Spirit Quest – What Am I Doing, Where Am I Going?

I haven’t gone for a walk in a long time and I felt it was time to do that. I go over a number of things, the biggest of which is where I am going at the end of the month. I realize many may be very curious about just HOW I am getting to Australia what with me having so little funds, but I assure you that the story behind it is absolutely magical, and I will be sharing the stories in the videos to come, as I travel to the other side of the planet and begin to experience what life is like there!

The more things happen, the more amazing everything becomes! Things are working out left and right and are bringing in so many amazing people and amazing experiences! I am so happy to be alive and experiencing life right now, and I hold my hand out to you and ask you to come with me. Come experience life the way it was meant to be experienced. You can absolutely do it, I know you can.

My new friend Marlee also wants to tell you that you can, you absolutely can. Just trust in yourself, follow your heart, and stand up and DO the thing that you always wanted to do!

4 thoughts on “Spirit Quest – What Am I Doing, Where Am I Going?”

  1. Haha marlee is like a fairy! Makes me happy xD I can’t wait to see that happens in australia! Gosh I’m just so excited!

  2. Hey, great news, Jordan! Do me a favor while you’re in Australia an investigate Uluru a little, okay? It’s supposed to be this huge sacred site for the Aborigines.

    Have fun.

  3. What an awesome light! I see you, and then I see your generation, I see mine as well awakening and it is indeed fabulous to live in this time. Then I see my daughter and other little children been born today, how clever, fast, and conscious they are, so full of love like other generations weren’t before. I suddenly realized that no matter what “the others” pull to have the world in a lower vibration, the game is already over for them. Humanity is changing, realizing. Maybe the one’s alive today won’t get to see the complete flourishing of the new world to come, maybe we will return or not.

    Thank you for manifesting the better reality!
    You have a home in us too if you come to New Zealand on your path!

    Love and light to you too! :D

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