Patchblog II – Spirituality and Love

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On the last blog i talked about Spirituality being Aware, and that opened up a big discussion about what is awareness. I also said that God is ALL THAT IS, and some people didn’t really like that. What if there is no God. The simplest way that I understand it, is that God is Biology. The Flower of Life is the geometry of Life, Consciousness, and Light. Well, mostly Light, as Light is the first form in the Flower of Life, and from Light everything else can come into manifestation. We are beings of light, but we exist at a very DENSE frequency of light. When we eat food, we are consuming Light energy that manifested through plants or animals.

If you’ve ever experienced an LSD or DMT trip, many of you may have experienced seeing things like swirling geometric patterns and tunnels of light and colour. This is what happens when you open up your 3rd eye channel and allow in more light into your eyes. You experience a sense of hyperawareness as you become more aware of the beautiful geometry all around you all the time. You also become more aware of the emotions others are feeling around you, or what they’re thinking, or how their energy is acting. It also reflects internally, you become more aware of what’s inside you. It’s usually a very intense experience. Last time I went into how you can become Emotionally Aware, mentally aware, physically aware, and energetically aware. I’m not saying that you NEED to, or even SHOULD use a psychedelic drug to achieve these states. The truth is that you can do it without psychedelics, although many people have reported it helping them open up that channel for the first time, and after that they no longer need to use them.

Of course, it’s not just becoming more aware externally, but the internal that is most important. Being spiritual is the process of becoming more aware, but in doing so, following the internal path that you create for yourself through the essence of Love. See, as you become more aware, you probably realize that you are infinite, and can take an infinite number of pathways into yourself as you discover more. Which Geometry will you choose to follow? There are artificial geometries that we have created in modern society, but those geometries do not exist within. Those are the pathways like “Drink Coke and you’ll be forever happy” and “Come work at McDonalds if you are looking for a career”. Actually, the entire education system that says “12 years of Grade School and 4+ years of University is needed to make you a proper member of society”. Says who? All that system does is take you in as a child filled with opportunity, and spit you out as a cog in the wheel3 that perpetually turns and never goes anywhere. Unless of course, you use the education you got to go out and create something new for yourself…. i’m getting off topic.

The Geometry and pathways you want to follow are the ones that exist within you. Not the negative ones, those exist too, but the positive, healthy ones. The ones that bring you to your highest joy. Bashar, an awesome channeler, often says “ALWAYS ACT FROM YOUR HIGHEST JOY!” And it’s so true! If you are not in your highest joy, DON’T ACT. Find a space of love, or figure out for yourself “What would make you incredibly happy, feel the sensation of being happy, feel that love inside yourself”, and then MOVE TOWARDS IT PHYSICALLY. Act from your highest joy, and you will create it!

So what is Love? Love is your essence, the essence that exists in your heart! Love is a frequency which you were created from, and the frequency that exists within your own being, although access to that frequency may sometimes be blocked. It is not some mundane emotion or feeling, but it is a form of truth.

Everyones truth is different, but in truth, everyones LOVE is ONE.

Lets finish this blog by going full circle. The geometry of light. We are light beings existing at a dense frequency of existence. The geometry that light flows through to create everything in reality, the Flower of Life and beyond, is the same geometry that you access when you access your inner love.

Therefore, accessing universal unconditional love of the heart, IS, the harmonic geometry of the universe, and the geometry of God, or ALL THAT IS.

If you work on a farm, you are a farmer. If you Labor, you are a laborer, and if you Flow. you are a Flower.

5 thoughts on “Patchblog II – Spirituality and Love”

  1. hey guys i really like the idea of your website and all the info youre giving to people but, no offence but to talk about drugs in connection with third eye?? like, really?? you should realise that not everyone whos going on this website is probably as mature as you. i can imagine there are some 13 year-old kids who watch it and they can easily take out the message “Take drugs to be spiritual”. i realise that you probably (and hopefully) did not mean it as an advert for drugs but some kids may not understand it properly.knowledge is a gift and responsibility at the same time and if you want to spread what you learned, you should do it more wisely unless you dont want to take the chance of ruining a life of even one of your fans

    1. Which is why he said that you don’t HAVE to take them, or even SHOULD take them. In all caps. And honestly, I doubt that anyone reading and understanding all the rest of the post would misunderstand that one specific part.

    2. I partially agree with your statement. I was 14 when I started watching Spirit Science (I am 15 now). I personally don’t want to experiment with any type of drug, (I even hesitate about taking panadol). I agree with Jordan when he says that you can achieve these states without psychedelic drugs. I believe that by becoming more aware, I am starting to achieve these states. I have been having more frequent dreams and they all seem very real and ‘lucid’. All I have done to achieve this is use healing crystals, switch to non-fluoride toothpaste and spring water, eat a healthier diet, and reduce the amount of electro-magnetic fields near my room.
      namaste :)

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