How to Connect Your Root Chakra With Your Partners

This morning, I find myself contemplating some really big concepts and trying to wrestle and wrangle how things are supposed to fit together properly…

yinyangIt only makes sense that our supreme form beyond the physical is both a combination of Male and Female energy, in complete union with each other, able to ebb and flow freely with each other in a dance of cosmic light.

And while this concept may seem airy fairy, let me bring it down to the earth and make it physical.

I see relationships failing everywhere I look. It has got to the point where I am truly coming to recognition with the state of the world, there are not many lasting relationship that happen beyond the borders of “Partner and Lover”, that realm of intimacy where two souls collide and become one.

Typically, the most stable relationships that are formed are in the realms of the casual:  “Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Daughter and Son”. When I say those, I mean them more as descriptions of the energy. Two best friends could have a real brotherly energy without needing to be brothers. Sometimes you might find a mentor and the two of you have a healthy parent-sibling relationship without actually being genetically related.

So when two come together to be partners and they do cross into that realm of intimacy, it seems to me like there is a chaotic struggle that happens in the root chakra at some point.  You see, this is a shared intimacy with another being that is shared at the root: The base foundational level of existence.

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When you are physically intimate with someone, you are energetically inside each other. Yes, both of you. And the closer and deeper you go with each other, (the more physically intimate you are), the further you go energetically. Sometimes, that can be scary because it means ALL of the walls need to come down. If the walls don’t come down, well then we have our chaotic problem again.

However, if the walls CAN come down, the experience is engaging on ALL of the chakras simultaneously, rather than “just this one”, or “just these ones over here”.

So I think what’s happening is that there is a destabilization process that happens when you share a Root vibration with another person…. It’s part of the process of building a foundation of shared existence. You are in this persons life FULLY when you make the transition from Friend to Partner: when you are building that Partner relationship.

make love

And that’s a scary place to be… your familiar root survival system is changing because now you and your partner have a shared awareness of each other, you become more responsible for each others well being because you are connected so intimately.

Your partner likes doing things, and you like doing things, and there will have to be some discussion, exploration, and growth in order for those things to merge with each other so that both of you are not only happy, but thrilled to be doing what you’re doing together. Passionate that you have the opportunity to spend such wonderful time with someone you love and respect so much.

And if we can step outside of ourselves for a moment, and just observe the male and female energy of the human race for a moment… I feel like we are so confused about what is really going on.

Boys and Girls are mean to each other… that’s just how they flirt, at least at this point in our evolution. They’re mean and they shut each other down and turn each other off. This fractals all the way from early programming (through the lead-by-example model) to being an adult. The male and female energy doesn’t know when to be dominant and when to be submissive, and it gets all whack-with-poo-brain. 

yinyangcouchThe big problem however comes from this idea that we are either Male or Female and that’s it. Sure, we all have a physical body that is (usually) one or the other, but that doesn’t mean that on a deeper level we are not both. We in fact are, and if we can flip and flow with each other back and forth, up and down like a wave, we can transcend the limitations of our physical body and grow into a more complete version of our selves.

The way to do that is by finding that person who you feel safe enough to be vulnerable with who also can be vulnerable with you. I know, already that sounds SO hard because a lot of people act so untrustworthy…

And people act completely untrustworthy and I get it…. But consider just this one thing…

If you can demonstrate what it looks like… Perhaps you can show someone else how to do it too. Perhaps you can inspire that trust in them because you shined it so bright. You sexy lantern you!!

Please share your feelings in the comments!

Also, I kept writing and it blended into a new article! If you’re interested in this stuff and want to learn more, check it out here!


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