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Question Everything ~ How do you Travel without Money?

Surprisingly, this is among one of the more popular questions that comes in as well. A LOT of people want to know – how is it that i’ve been all across the United States (from canada) and even to Australia with “No Money”?

I’m more than happy to try and answer this, because i feel that this discussion goes a lot deeper than whats going on with me. In fact, it’s something we ALL struggle with. Money is Root Chakra, and the Root is where a lot of us are stuck.

Many nowadays also seem to have this idea about Money that it’s bad, wrong, and you shouldn’t want it. You shouldn’t have it. I held onto this idea for a long time too. What i’ve learned is that that mindset is a very limiting belief system, and if we can ask ourselves the right questions, we can create something new…something transformative.

The topic of money isn’t actually about money at all. It’s about Value. When you really understand value, you see money is just a reflection and a representation of our judgements of what things are worth.

My experiences “Traveling with no money” wasn’t necessarily with “no money”, of course i had to make money somehow, but it’s also important to know that one of the ways i was able to travel so easily was because i created something with value -something a lot of people enjoyed, and created an equal exchange of energy between me and those who were experiencing my creations.

I hope I answered this question, and there’s more we can talk about next week if there’s still lingering questions.

Making Money and Art Commissions

Hey guys, Jordan here! Today i’d like to talk about being spiritual and making money, for this is something that comes up a lot. As you probably know, i’ve been backpacking around the states/australia for about 7 months now, it’s been an awesome trip, and i’ve had some amazing adventures! Many people have accused me of traveling around the world on “daddy’s money”, or just generally doing some sort of underground…stuff.. to make money and keep traveling. I realize it probably seems weird for finances, as were not really selling crystals

It comes time to utilize the power of life in manifestation!

(yet) through the website, and not much income is coming in through Spirit Science. Now that Spirit Science is growing and were becoming more of a “business collective of enlightenment”, that’s becoming a problem, and we are working diligently on a store to sell Crystals, Epic Bumper-stickers, Meditation Tracks, and other things that can help with personal and spiritual development.

Now of course, one perspective we hear when we say things like that is accusations that we are not being spiritual, because we are focusing on MATERIAL THINGS!!! Which clearly is evil, right? Totally. I like to think we understand a balance between the 4 elements. Earth is Material, Air is Mental, Water is Emotional, and Fire is Spiritual. All of these things need a harmonious balance in their own, especially on earth – we are the masters of limitation, and being cut off from higher planes means you REALLY need to balance these to find harmony in your life. I love crystals, they’re awesome, and we want to help share them with everyone! More on this coming soon, but now lets get to the reason for this post.

So finances have kind of dwindled for me as well as the council on our road trip, and I set the intention that i’d like to find a way to easily make money and do what I love (art, animation, sacred geometry, all that jazz!) but still move forward on my path of discovery and be able to share it with everyone! When i set that intention, it didn’t take long for an idea to pop up that actually came up a month or 2 ago from our beautiful friend Vanessa, (You may know her as ShePatch). She suggested that I do art commissions on the site for others, I could draw YOU, or anything you wanted (probably in Patch-form), for a price that could both get you a cartoon version of yourself (or whatever) and assist me in continuing my travels and adventures! 

And so, this is what i’m going to do! I can post the images all over my web accounts too, Newgrounds, Deviantart, and of course on Spirit Science, unless you wanted privacy on the image and I could omit it. That decision would come from you :)

I’m setting up an “Patchman Art Commission” Page that you can see here. I’m basically looking at how other artists do their commissions on deviantart and adjusting it to suit me and my needs.

Anyways, I greatly thank you, (yes, YOU) for being who you are and coming back, or visiting for the first time, to this website! If you’re interested in getting some art done from myself of you or a character of yours or whatever in patchman form. Maybe a sacred geometry mandala? Head on over to the Art Commission page and read it over, and potentially send me an email!
Namaste, my friends and family~

Jordan Patch