The Internet is the Fake 4th Dimension

Imagine what the 4th dimension is like. You are perceiving reality at a much higher frequency than in 3D. The molecular density is different, so everything looks different, and the way you interact with your environment is also different.

You are able to communicate telepathically with those around you, and can even connect with people through your heart space over long distances (this is assuming you are living on a spiritual path of harmony, of course you could take a more dualistic way of living, and you could still potentially communicate telepathically, just… you know, less one-ness).

In this dimension or higher, you can do anything. You can fly, you can manifest any experience you want instantly. We all know and remember what its like to be there, we are there between the spaces between our lives… but of course, it’s a little bit different “down here.” 

Okay, now think about life on earth in 3D, and how we’ve used technology to enhance our communications. We can communicate with each other across the entire planet, exactly the same as communicating in 4D. We’ve developed videogames where we can experience entire new realities where we can do anything.

Think of World of Warcraft, massive communities gather together to experience new worlds and have amazing, magical experiences. We have Facebook, which – despite it still being a controlling mechanism that limits our communication and ability to work on things (because facebook isn’t a project-management-resource it’s an attention focus and a timesink), it still connected a LOT of people together, and that’s pretty cool.

[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5111573″]But the point here isn’t to rag on facebook nor to claim how great it is, but to point out this one very specific thing: Through these digital mediums we are ultimately communicating on higher frequencies!

Straight up, flat out, it’s communicating on frequencies that we cannot actually visibly see or touch, but we use our technology to tune into these frequencies, rather than our physical bodies, minds, and consciousness.

But what does it mean?! I almost want to say that after Humankind fell in consciousness, we lost ourconnections to each other and ourselves, and have felt that missing void. As we expanded our awareness around the globe and began developing technologies which have been attempting to fill the void of “what’s missing”. These communication devices are a big part of that.

Through technology we have brought people together, as well as separating others apart. Of course, the thing that’s REALLY missing is our connection to our hearts, which brings everyone together in love and truth. Yet, at the same time, we have the opportunity to explore something really incredible.

From my understanding, when a species goes the path of duality and begins creating technology without any emotions whatsoever, they sever themselves from love. In doing so, they lose their spiritual connections to each other, but gain new things in the process. What makes humans REALLY interesting, is that we are able to experience both technology AND love at the same time! It’s mind boggling to think about it, we are potentially a very new species of life in the universe, a merging of the dualistic and unity path. The path of Trinity? Perhaps.

There’s a lot more that i could go into here, but I’m going to wait for now. I shall bid you adieux.

With Love!

4 thoughts on “The Internet is the Fake 4th Dimension”

  1. Hey Jordan, I would just like to say something about the types of consciousness. People say there is duality, which is separation and ego and close-mindedness and all that jazz, and then there’s unity, which is love and togetherness etc. I would like to point out that in saying that duality is a consciousness we want to avoid, we are in fact being in duality consciousness!

    Also, I believe we are misinterpreting the meaning of unity consciousness, as to be in complete unity, you lose your sense of self. Everything is just one thing, nothing else. No personalities, no diversity, no people just one person, everything is infinite.

    What I’m trying to say is that neither of these are bad, and that what we SHOULD be trying to acheive is both of these combined and what you called trinity consciousness (I have not named it yet so we’ll stick with that), which is to realize we are all a fractal of source, but at the same time a very different and unique aspect of it. Basically, living in one big happy family with love and appreciation for every difference we have. I think the point of the fibannaci sequence is that it vibrates between male and female, duality and unity, but that right in the middle is phi, or androgyny/trinity consciousness! I also believe that is why angels are depicted as androgynous, because they have reached that state of consciousness.

    1. Yes of course :) When i discuss unity, i perceive it from the perspective of understanding unity among everything, not so much experiencing it. Although that would be amazing, it does take away the sense of self. I guess the path of Trinity is truly the way to go :)

  2. Hey, Jordan! Nice and interesting post.

    I’ve started wondering if we are headed in that direction with the coming singularity. Now, I don’t know what exactly is going to happen in 2012, but I have been keeping up with some of your posts.

    I kind of have a spiritual philosophy developing at the moment, part of which is in big thanks to the concepts you have talked about. Anyway, part of that philosophy I have in mind is the thought of our physical bodies as vessels for the Spirit and technology as tools inspired from Spirit to potentially better understand our place in existence.

    Now, we all know that our physical bodies are fragile, imperfect, and mortal. If Spirit is something separate from the physical body, could it possibly inhabit any form which may grant consciousness in this universe? For example, an android?

    Back to the coming Singularity (post 2012). Computer scientists are coming closer and closer to developing A.I. comparable to that of our own Human intelligence, except of course with the processing speeds many times faster than that of the human brain. Of course, this is many decades into the future and of course only if we survive the coming century.

    What I’m getting at is, if Spirit can inhabit any conscious form, if technology is a tool for Spirit, is it possible that androids (being derived from technology) are the next step of the physical Spirit form?

    Just a thought.

    PS: I don’t know if you’ll read this or not, but what I usually do when I write up ANYTHING in a computer is save a copy of what is written in “Notepad” or “Microsoft Word”, just in case anything happens before I post it.
    Kind of like a “checkpoint” like in video games. :P

    1. Haha, i just hope that when that happens, we don’t turn into the Borg!!

      I feel that humankind will split into many different groups post 2012. 1 option for us is singularity, where scientists begin to merge our consciousness with computers. This is already happening with computer chips being implanted with people, and i don’t doubt they can only go bigger from there.

      However, there are many other potentials which i see the human race evolving into. There is the Ascension group, the spiritual individuals who are more tuned to their spiritual nature will want to (and will) transition into higher frequencies bodily. Now, i’m not saying this WILL happen in 2012, its a potential, but it will happen at some point..not sure when.

      Ultimately, i feel that the human race is like a giant dandilion and every pollen is a different potential, and 2012 is like a big wind coming in to blow all of them away, to begin creating something anew in many different realities.

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