Words from the “Avatar of Truth” : Part Two

livewithwonderIf you’ve recently read my article “Words from the Avatar of Truth,” you know that by now his words have come true. No immediate, magical type ascension has occurred, and the world has not come to an end. Truly, his Holiness, the Avatar of Truth is wise indeed.

I’m just joshing ya. There is no monk with a chip. The whole thing was a bunch of bull.Why would I deliberately deceive like that? Before I answer that question let me quote one of the comments in the last article.

“We did not expect any daddy to come and rescue us from ourselves anyway. most people have learned to live without expectations and perceive the world as it desires to (so to speak). Giving up because something did not happen is false spirituality anyway. Real spiritual people are not such because of the date that something is going to happen – but because of the way they evolved, seeing things, understanding, enlightenment. You message is full of negativity as it is not just the message by itself, but the first half is justifying that one mus believe in this message because the monk and the chip etc. The guys here are enough smart and sensitive to pick or not without any forced proofs.

Love to you all

Kudos to Antoni for telling it exactly like it is. I honestly could not agree more, or put it better myself. The only part that I didn’t agree with was the idea that my message was full of negativity. Honestly, I thought my message was chock full of encouragement, but I guess that depends on your outlook. Perhaps it was the monk part that seemed negative, perhaps even condescending. I was pleasantly surprised with most of the comments on the article. Most of them pertained to how the message was good, but the “monk with a chip” part stunk to high heaven, but you can even then gain wisdom from the most unlikely of places. This is exactly how I intended the message to be.

In short, the reason I used that little deception was to set the house on fire to save it from the plague, so to speak. What is the plague?

The plague

Okay, I have my crystal, no where's my Porsche?

Okay, I have my crystal, now where’s my Porsche?

The ultimate plague of spirit science (or any group that provides spiritual leadership) is the mindset of complete and utter trust in your spiritual tutors. Don’t get me wrong, trust in of itself is a good thing, but when one fails to listen to their own inner discernment out of a desire to be faithful to the teachings of others, well that tends to not turn out so well. A mindset like that is the reason the Spanish Inquisition existed. It is the reason that people were burned as witches in Salem. We all have an inner voice, I think, that knows when something is not right. To ignore that inner voice because a leader you hold in high regard says differently, tends to spell disaster. There is an old Buddhist proverb. It goes like this:

“If you meet the Buddha on the street, kill him.”

That is to say, trust your inner voice. Learn and reason, and find out for yourself what the truth is. Don’t accept someone else’s version of the truth over your own just because they have a title, or seem knowledgeable.

The whole reason I wrote these two articles, is that I started seeing threads on spirit science that worried me. Threads that said things like, “I stopped studying school because I’m going to ascend anyway.” or “I’m going to kill myself is ascension doesn’t happen.” or “What’s it going to be like when I ascend?” (Not if, when). I knew these people were setting themselves up for disappointment. Myself, I did nothing different to prepare for ascension then I already did, one, because I really didn’t expect a literal ascension, and two, because I figured that if it’s to happen, it’s going to happen by me doing what I’m already doing, what I already love, by “living with wonder.” As I stated in my simple spirituality article, spirituality is not complicated unless we make it that way.

What happened after December 21st, is that all the skeptics banded together to shout the proverbial, “Ha! I told you so!” and all the people who believed with all their heart in a literal, immediate ascension were let down, and either, 1) left spirit science altogether, 2) did something rash and awful, or 3) posted something on the forums. Jordan already posted his response, so I won’t get into that, but needless to say, simplicity really is the key. I actually agree with much of what Jordan has to say. Do I believe his claim that we’re entering an existence where manifesting things will become easier and quicker? Probably not, but we shall see. I’ve seen more absurd things from the world.

The Plan

Anyway, to cut that whole thing off at the heel, I posted a simple and obvious prediction and attributed it to some mysterious spiritual leader. Given some of the posts on the forums, on Facebook, and on Youtube, I figured I would mainly get answers of two kinds, either people posting about how utterly wrong I was and how there WAS going to be an ascension, or posts from people on December 22nd about how the Avatar of Truth was correct and how we should follow his ways. Then, I would use the deception as a means to encourage people to follow their own path, to show there never was a guru, it always has been and always will be you. Instead what I got was mature comments on spirituality from people who “get it.”

To those of you who took the time to comment on that last post, thank you for your words, and I’m sorry if it appeared I was talking down to you. The post was less intended for you and more intended for those who really needed the lesson, the people posting hate and disappointment on the internet when what is true is different from what they expected. To those people, I cannot stress this enough: Listen to your own voice. Use your discernment and discover the truth for yourself. Likewise, for those who consider themselves skeptics, perhaps instead of trying to prove spirit science wrong you could look for the truth inside what you perceive to be falsity? I learn from everything, even people I disagree with. Even if you don’t agree with spirit science, you can still learn from it. Take what helps and leave the rest.

