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The Hidden Truth About Racism

We are moving in the direction of a socially unified world.  Races are expressions of consciousness.  They are perspectives.  They are not who anyone is.  But in today’s modern world, discussion about race has become taboo.  As a result, we cannot have the crucial conversations we need to have in order to create a socially unified world.  The time has come to make the topic of race and racism, no longer taboo.

What has never been talked about before is the fact that pain is not just felt by the person on the receiving end of racism.  In fact the root of racism is pain.  We do not develop resistance to a specific race unless we feel as if that race is a threat.  So the question we need to be asking is, what is the perceived threat?  What pain is hiding behind each specific case of racism?  Until we address this pain, we will find no resolution.  But if we find this root and begin to directly address the perceived pain that caused the racism in the first place, we can actually create resolution.

Like it or not, we all hold racial stereotypes.   If we can face these stereotypes and admit to the pain behind them on both sides, racism could actually become a thing of the past.

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If the mind assigns meaning to racial stereotypes that causes the being to feel threatened, prejudice, discrimination and antagonism is the result” 


December 21st, 2012

On December 21st, Teal Scott and I came together to make a video. Here is my written response as well below in regards to the people who were confused about what “happened” on this day.

It’s interesting seeing how many people say things like “Well, nothing happened on Dec 21st and so therefore you are shit, and i am never believing anything ever again!”

Wowsy, it seems like this really went to a lot of peoples heads. It’s interesting because no amount of posts and sharing about “Look for transformation in your own life, don’t expect anything to happen, create your life and become aware of whats going around you” Posts in videos and on facebook could do anything to transmute the negativity into something useful and loving.

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