this is crucial.

Barley Grass, Chlorella, Spirulina, and Wheatgrass restores natural alkalinity and improves digestion within the body, among many other health benefits.

Finding organic alkaline food and supplements can be easy and affordable with these  resources in your area:

Farmers Markets are a great way to support a local farm and buy fresh seasonal produce. Before buying produce ask the person managing the farm stand if the produce is organic and what their farming practices are. Only buy from the farm stands that hold high ethical values towards their products and be picky. There are many farmers markets and don’t buy anything without asking questions. Pesticides and GMOs will only calcify your pineal gland.

pineal_gland_activationLocal CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm share. Farms sell shares of their crops at wholesale. After buying a share, once a week you receive a box of seasonal vegetables from the farm.

You directly support a local farm and receive the produce at the lowest price. Always ask the farmers if they grow organic produce and what their farming practices are. The best part about buying local is knowing exactly how your food is grown so, seize the opportunity to find out.

Local health food stores are an amazing resource to get healthy and organic food as well as answers to questions. Health food store employees are well informed and can be used as a resource. Find out when they have sales and use coupons. My local health food store has super first Thursday, meaning every first Thursday of the month everything in the store is on sale. I make my monthly trip every first Thursday and shop only on this day so, I’m always saving money.

During the winter months when my CSA farm share isn’t active I shop at Aldi, an international grocery store. This is where I buy my organic spinach, spring greens, coconut oil or milk, frozen fruit, quinoa, apple cider vinegar, and so much more. I’ve been so impressed with Aldi’s organic items. In my area, their prices can’t be beat and I find something new they offer that’s organic every time.

Thrive Market  is an organic online store that has wholesale prices. Shopping online for organic superfoods has saved me time and money. Thrive Market has better prices than my local health food store on specialty items (goji berries) and I save gas too.

There are many ways to detox and experience pineal gland activation. Meditation, experiencing nature, indirect sunlight, and kundalini yoga or more to name a few. While on your health journey, enjoy the road and forget about the destination. Please comment below your findings and ways that you’ve activated your pineal gland.

The Hidden Truth About Racism

We are moving in the direction of a socially unified world.  Races are expressions of consciousness.  They are perspectives.  They are not who anyone is.  But in today’s modern world, discussion about race has become taboo.  As a result, we cannot have the crucial conversations we need to have in order to create a socially unified world.  The time has come to make the topic of race and racism, no longer taboo.

What has never been talked about before is the fact that pain is not just felt by the person on the receiving end of racism.  In fact the root of racism is pain.  We do not develop resistance to a specific race unless we feel as if that race is a threat.  So the question we need to be asking is, what is the perceived threat?  What pain is hiding behind each specific case of racism?  Until we address this pain, we will find no resolution.  But if we find this root and begin to directly address the perceived pain that caused the racism in the first place, we can actually create resolution.

Like it or not, we all hold racial stereotypes.   If we can face these stereotypes and admit to the pain behind them on both sides, racism could actually become a thing of the past.

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If the mind assigns meaning to racial stereotypes that causes the being to feel threatened, prejudice, discrimination and antagonism is the result” 

Cleanse And Heal Yourself And Your Environment Using Simple Smudging Rituals.

For thousands of years, Native Americans have burned sacred plants in a bowl or on a stick to drive away negative energies and restore balance. You can use this same wisdom in today’s modern world to heal and restore balance to your life. When you light a smudge stick you’re connecting with a spiritual tradition that originates from the depths of time.

sagestick cropped

The herbs most often used in smudge sticks are sage and sweetgrass. The spirit of sage has the power to drive out negative energies, spirits, and influences. The powerful spirit of sweetgrass is used to attract positive energy and to aid healing after all the negativity has been banished by sage. Cedar can also be used for this same task. A small ceramic or stone bowl or a large shell to place your smudge stick is useful as well as a large feather to waft the smudge. Smudging summons the spirits of sacred plants, asking them to drive away negativity and put you back into a state of balance. It is the psychic equivalent of washing your hands before eating and is used as an essential preliminary to almost all native North American ceremonies.


