What does it mean to be Spiritual?

What is Spirituality? This is something that most people on this site (I would HOPE most people on this site, haha), are interested in. Many of you have emailed me or other council members asking “How do I become more spiritual, how do I move forward?”. The trick I believe, is knowing that you already are moving forward, and the key to spirituality is being aware of it.

Awareness, as I understand it, has many levels. You can be Emotionally aware, physically aware, mentally aware, and energetically aware. This is the basis of the 4 elements (many will say that Fire is “Spiritually Aware, but I disagree. It’s a very high frequency, but Spirituality falls into the 5th element, beyond the 4.) You can be aware of these 4 elements internally, or externally. It is when one begins walking the path that will lead themselves to a higher frequency of awareness THROUGH the 4 elements, that is when spirituality comes into play.

So Spirituality (in my understanding) is the walking of the path of awareness, that will guide you to becoming more aware, both internally and externally, in your daily life.

When I wrote that, the clock turned 11:11!

Spirituality isn’t about being colourful, oming, making yourself positive, using Tarot cards, meditating or collecting crystals. That’s not what the essence of spirituality is. Those are simply acts, thoughts, feelings and emotions that manifest and change their form in different ways depending on your current circumstances in life. To say that THOSE “physical actions” are what qualifies you as spiritual cannot possibly be true, because God is ALL THAT IS, and there is nothing outside of ALL THAT IS. Therefore, if you are ALL THAT IS, and spirituality is becoming in tune with ALL THAT IS, then EVERYTHING must be GOD!

And if everything is God, then “being spiritual” is simply “being”. In Truth, everything is spiritual, because everything is God. However, the nature of us Humans is a funny one, and that’s not good enough. We need a construct to follow to understand so that we don’t fall off the tracks. “Simply Being” in this world will get you poisoned by 300 different types of saturated fats and programmed into being a slave for a material idea of what society should be like…it’s not pretty. But it is, because it’s a part of creation and i love it regardless! :D

Therefore, for those who are struggling with who they are and how they can move forward on their path (I know i’ve had those moments, especially the first one), I say “let it be!”, and get into a state of understanding that its OKAY to NOT KNOW. In fact, we know SO LITTLE, all we can do is say “I would like to learn something, i would like to become MORE AWARE”. And through your intentions of becoming more aware of your internal and external self, you become it, because you will it so.

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