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Hey Everyone! Patchman here! I’m writing this on our 9 hour road trip to Boulder, Colorado.  (I’m posting this like a week and a half later from writing this…for some reason. My apologize, just go with the flow!) Were stopping at a walgreens because our FM transmitter broke and we like having music on our incredibly long drives between towns :P

Right on! Music is a go and we are back on the road! 5 more hours to Boulder! We also are so stocked up on crystals that its not even funny, we are so protected ;) haha! Tucson was awesome. Did i mention that we picked up a 15 kilo bag of Rose Quartz? It was so cheap! We’ve been giving them away to everyone that we’ve met on our quest across the states. It’s been absolutely amazing. The crystal movement is ROCKIN!

So where have we been so far? Well, if you’ve been following the videos, we started in LA and went to Tucson, then to Flagstaff, Sedona, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Park City, and now were on the road to Boulder. Our map looks like this. (It’s kinda cut off but i’m just speeding through this blog right now… just go with it :P We’ll do a larger map soon!)

Today i want to write about adventures, shadow selves, roads to discovery and beauty. It feels like the right thing to do, and I’m gonna try and get into writing more blogs more often, there’s some energetic blockage i have about writing i think though, which is an impure vibration in my shadow self which i’ll have to clear at some point. Maybe this is a time to get into that, although Pheonyx is going to have a LOT more to teach about that in the near future in a video series we put together.

The shadow self is basically this. If you grew up and had a childhood trauma, or any trauma in your life, and you don’t deal with these intense emotions and grow consciously, what happens is that you are left with these very intense, hurt and impure emotions which run through your being and bring more of the same feelings and experiences to you. An example would be if you went through a trauma of being alone, and you carried an intense emotional frequency of loneliness, unless you clear that original fear or anxiety, you will continue to manifest loneliness in your life through various scenarios, which would be very unhealthy for anyone if it went on long enough.

As we started Spirit Quest – the next generation, a road trip of 4 awake and aware 20-something year olds around the west coast of the united states, we were all jacked up and ready to do this, take spirit science to the next level and spread love to everyone around us! However, many may have noticed that spirit science hasn’t released a new video since Crystals 4, and also that the site has been slow to updating, especially since  it was down for a long time. I want to assure you not to worry, everything is exactly as it needs to be! Since we set off on the road, we have made many realizations about the nature of what we are doing, and have also moved through a LOT of old childhood trauma’s and ego vibrations that hold us back. We ARE spirit science, which means we have to purify and work with ourselves for us to help and teach others, as this is the role we have taken on. A lot of people right now are going through their own awakenings and asking themselves who they really are. Many are coming to us, and we are in the process of setting up a Spirit Science framework to help as many people as possible.

Spirit Science has grown from just a video series that i was animating in my spare time, to a lifestyle of traveling the world while animating cartoons and visiting people and sharing crystals and love, along with 3 other amazing friends that i have grown incredibly close to. That’s just an internal perspective of it’s growth though, externally we have expanded to a massive website community that has tens of thousands of people logging on from all over the world to join in the conversation about the meaning of life, what is the universe and how are we all existing as apart of it? We are all one, and a lot of people are tuning into these new frequencies of discussion! To share what they know and to learn more from each other! I love it!!

The forums are a whole ‘nother topic on its own, as we haven’t been super present there because we’ve been traveling, and things have gotten “out of hand” once again. But order from chaos, it is growing and learning and becoming more unified. We are going to start being more present on the forums, which have been hard because of the journey in the real world, and we encourage others that they not cling to the forums. Take what you can learn of love and light, and connect with people, but also its important that you find human connections in the physical world, for a much more intimate connection and deeper journey into the self and others.

A lot of people have also told us that they deeply desire to come join us on our journey, which makes couchsurfing rather difficult, but it does sound like a fun prospect! I’ve found in my experiences that traveling alone is soooo much easier than doing it in a group of 4, and yet, in a group of 4 you learn so much more, so much faster because of an intense dynamic between us.

What we like to respond with is that while we are on our spirit quest, you too can have yours! It’s actually really easy, and you can go alone or in a group! What you have to do is drop what your doing, pack up your stuff, sell some other stuff that you no longer need, and leave home! Its especially fun if you have an ipod or iphone or something that can film and edit videos on, so that you can upload your adventures to youtube! If you have your own spirit quest, we can share that on the spirit science website for the world to follow! Because we are adventurerers! and this is why we are here! :D

More Blogs to follow! I have a lot of thoughts and I’m gonna start sharing them! If i don’t,  email the Atlantis King to kick me until i upload a new blog :P


Later Days!
Jordan “Patch” Duchnycz

3 thoughts on “Patchman’s Blog – Moving Forward and the Shadow”

  1. I really agree about not clinging to Spirit Science, or the forums-despite how much I love it. I used to be very reliant upon both those resources-it changed when somebody in the forums made me realize I was too dependent. I still am on a lot-talking to friends I’ve made, helping people, etc. However, real growth will only come from within. Sure, Spirit Science helps a lot, but you truly learn so much more by trying things on your own. Possibly then use the site to share what you have/are experiencing, and learn/consider looking into things in terms of what they say about whatever it is.

  2. Dear Jordan, I REALLY appreciate you spreading the awareness about Shadow Selves.
    I think with the current shifts that are happening it is imperative for us in moving forward to release our Masks and Shadows that hold us down from being exactly who we are and allowing ourselves to finally live our dreams.

    I talk further about this in my own blog:

    A Year of Truths~ 366 Days of Eva Dandylion.
    A Journey of Discovering Dreams, Overcoming Fears, and Finding Acceptance in the Shadow Self.

    Blessings on your Journey~

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