Panic to Freedom: Present Moment Awareness

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Present Moment Awareness is the second principle in moving from anxiety to the inner peace and freedom that is your birthright. It is essentially all about being in the moment, breathing, calming down, and recognizing what is going on all around you.

This is the principle that is so connected to Meditation, in fact, it is the basis of meditation… The most exciting thing about it though, is that you can do it anywhere.

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4 thoughts on “Panic to Freedom: Present Moment Awareness”

  1. Everyone at Spirit Science is providing such a wonderful service with these videos. Thank you. It’s SO perfect that I watched this video today. I was JUST contemplating our bear “problem”. We have multiple bears that wander our property and LOVE to get into whatever we are doing. Last year we had resolved to the fact that, eventually, we may have to shoot one :(. But winter came, and they left, so problem solved. Bear season is nearly upon us again and I have been contemplating how to better live with the bears. After all, so far they do not like OUR presence so our only real problem is cleaning up the mess they make. Then I saw this video. What a nice reminder. There is no threat, until the threat actually occurs. Why do something that is completely against my nature in order to prevent something that I don’t even know for sure would happen?! So, not that your example was wrong…but…just the presence of a bear is not REALLY a threat if you are living in the moment ;) Thanks again for the beautiful videos.

  2. Thank you. Thx for the reminder. There’s a book on the matter called “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. I make a point to re-read it every so often to remind me not to be overwhelmed by the past or fret over the future, but to stay present in the ever expanding moment. Thanks again.

  3. HI jordan! i know you are busy but i would love to talk to you about spiritual enlightenment, i feel this is what i am here for but im stuck im only 18 and dont really know where to start if you could show me a few pointers or guidelines just to get me started it would make my day hope to hear from you my email adress is [email protected] thanks patch peace out xxxx

  4. Love how in the state of the present will make you feel like nothing going on until you look for it. Like when I am in that state I realized that literally nothing is happening until I deliberately look for some significance in that moment and then it appears conformed into what significance I had in mind. It really then makes you aware of your profound control.

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