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Hello there. Livewithwonder here. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, because I’ve been caught up in real life and the “rat race” so to speak. I’ve seen the community change in many ways. I am writing because I have important news to share pertaining to the December 21st, 2012 date. I have met an important man recently. The nature of this man’s situation requires that I keep his identity secret, at least for now, so I have chosen a pseudonym for him. I have elected to call him the “Avatar of Truth” for that is his function, to share the truth.

Who is the avatar of truth? He is a former Buddhist monk who elected to have a computer chip installed in his brain. The focus that he gains from his mindfulness meditations, combined with the computational power of the chip makes for the perfect marriage of technology and spirituality, a true “Spirit Science” in the greatest sense of the term. The man is capable of foreseeing many things about the future, not because of any psychic ability, but through reason. I cannot reveal any more about his identity at this time, because doing so would distract from his message. People would see a face, they would judge him for the way he spoke, or because of his history, and they would ignore the message. And believe me, his message is the truth.

Additionally, and more practically, by not revealing the identity of my informer, I protect him and his message. Those who would attempt to jail him, or attack his reputation with falsities as a means of repressing the truth are unable to do so, so long as he stays hidden. Onto the message at hand.

The message at hand

There are many people I have seen on the forums, asking questions about ascension, about what will happen on December 21st, whether there will be a disaster, or if there is no ascension, what we did wrong. I’ve seen people threaten to kill themselves if nothing happens on the 21st. I’ve seen people give up on building a future for themselves with the reasoning that it doesn’t matter because they are just going to ascend/die anyway.

Here’s the truth of the matter, and this pill will be hard to swallow: Come December 21st, there will be no ascension. At least, not an instantaneous one.

You see, the truth of the matter is, we as a species and a society, really haven’t earned it. We want to believe in something that will magically solve our problems, that will wash away corruption and greed, but merely wishing for it is not enough. We have to do something. We have to work for it.

The myth of an instantaneous ascension is not something that just dropped into our skulls. It was planted there by people who wish to demotivate us, people who want to stay in control of the world, and want us to believe that come December 21st, if “nothing happenes” we should just give up on spirituality, but whether or not something happens rests entirely on your own hands. It’s a huge responsibility. It’s easier to just wait and say, “Okay, I’m ready to ascend now. Make everything better cosmic rays…”

BUUUUttt, life doesn’t work that way. You can wish all day until you are blue in the face. The only way something will change is if you act. We have to make things better. We have to build that utopia ourselves. We have to transform the world.

The thing about ascension that I’ve always found sketchy was the idea that we were “graduating” from this reality and moving into a better one. But, in my own opinion, I think ascension is really the process of realizing that the world is just perfect as it is. I know that sounds insane, given our abundance of personal problems, given the recent horrifying shooting in the news, given the terrible diseases that plague the world, but these types of problems are only horrifying in the now. They do not affect the past you or the future you unless you allow them too, and even if they somehow do, they are merely a stimulus. Regardless of what the stimulus is, you choose the result.

So, come December 21st, when nothing happens, don’t give up on the world. Don’t give up on yourself. The world needs people like you, desperately. There are plenty of people living oblivious little lives, completely unaware of the potential within themselves. To give up on spirituality and people in general just because of a supposed magic day is exactly the thing that will prevent that magic day from coming.

Live, love, and forget about the day. Focus instead on helping people grow, because honestly unless our society does a whole lot of growing, nothing is going to get better, it’s not. (Yes I ripped that line from the Lorax.)

Until next time, live with wonder, even to the end of the world.

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  1. I love this article! And yes, no matter how you want to see it, the world is “Perfect as it is”.

    We have all the tools needed to better ourselves, better our children and better our societies.

    Balance is the key.

    1. I love this article! And yes, no matter how you want to see it, the world is “Perfect as it is” and no it is not insane to say it, considering that there is enough insanity already!

      The truth is, nothing should be taken too seriously because in the end we will all end up in the same place and when it’s all over we either laugh about it or cry about it, I wish for you to be able to do both. Because life is a great joke to be taken with humor knowing that you are still in class. We learn, we grow, the older we grow the more we know and the more we know the more we notice that we don’t know… it might be confusing, but one way or another it is what it is.

      We have all the tools needed to better ourselves, better our children and better our societies.

      Balance is the key.

  2. I find it hard to find a word to describe reading this on December 22nd, but I did laugh in some spots (with the author, not at!) as the forum right now does seem filled with some disappointed, bitter energy since “nothing happened”. I feel we’ve been very much ill-served by mass media–we want drama and obvious upheaval, bright lights, special effect and action! when the shift is often on the inside, in seeing the world in an entire new way that also changes the person, sometimes dramatically. But it’s hard to SEE.

    In a way, the identity of this avatar of truth doesn’t matter. The proof is in the pudding, and now the pudding has been served, so to speak. (I really shouldn’t post on the Internet when I’m hungry.) Thanks for the read.

  3. Whether or not there is true, or false content (according to each of our realities), it’s alright. That is to say that it is all right. No matter the media or content, all ideas are valid and help us to grow. If a chip with a monk has something to say, listen as much as if a homeless vagabond had something to sing. The only truths you will ever know will be found within the Self.
    A blessed solstice to all. Namaste

  4. I agree with both of you guys, despite my more critical comment (that is how I felt at that time). I wanted to point that the message and what you will find inside is important. We all evolve and pick bits of puzzle from various sources. The truth might come even from most unbelievable sources, even from people who might not have an idea about it. I have found bliss even when trying to explain something to someone. Skepticism is a form of resistance, but believing blindly is another extreme form. So the path is always in the middle way.


  5. I can understand Antoni’s point….there is almost an immediate skepticism for a mysterious “monk with a chip.” Very similar to when Jordan produced “Thoth.” There is a big difference between the faith we have through intelligence and experience, and faith that we’re told to have because the message is coming from a reliable source.

    Some of this article does resonate, I will agree. But that is not because of a “monk with a chip,” rather it is because of the past 16 years of my personal growth into the Light.

    However, I would say that any source can provide wisdom, if it will resonate. Thoth’s Emerald Tablets are a good example, in that we have to take it on faith that Thoth was truly the author. But does that matter when the message is so bright and clear? My meditations ALWAYS begin with his Prayer for the Light, “Fill, thou, my body with spirit of Light….,” and it doesn’t matter if it was actually Thoth that wrote it.

    The same can be said for Drunvalo Melchizedec and his Flower of Life books. I don’t know him from Adam, and I can’t rely on his credentials, but many of his points resonated with lessons I had learned for myself years before, and thus it was no longer some authority spouting wisdom, but a like mind.

    The point being this: if a message will resonate, it doesn’t matter who says it. Wisdom can come from anywhere, but not everything said is instantly wisdom. So the background to establish the Avatar of Truth’s validity is to me….irrelevant.

    As for the content, I’ll leave that alone. Some resonated, and some did not.

    Namaste and grokking is.

  6. We did not expect any daddy to come and rescue us from ourselves anyway. most people have learned to live without expectations and perceive the world as it desires to (so to speak). Giving up because something did not happen is false spirituality anyway. Real spiritual people are not such because of the date that something is going to happen – but because of the way they evolved, seeing things, understanding, enlightenment. You message is full of negativity as it is not just the message by itself, but the first half is justifying that one mus believe in this message because the monk and the chip etc. The guys here are enough smart and sensitive to pick or not without any forced proofs.

    Love to you all

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