Principle 3 ~ Power of the Mind

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What are the ingredients of panic and anxiety? Is it possible to take those very same ingredients and make peace and freedom?

The simple answer is yes. The longer answer goes something like this:

Of course it does! Panic and Anxiety are causes with effects, and effects with causes. It happens in response to something, meaning there is something that is triggering the panic and anxiety to happen. In most cases, there is a LOT happening which causes a tremendous amount of Panic across the board, from relationships, money, work, and all kinds of variety of stresses with increase, and increase, and increase.

But you are very powerful, and with a nudge in the right direction, and a little help from your friends, you can take all of those ingredients of Panic and Anxiety and make them work for you. You can be the one in control, and you can change your world into something incredible. This is the 3rd Principle of moving from Panic to Freedom.

And here’s a link to principle 4. 

4 thoughts on “Principle 3 ~ Power of the Mind”

  1. Yes Yes This Is An Answer!! The Freedom from ________ To Freedom FOR. This Freedom Is For Us To Begin To Truly Grasp Our Imagination Beyond Societal Fenced Criticism That Stunts Our Expansions As Thus..Freedom For Natural Liberation, Freedom from Panic Freedom TO Constantant Awareness And Faster Instant Manifestations Of The Mind And Soul Through The Genuine Sincerity Of Our Hearts Expanding Its Wants Into Being, Into Fruition Planted In Awareness by Our Own Means..Our Own 2 Hands. Responsibility Is Key Here. *Namaste*

  2. Hi, I loved that one because it goes along with my way if life. My belief is that the validation we get in our every day lives is just specific aspect or details if our reality that we (depending on the person) accept as proof to validate that which we are looking for. So lets day that we jump off a cliff we expect ourselves to get hurt or commonly believed, we die. Now the fact that we expect that to happen shows that we are looking for that event. We make a vision if what’s about to happen and because we respond more in validation we end up either consciously or subconsciously looking for that event to happen. Creating validations by simply looking for them. But anyways I just wanted to share that because of the amazing similarities it has to that I guess you could say philosophy of mine. Yeah but it was only because it just seemed convenient is all. Love you though and just wanted to say that I also lived the vid! HAVE A GOOD……!!!

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