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PatchBlog – Essence and Ego

Today I want to share what i’ve learned recently about the spiritual essence. Everyone has an essence, but what exactly is that? The companies at the department store will have you believe its your fragrance, and i suppose on one level or another, your essence will manifest in your fragrance, but thats certainly not the source.

Your essence is your true self, your pure being, and your connection to source. We are all one, and we all share the same essence, and yet there are an infinite number of flavors of that source. When you know your essence, your first reconnection with it, you will most likely have a life changing experience of realization, understanding your purpose, and getting it on so many new levels. Your life will never be the same, and it will be beautiful!

So, your essence is you. It is your light, the essence of your heart, and not your ego’s perception of itself, but your hearts true divine knowing and understanding. It is much more pure, and much more centered in love, rather than all of the distortions that we have today on this planet. And that’s not a metaphor, the heart actually has brain cells in it, so you can think with your heart and its a totally natural thing! Continue reading

Patchblog II – Spirituality and Love

Check out for more about the Geometry of Light.

Music by Desoloz! Thank you so much for letting me use your music!

On the last blog i talked about Spirituality being Aware, and that opened up a big discussion about what is awareness. I also said that God is ALL THAT IS, and some people didn’t really like that. What if there is no God. The simplest way that I understand it, is that God is Biology. The Flower of Life is the geometry of Life, Consciousness, and Light. Well, mostly Light, as Light is the first form in the Flower of Life, and from Light everything else can come into manifestation. We are beings of light, but we exist at a very DENSE frequency of light. When we eat food, we are consuming Light energy that manifested through plants or animals. Continue reading

What does it mean to be Spiritual?

What is Spirituality? This is something that most people on this site (I would HOPE most people on this site, haha), are interested in. Many of you have emailed me or other council members asking “How do I become more spiritual, how do I move forward?”. The trick I believe, is knowing that you already are moving forward, and the key to spirituality is being aware of it.

Awareness, as I understand it, has many levels. You can be Emotionally aware, physically aware, mentally aware, and energetically aware. This is the basis of the 4 elements (many will say that Fire is “Spiritually Aware, but I disagree. It’s a very high frequency, but Spirituality falls into the 5th element, beyond the 4.) You can be aware of these 4 elements internally, or externally. It is when one begins walking the path that will lead themselves to a higher frequency of awareness THROUGH the 4 elements, that is when spirituality comes into play.

So Spirituality (in my understanding) is the walking of the path of awareness, that will guide you to becoming more aware, both internally and externally, in your daily life.

When I wrote that, the clock turned 11:11!

Spirituality isn’t about being colourful, oming, making yourself positive, using Tarot cards, meditating or collecting crystals. That’s not what the essence of spirituality is. Those are simply acts, thoughts, feelings and emotions that manifest and change their form in different ways depending on your current circumstances in life. To say that THOSE “physical actions” are what qualifies you as spiritual cannot possibly be true, because God is ALL THAT IS, and there is nothing outside of ALL THAT IS. Therefore, if you are ALL THAT IS, and spirituality is becoming in tune with ALL THAT IS, then EVERYTHING must be GOD!

And if everything is God, then “being spiritual” is simply “being”. In Truth, everything is spiritual, because everything is God. However, the nature of us Humans is a funny one, and that’s not good enough. We need a construct to follow to understand so that we don’t fall off the tracks. “Simply Being” in this world will get you poisoned by 300 different types of saturated fats and programmed into being a slave for a material idea of what society should be like…it’s not pretty. But it is, because it’s a part of creation and i love it regardless! :D

Therefore, for those who are struggling with who they are and how they can move forward on their path (I know i’ve had those moments, especially the first one), I say “let it be!”, and get into a state of understanding that its OKAY to NOT KNOW. In fact, we know SO LITTLE, all we can do is say “I would like to learn something, i would like to become MORE AWARE”. And through your intentions of becoming more aware of your internal and external self, you become it, because you will it so.

Making Money and Art Commissions

Hey guys, Jordan here! Today i’d like to talk about being spiritual and making money, for this is something that comes up a lot. As you probably know, i’ve been backpacking around the states/australia for about 7 months now, it’s been an awesome trip, and i’ve had some amazing adventures! Many people have accused me of traveling around the world on “daddy’s money”, or just generally doing some sort of underground…stuff.. to make money and keep traveling. I realize it probably seems weird for finances, as were not really selling crystals

It comes time to utilize the power of life in manifestation!

(yet) through the website, and not much income is coming in through Spirit Science. Now that Spirit Science is growing and were becoming more of a “business collective of enlightenment”, that’s becoming a problem, and we are working diligently on a store to sell Crystals, Epic Bumper-stickers, Meditation Tracks, and other things that can help with personal and spiritual development.

Now of course, one perspective we hear when we say things like that is accusations that we are not being spiritual, because we are focusing on MATERIAL THINGS!!! Which clearly is evil, right? Totally. I like to think we understand a balance between the 4 elements. Earth is Material, Air is Mental, Water is Emotional, and Fire is Spiritual. All of these things need a harmonious balance in their own, especially on earth – we are the masters of limitation, and being cut off from higher planes means you REALLY need to balance these to find harmony in your life. I love crystals, they’re awesome, and we want to help share them with everyone! More on this coming soon, but now lets get to the reason for this post.

