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Today I want to share what i’ve learned recently about the spiritual essence. Everyone has an essence, but what exactly is that? The companies at the department store will have you believe its your fragrance, and i suppose on one level or another, your essence will manifest in your fragrance, but thats certainly not the source.

Your essence is your true self, your pure being, and your connection to source. We are all one, and we all share the same essence, and yet there are an infinite number of flavors of that source. When you know your essence, your first reconnection with it, you will most likely have a life changing experience of realization, understanding your purpose, and getting it on so many new levels. Your life will never be the same, and it will be beautiful!

So, your essence is you. It is your light, the essence of your heart, and not your ego’s perception of itself, but your hearts true divine knowing and understanding. It is much more pure, and much more centered in love, rather than all of the distortions that we have today on this planet. And that’s not a metaphor, the heart actually has brain cells in it, so you can think with your heart and its a totally natural thing!

So, if your essence is your pure sense of understanding your self, what is your ego? Well, the ego is the projection of your self, including – but not limited to – your essence. Unfortunately for us, from the time we are born we are subjected to distortions and vibrations that are very far removed from the source, and therefore take you away from your essence. So the ego instead of having its pure identity of its essence to guide itself through life, begins to develop alternate understandings of itself based on the distorted experiences it has. It also, because it doesn’t have a basis of understanding itself, tends to get lost in its own thoughts. Often walking around in public worrying about the various problems its perceiving, as well as creating in its life. Fortunately, people are becoming more and more aware, and this is exactly what needs to happen for this evolution of consciousness to take place. It means we are on track!

Right, so more about the Ego. I went to a spiritual seminar in Los Angeles recently and the speaker was discussing the Ego as if it was the enemy. She spoke about how the Ego is what holds us back and that there is no room for it in the future of our consciousness. That didn’t actually resonate with me, for a few reasons. The first is that by making anything your enemy, that automatically is outside of love. The essence in your heart knows only unconditional love for everything and everyone, so separation from Ego can only be detrimental. I would suggest that instead of getting rid of the ego, you allow your heart to take the drivers seat. Your ego is your personality, but your heart is that which guides your sense of self. Coming from a space of unconditional love, you can develop your sense of self based off of what you know and love about yourself and everyone around you! And it can be a beautiful, beautiful thing.

The Heart guides the ego with power, but not with force. Allow your essence to flow, you can’t force anything to happen, you can only allow it to happen.

So how does one get into their essence? It’s as simple as just being. Allow your mind a break and just be. If you can get into a state of just being, and becoming more aware, you can fall into your pure understanding of who you are and why you are here. Everyone has a purpose here, and so do you.

Another good practice is breathing in your heart. Focus on your heart when you breath, breathe with relaxation and focus, and lift your breath through your heart in your chest, with the vibrations of good feelings and happy emotions. Allow these feelings to flow through you to others that you meet as well. Even if they’re not in their flow, don’t let their disruption disrupt your flow, and share your abundance of good energy with them, however it flows in the moment for you.

And don’t worry. If you have good intentions and good feelings about what new energy and goodness you are bringing into your life, the results will only be filled with love and happiness, and isn’t that kind of the goal at this point for us?

– Music made by myself in GarageBand for iPad
– Flower – a beautiful game by ThatGameCompany

3 thoughts on “PatchBlog – Essence and Ego”

  1. This stairs at me like when you stair at a mirror, it’s craving in a sense of Yes,this is more of what we need.Instead of dripping in are gold fashions,an less likely to grab the foundation that shakes us.I am seeking me out,an yet feeling like,we and,I are living through you as much as if we were doing it together,we living the same somebody we are.
    Letting go now,if we are guidance to are body to know are selves as I,and then you find you can not have one without the other.So we run the cover of are illusions, the thing that is some of that what becomes the favorite vibration, aka reality, “wonderland”. Even if you want to change the vibration your in it, also, has now become WE,as a collected,with a view of that person.”aka me” (ego).
    I’m not looking at what I have said through the eye’s of some in prison or some that are homeless.
    Now they are still in power of there dissensions in yet the collected sees them as this. (“Problem”)
    As a Collected this is a reflection as what we do to are own body’s,we in slave the mind to in slave the body,only to come full circle, with experience to see the light in us as WE.Do we really want to stop,harming people who we deem,that they don’t fit in? Yes, we want what WE can not have the most. To live or try to live “To be Or not to be” in the dream,consciousness,forth dimension,and enlightenment, or liar,murder,selfish,ego,and etc…both roads lead back to self.
    Where then do we go from here, the old the young still play the drama with them selves,so how do we change if the thought of everyone can determine by thought of how we see a individual.Fiat by the though of, “they will never amount to….” this bring emotions that resonates at it’s own vibrations. Is it living?
    If Light is the some of all mass an light is vibrations.It seems that we are in a act that seems to fit the change.Like a map,clock,body,it takes the functions of a beginning to end to beginning.
    So conclusion it all sums up to we are in the change,an it is. LIFE
    p.s. If money is seen as value an lives in its vibrations and we give the energy it needs to live is it alive?

  2. another great video from one of the most amazing and inspiring humans on the planet! keep up the great work! so is there specific opporunities that i need to look after when i am trying to atract the manafestation of “knowing myself” because i want to know what i am looking for. for some reason when i try to meditate i get this unbearable feeling and it is very new where my heart starts to like get really heavy and it always ends up making me stop the meditation and i cant learn anything do yo have any suggestions?

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