December 21st, 2012

On December 21st, Teal Scott and I came together to make a video. Here is my written response as well below in regards to the people who were confused about what “happened” on this day.

It’s interesting seeing how many people say things like “Well, nothing happened on Dec 21st and so therefore you are shit, and i am never believing anything ever again!”

Wowsy, it seems like this really went to a lot of peoples heads. It’s interesting because no amount of posts and sharing about “Look for transformation in your own life, don’t expect anything to happen, create your life and become aware of whats going around you” Posts in videos and on facebook could do anything to transmute the negativity into something useful and loving.

So listen, just because it didn’t look EXACTLY how you wanted it to, doesn’t mean “nothing happened”. I would say 13,000+ People at the pyramids meditating at the same time is a pretty big deal, let alone all of the other sacred sites all over the planet.

I would say that i’ve experienced a pretty big shift in my own life, and the people around me are also saying very similar things. Like a crescendo of growth in a culmination of all sorts of things happening really fast. It’s still happening, and i’m very excited to ask the questions “What’s next?”

Shifting the planet is not going to happen overnight. There’s not going to be some big 1 event that makes everything perfect. It’ll be up to people like you and me taking action to create something that is powerfully uplifting and vibration changing if we want to shift this planet.

The bible says there will be 1000 years of teachings at the end of the cycle, and so perhaps now it begins. Over the next 1000 years will be the most exciting and important time of the Human Species since the Fall in consciousness. I am sure that a great amount will happen in our lifetimes, but if were sitting around waiting for it, were going to completely miss the opportunity to co-create within it.

Here’s a picture flow offroad recently shared on the SS facebook page. Let us continue to move forward and create shifts, raise awareness, and become the light beings that we are. Into 2013, and beyond!

7 thoughts on “December 21st, 2012”

  1. We’re sorry.
    What was left of good must be preserved.
    War awaited the loss of the Veil.
    Prophecies were altered, evils were quelled, and lives were unknowingly saved.
    The price of Earth was suffered by one, as many made the price merited.
    So soon, the grip will loosen as hazards fade.
    As ignorance, intolerance, and instilled behaviors dissipate, rewards will follow.
    Known now, proven soon, realized later.
    A smoother path is now set.
    We guide and aid, secure and provide, love and protect.
    But you all must choose and live choice.
    Choose your path, and walk it well.
    Remember, you are loved.

    ~0:1, 3:4, VO

  2. I, for myself, did not at all experience a letdown on the 2012 Winter Solstice. It did not create the kind of cataclysmic change that slaps you in the face and shouts. Who ever responds well to shouting, anyway? I wouldn’t expect such a meaningful shift to occur in spite of us, but rather through us. The shift is ours. We and the Universe – You, I, and the Whole of Existence – are one. The 2012 Winter Solstice, as I viewed it, was a marker of our shift, not the enforcer of one. As above, so below. As within, so without. As one, so all. For the event to have the significance I expect it to have, it would not have happened coarsely or obviously, but subtly, perhaps on the level the collective unconscious. It is our own awareness that changes, by our own efforts, thereby changing our world, not the world that forces a change on us. Would a shift in consciousness even be meaningful if it were to be done to us by some external force? I don’t think so. Thirteen thousand people meditating at the pyramids really is a pretty big deal, and I would definitely take it as a sign that the shift is underway.

  3. I’ve noticed that 9/11 was manifested by Hollywood and also what is up with these satanic movies and KESHA with the music video Die young and the new town elementary school 20 young souls were killed by a satanic man or evil intendioned man did . So yeah it is faster than ever to manifest it could be use fo evil or good and that sucks because the illuminati are doing this.. Let’s stop illuminati and POWER To The People.

  4. I can speak from my own experience. I felt completely different on the 20th than I did on the 21st. I fell asleep on the 20th in severe pain I had felt for months. My mind was foggy and I was anxious. I felt nothing but fear for my future and unable to visualize my own goals. I woke up on the 21st, and I mean woke up, with energy and vitality I hadn’t felt in years, with a calm inside my mind and a clarity of thought I hadn’t had before. Now, maybe this was coincidence.

    But I also no longer believed in coincidence.

    I love you all. I have not yet lost that energy. And I now have the understanding of myself to at least try to use this as a fulcrum point to launch myself into the future, and with the hopes and dreams of the trillions of lives that have come and gone before me, I hope that I can affect true change and peace in the world. I have not only gained back my passion, I have gained back my life.

    Peace, my friends.

  5. A silly little thing but I can confirm that practicing making thoughts of intent to manifest a reality has speedup unbelievably. I’ve been creating a parking space through thought with intent many times when visiting dad. (Parking is a nightmare in his area) In the past I would gain a parking space if I thought about it well before setting off, if I forgot then it was no good. Now I can think with intent for that parking space as I’m turning the corner to my dad’s road; 100% success (even though most of the residences in the road are home on their hols)

    IN TIME,
    IN VAIN,
    OF !!
    HELL !!!
    (BVB gunsling lyrics)
    search it up on youtube

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