So finances have kind of dwindled for me as well as the council on our road trip, and I set the intention that i’d like to find a way to easily make money and do what I love (art, animation, sacred geometry, all that jazz!) but still move forward on my path of discovery and be able to share it with everyone! When i set that intention, it didn’t take long for an idea to pop up that actually came up a month or 2 ago from our beautiful friend Vanessa, (You may know her as ShePatch). She suggested that I do art commissions on the site for others, I could draw YOU, or anything you wanted (probably in Patch-form), for a price that could both get you a cartoon version of yourself (or whatever) and assist me in continuing my travels and adventures! 

And so, this is what i’m going to do! I can post the images all over my web accounts too, Newgrounds, Deviantart, and of course on Spirit Science, unless you wanted privacy on the image and I could omit it. That decision would come from you :)

I’m setting up an “Patchman Art Commission” Page that you can see here. I’m basically looking at how other artists do their commissions on deviantart and adjusting it to suit me and my needs.

Anyways, I greatly thank you, (yes, YOU) for being who you are and coming back, or visiting for the first time, to this website! If you’re interested in getting some art done from myself of you or a character of yours or whatever in patchman form. Maybe a sacred geometry mandala? Head on over to the Art Commission page and read it over, and potentially send me an email!
Namaste, my friends and family~

Jordan Patch

Patchman’s Blog – Moving Forward and the Shadow


Hey Everyone! Patchman here! I’m writing this on our 9 hour road trip to Boulder, Colorado.  (I’m posting this like a week and a half later from writing this…for some reason. My apologize, just go with the flow!) Were stopping at a walgreens because our FM transmitter broke and we like having music on our incredibly long drives between towns :P

Right on! Music is a go and we are back on the road! 5 more hours to Boulder! We also are so stocked up on crystals that its not even funny, we are so protected ;) haha! Tucson was awesome. Did i mention that we picked up a 15 kilo bag of Rose Quartz? It was so cheap! We’ve been giving them away to everyone that we’ve met on our quest across the states. It’s been absolutely amazing. The crystal movement is ROCKIN!

So where have we been so far? Well, if you’ve been following the videos, we started in LA and went to Tucson, then to Flagstaff, Sedona, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Park City, and now were on the road to Boulder. Our map looks like this. (It’s kinda cut off but i’m just speeding through this blog right now… just go with it :P We’ll do a larger map soon!)

Continue reading

The Internet is the Fake 4th Dimension

Imagine what the 4th dimension is like. You are perceiving reality at a much higher frequency than in 3D. The molecular density is different, so everything looks different, and the way you interact with your environment is also different.

You are able to communicate telepathically with those around you, and can even connect with people through your heart space over long distances (this is assuming you are living on a spiritual path of harmony, of course you could take a more dualistic way of living, and you could still potentially communicate telepathically, just… you know, less one-ness).

In this dimension or higher, you can do anything. You can fly, you can manifest any experience you want instantly. We all know and remember what its like to be there, we are there between the spaces between our lives… but of course, it’s a little bit different “down here.” 

Okay, now think about life on earth in 3D, and how we’ve used technology to enhance our communications. We can communicate with each other across the entire planet, exactly the same as communicating in 4D. We’ve developed videogames where we can experience entire new realities where we can do anything.

Think of World of Warcraft, massive communities gather together to experience new worlds and have amazing, magical experiences. We have Facebook, which – despite it still being a controlling mechanism that limits our communication and ability to work on things (because facebook isn’t a project-management-resource it’s an attention focus and a timesink), it still connected a LOT of people together, and that’s pretty cool.

[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5111573″]But the point here isn’t to rag on facebook nor to claim how great it is, but to point out this one very specific thing: Through these digital mediums we are ultimately communicating on higher frequencies!

Straight up, flat out, it’s communicating on frequencies that we cannot actually visibly see or touch, but we use our technology to tune into these frequencies, rather than our physical bodies, minds, and consciousness.

But what does it mean?! I almost want to say that after Humankind fell in consciousness, we lost ourconnections to each other and ourselves, and have felt that missing void. As we expanded our awareness around the globe and began developing technologies which have been attempting to fill the void of “what’s missing”. These communication devices are a big part of that.

Through technology we have brought people together, as well as separating others apart. Of course, the thing that’s REALLY missing is our connection to our hearts, which brings everyone together in love and truth. Yet, at the same time, we have the opportunity to explore something really incredible.

From my understanding, when a species goes the path of duality and begins creating technology without any emotions whatsoever, they sever themselves from love. In doing so, they lose their spiritual connections to each other, but gain new things in the process. What makes humans REALLY interesting, is that we are able to experience both technology AND love at the same time! It’s mind boggling to think about it, we are potentially a very new species of life in the universe, a merging of the dualistic and unity path. The path of Trinity? Perhaps.

There’s a lot more that i could go into here, but I’m going to wait for now. I shall bid you adieux.

With Love!