Until next time, sharpen your discernment in tune with your love.

12 thoughts on “Words from the “Avatar of Truth” : Part Two”

  1. salam all,when 21.12.12 seems like nothing happen,to me,its a natural way because its look nothing happen,yet its already start and grow…There a lot angry people about it,i just let them be,because they love to accused others a liar when they cant see the truth,anyway,they who that angry also the other me,because we all are one,there is not duality concept anymore. . .Yup,i have seen before my eyes that people get crazy like want to do suicide and lost hope because when we know how tyranny this system to us,so we want it stop,that is the problem about wanting things,we blind by that. . . When we know,we don’t have to believed anymore,when we live our life,its no matter we know or not, so to me we need to live it,lets now moment be as its be…to me its all a test that we can see who have a right heart about it,and i can see there is more right heart included that angry once,because,its ok to get angry,just not to be cruel aite,hehe…lets live life aite,its of course not so easy,and its boring etc,its a moment that we need to see a missing point,so when we can have it all,its will never repeated again aite,hehehe,salam all

  2. “Being told how to do something can be great; it allows us to bypass that initial struggle for information. To instantly understand that fire is hot without having to burn yourself. Today you can learn more about gravity in one day then Isaac Newton learned in an entire lifetime! This method of passing down information to younger generations is something that has allowed humanity to thrive and progress for centuries, but this reliance on second hand information is also one of our greatest downfalls. We live in an imperfect world, and to blindly trust everything we are told is dangerous. Falsities (especially the ones we’d really like to believe) can infect our collective knowledge and proliferate like a virus. We must constantly question ourselves, and seek to ensure that what we believe as truth always has a firm grounding in our own spiritual reality.”
    I feel that often times we find ourselves taking the word of our teachers as gospel, but what I find to be a bit more discerning is the reliance some place on their peers for the formulation of his or her own respective spiritual opinions. Not a soul can relay to a human of what ascension truly is, nor how/where/when it will take place, not even the angels and ascended masters in heaven. It’s a journey of the self, with respect to the collective whole. It must be felt from within and cannot be shown from the outside.
    That being said, I agree with what you’ve done LIVEWITHWONDER because you have further demonstrated that we must believe what we know in ourselves to be true not what we have been told to be true.

  3. Compassion, I think it’s a really beautiful coincidence that you posted those comments just recently, because part of my next post talks about coming into fullness. Check it out over here:


    Juusu, that was more a failure to communicate on my part. It’s not so much a “probably not” as it is a “we shall see.” I know that there are times (admittedly more recently) where I have thought of things and they just happened to happen soon after, but that could all just be coincidence too. And all the things you describe, a skeptic could just as easily say were only advances in technology and had no spiritual component to them whatsoever. I’m not saying I think you’re wrong by any means. I’m saying I don’t know. In either case, things will be interesting. That much I am sure about.

  4. I have followed spirit science for a long time. I want to say thanks for all the love and truth given here. I have never posted any comments till now. I was working with a reiki master for a long time and we talked about ascension. She told me that coming to know your full totality as a spirit in this human experience was what ascension meant. Basically coming to know your truth within in love and finally accepting it fully. I had that experience. 12/21/12 was the end of an old cycle and a beggining of a new one. One of enlightenment. If you disect enlightenment it means light becoming light complete. We are evolving as we all collectively choose to spread the message of love(compassion) from the truth we have come to realize from within. My ascension or awakening started before 12/21/12 came to a greater capacity on Christmas. I can share that experience sometime if you would like. It almost killed me and I ended up in a psychiatric ward for three days. I’m not crazy. Just pushed myself to hard to fast to find my truth. I love all of you and may you find and keep your truth within in compassion and spread that message to all those in need of that compassion

    1. Sorry for replying to my own post but I wanted to say also that my reining master also said that light beings would also be leaving for other realms but you would see it in the physical as death. Can we prove it? You have to have faith in that as your truth if it resonates with you, but I think most of you believe and some know death isn’t an end but a new beggining :) Namaste

  5. You know, I was wondering if this is where the first article was headed. Thanks, livewithwonder.

    I love that Buddhist quote, and it’s similar to one I keep in mind from The Emerald Tablets: “Those who know do not teach; those who teach do not know.”

  6. I find your assumption that we will “probably not” see manifestations of thought occur faster now than before a bit naive.

    First of all, it has NOTHING to do with the solstice or any given date. Its just a natural form of progression. Its also subject to wavering, we can move forward one day, move backwards the next, then the third day make up for our regressions and move forward once again.

    I want you to think about now, and a thousand years ago. Today, if I were to think about, concentrate on, and meditate on something I might see it manifest within a week. Not exactly the way I want it to, but it will nevertheless. Lets use an elephant as an example. If I think about one today, by the end of the week I assure you I will have seen one in a picture, a video, or maybe in person (unlikely living in North America… but our PROGRESS makes it possible for unlikely things to manifest).

