Patch Parables 2 – The Parable of the Lute

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I feel that life is about living the way you want to, with love and respect for everything all around you. As if Life is a metaphor for beautiful music, and the songs that you play is the melody of the life that you live. Of course, it becomes very hard to do when your instruments are not tuned.

Everything has its own colour and tone. Some of these vibrations mix harmoniously while others combine in discordance, because they are not in tune with each other. You can feel in your heart when you are sad, because the pace slows as if playing the song of your grief. You can feel in your heart when you are happy, because the rhythm of your heart becomes upbeat and bouncy as if playing the song of your joy.

One way you can tell if you are in tune, is just by sensing the way your body makes you feel. Your body is your most important instrument for interfacing with this 3D world, so it’s important to stretch, go for walks, meditate, drink lots of water, and do things like that to help tune your physical body. Don’t forget to also tune your mind. Read things that are insightful, watch things that are inspiring, things that lift you up and make you feel like you’ve never felt before. Do things with others that inspires this connection as well.

Find comfort in the little things that make you happy, feel love and gratitude towards the things that you have or receive, and give love in return to all of those around you. You can have, do, or be anything: but if you’re not tuned to the frequency of your highest awareness… How do you know what you want?

By the way, If you’re interested in the traditional “buddhism” and eastern spiritual practices, I highly recommend you check out this book called “Eastern Body, Western Mind”, which is all about bringing a balance between eastern and western practices in spirituality.

It’s an absolutely fantastical book, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably get a lot out of it.

7 thoughts on “Patch Parables 2 – The Parable of the Lute”

  1. I heard the parable of the loot once before and Buddha parables tend to be very fun but I like the spend that you put on this one by making Buddha ninja vanish thought that was hilarious I Lost my mind there for minute lol ;~} Peace

  2. Pretty interesting.I’ve been thinking about this but I didn’t really now how to explain it, but this video does it.However I do have a question.When do I know when the energy flow if “just right”?(I mean I can misinerpretate it with the too loose one?).

    1. say OM

      a hundred times. lol

      i usually do find that OM is the right pitch though. Its very hard to put into words.. like how can I tell you in words what the not C sounds like? or the note of OM?

      being in the moment works for me. you are not constantly thinking about what to do next, what you have to do what this what that…

      you are instead relaxing and enjoying whatever comes your way and when it does you cooly analyze it and respond to it. then move on with your day, not dwelling in past nor future.

      the student in the parable was initially dwelling in the future, wanting a state of mind. he learned that he already was living in a free mind, he had only to realize how free it really is.

  3. it is strange isee this now lately i have been thinking on if my focus on the spiritual energies isto tight i get very energetic but sometimes itskinda overboard, but when i dont focus any then i get weary and lazy. so my question would be howdoes one find that balance in themselves?

  4. I think you embedded the sand castle one by mistake. x.x

    Anyways I found the video and I totally agree. I’m always trying to stay ‘in tune’ by keeping a clear mind and taking deep breaths whenever I start to feel a little irritated or sad. It helps A LOT. There are still times when I let myself become out of tune, but afterwards when I regain my composure I try to analyze my times of weakness to understand why it happened and how it could have went had I kept my cool. On a spiritual note trying too hard to astral project was usually met with failure. I’m more likely to astral project when I only planned on sleeping.

    I kind of have a good role model who is my father, as he tends to be on one radical side or the other. Constantly moving between these frequencies causes a lot of stress, and he usually doesn’t do anything else for the rest of the day because of it. Though I have noticed he’s been a little happier than usual, and starts to interact with the family more. Anyways I have witnessed how not keeping a steady tune can affect someone. His actions are more of an inspiring deterrent than an actual ROLE MODEL though, but I guess that’s better than nothing.

    Interesting song choice. I used to listen to Super Junior or H.O.T’s ‘Happiness’ song all the time when I was living back in Oahu! Wonderful memories are coming to me. This nostalgia cake is delicious! Also I appreciate the comical animations; keep at it! :D

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