For self clearing or clearing someone else, light the end of your smudge stick until the tip starts to smolder. Call on the spirits of the smudge to cleanse and protect you, saying; “sacred sage, drive away all negativity from my heart; take away everything unworthy and impure.” Waft the smoke toward your heart holding the smudge stick away from you and use the feather to waft the smoke towards you. Take the smudge smoke over your head, down your arms, and down the front of your body. Imagine the smoke lifting away all the negative thoughts, emotions, and energies that have become attached to you. Use exactly the same technique to smudge someone else.

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Smudging not only cleanses people; you can also clear a room or area of any old or stagnant energy. All rooms need cleansing, just as much as they need physical cleaning. If your life feels stuck or things just aren’t going according to plan, you may just find that simple space clearing may solve the problem. Walk around the room wafting smoke into each corner. Call on the spirit of sage to drive away negativity from the room. Then ask the spirit of Sweetgrass to bring harmony and balance to the room. You can also face and call on the four directions if you wish. Remember, you should also smudge anything you will be using for your blessing, such as crystals, candles, flowers, or stones. Other reasons for smudging can be sick room cleansing, cleansing following an argument, protecting your home when you’re leaving for vacation, and even celebrating a birth or honoring a passing.  Studies have also revealed that smudging can kill bacteria and prevent them from returning for quite some time.
No matter how you use these techniques smudging will assure you that you have the tool you need to keep your space and your life clear of of unwanted negative energy.

Inspired by Jane Alexander

5 Methods to Achieve The Most Intense Tantric Intimacy

Our culture seems to use sex simply as a way to release tension. A goal oriented, five to ten minute,  hot and sweaty work out, to get that release and then it’s over. A lot of energy spent. A lot more wasted.

When a man or woman feels flooded with sexual energy the basic primal instinct is to release it. This because we all have the biological wiring to procreate. But sex can and should be spiritual. A melding of masculine and feminine energy, merging and transcending the pair into higher level of consciousness.

tantra3Sex doesn’t just have to be ordinary and it’s time we learned what eastern cultures have known for centuries. That sexual energy is the highest form of energy. The energy of creation, the energy of expression. Tantric sex, embraces these two qualities.

Harnessing the energy from the sacral chakra and allowing the energy to flow up and through the throat chakra. This is why quite literally it is said that without these two chakras, life itself would not exist.

The main purpose of tantric sex is to awaken your kundalini energy, the serpent energy running up your spine. The infamous snake known throughout ancient history, from the Bible to Buddha. Once unleashed, it rises up and activates your mind in the center of the brain. Where the spirit takes flight and arrives at the tree of life, allowing the enlightened one to travel between the three worlds. Continue reading

How to Connect Your Root Chakra With Your Partners

This morning, I find myself contemplating some really big concepts and trying to wrestle and wrangle how things are supposed to fit together properly…

yinyangIt only makes sense that our supreme form beyond the physical is both a combination of Male and Female energy, in complete union with each other, able to ebb and flow freely with each other in a dance of cosmic light.

And while this concept may seem airy fairy, let me bring it down to the earth and make it physical.

I see relationships failing everywhere I look. It has got to the point where I am truly coming to recognition with the state of the world, there are not many lasting relationship that happen beyond the borders of “Partner and Lover”, that realm of intimacy where two souls collide and become one.

Typically, the most stable relationships that are formed are in the realms of the casual:  “Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Daughter and Son”. When I say those, I mean them more as descriptions of the energy. Two best friends could have a real brotherly energy without needing to be brothers. Sometimes you might find a mentor and the two of you have a healthy parent-sibling relationship without actually being genetically related.

So when two come together to be partners and they do cross into that realm of intimacy, it seems to me like there is a chaotic struggle that happens in the root chakra at some point.  You see, this is a shared intimacy with another being that is shared at the root: The base foundational level of existence.

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