    A thousand years ago, someone standing exactly where I am, if they were to focus on an elephant (if they somehow knew what they were) they might have to wait their ENTIRE LIFE for it to manifest, or perhaps their lives will fade away and they will get to see such a majestic creature after death.

  7. Hi livewithwonder,
    Thanks for your second article. It brings more light over your intentions.

    Thanks to mayanthunderbird for the wise words as well. I also think that as soon as one moves the focus out of the path and points it to the other people to teach them, it all begins the be blurred and with questionable success. There is no need to think of people how htey will learn – they will find hteir way. We need to share the perspective we have got with hte most open way so they could see and pick for themselves.

    The negativity I saw in the first article was tha part when “we could not make it”. It was exactly in the means of false spirituality and blind following, also was on the negative side of explaining.

    About the dissapointment, I think those people really need it. They were begining to build their believe systems on words of others and not on their own experience. It was going to fall anyway. It was just this date which focused so much intention and made all believes of those guys to fall at once. This is good, let them be angry, rage angainst whoever they want, even spirit science, why not, we can take it (yes I feel as pat of spirit science). They cannot unlearn what they have learned. One cannot shut the eye of wisdom once opened. Even if they get rid of all spirituallity stuff, they will continue with the gained knoledge and sooner or later they will return to seek answer. But this time with the lesson learned about not trusting of words.

    Don’t believe on words – they are always false. How to believe in what I am writing then :)
    Well, it is up to you – pick what works for you and do not mind to get rid of all else. Base your believes on your experience. Go beyond your knolwdge. Read, watch, listen to others and think what does this mean to you. Spirituality is somehting that cannot be described by words, they are bringing too heavy definitions. If you name something, it carries some exact meaning (with variations among different people). The finest things cannot be even verbalized. That is why I said that words are always false, as what you read is just some trail of thoughts that at best should lead you to your own realization of things, by the way you percieve things.

    People folow leaders as they used to. Following yourself is quite more difficult.

    Love and peace

  8. Thank you so much! I really enjoyed reading these. Especially about the truth being with in us. I have been so worried about what theories are true, and I have been trying to make others believe that all of spirit science is true! But I have realized that truth comes within, and people have to decide for themselves.

  9. I agree with you very strongly about the way people completely envelop themselves and wholeheartedly believe what they perceive as the truth. I think that the root to the cause is the way we spend our lives now in comparison to say 30 years ago. We are living in the fast lane and we don’t really know how to saver or stop to think about what comes to us anymore, because there is so much in our faces!! We have been dulled down by these new pretty gadgets and gizmos, instant gratification, “online schooling”, and many other things to make us believe that our lives are worth while and earnest. What some of us don’t see is how those things have severely diminished our judgment skills and aptitude in social and educational situations. We are becoming depressed, ignorant, factious, lonely, unhealthy people. There are many people in the world and out of the world wondering where they are and why. they want to know what to do with themselves. They hurt and they want mama to come home and make everything better but it wont be so because we are becoming adults as a community. We are past the stage where we can get the band aid on our own and we need to stop and remember that mamas been gone for a long time and that we need to stop this bleeding!! We have to be mindful to survive and push forward. I personally feel with all my heart that the only way to change our trajectory into a positive light is to educate our youths about the dangers associated to being ignorant to the fact that they are ignorant!! let us liberate with physical extension on a mass scale! Lets step out of the shadows and liberate the people at there doors!! Welcome them to our homes and break bread with our hearts together! I’m tired of seeing all of these sickly lonely teens struggling as coach potatoes!! What is the big plan for spirit science? Really? I am ascending every second and that has been from my birth. I am not going to ascend in this life because death is this…. So with that I would like to say that from this day forward I will dedicate my life to the positive education to weak minded peoples and groups of the world. you don’t pass a bill by voting, you pass it because you help people believe in your cause and what the future will be like with it in there lives. With cold hard facts!!!!! There are way to many people voting blindly. Terrible things that only there nightmares can conceive. I hope the day is far away that all of this blindness does not walk us all off of cliffs. <3 -Coyote

  10. I’m going to be honest, I read the first article and thought you were a little bit nutty, that you were beginning to realise nothing would happen on December 21st and were already looking for a new “out there” ideas to place your hope in.
    I think it would have perhaps been more beneficial to others if you just shared your truth,shared your perspective on December 21, and why you you felt that way, rather than trying to teach people through a deception.

    Over time I have begun to find that the greatest way to share wisdom is to share stories of our journey, because it allows the sharing of a perspective but also allows for the change in that perspective. As soon as we try to “teach” and begin to focus on those who we believe need to learn, then we begin to disallow our own growth.

    My favorite spirit science videos is the one tiled “the journey begins” because Jordan shares a personal journey story that highlights a wiliness to trust in the flow of life, which I believe is far more beneficial to people than all the videos that share “knowledge”.

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