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Patchman’s Blog – Moving Forward and the Shadow


Hey Everyone! Patchman here! I’m writing this on our 9 hour road trip to Boulder, Colorado.  (I’m posting this like a week and a half later from writing this…for some reason. My apologize, just go with the flow!) Were stopping at a walgreens because our FM transmitter broke and we like having music on our incredibly long drives between towns :P

Right on! Music is a go and we are back on the road! 5 more hours to Boulder! We also are so stocked up on crystals that its not even funny, we are so protected ;) haha! Tucson was awesome. Did i mention that we picked up a 15 kilo bag of Rose Quartz? It was so cheap! We’ve been giving them away to everyone that we’ve met on our quest across the states. It’s been absolutely amazing. The crystal movement is ROCKIN!

So where have we been so far? Well, if you’ve been following the videos, we started in LA and went to Tucson, then to Flagstaff, Sedona, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Ogden, Park City, and now were on the road to Boulder. Our map looks like this. (It’s kinda cut off but i’m just speeding through this blog right now… just go with it :P We’ll do a larger map soon!)

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