Spirit Science ~ The Insights of Ascension!

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9 insights, 2 man/boys, one video and a a great amount of learning that we believe will bring you closer to vibrating at the level of the divine. Its almost like were rubbing an ascension salve on your cultural wounds. So Enjoy! the people! Kisses! ~The Atlantis King

This weeks lesson goes into the insights of ascension from the book The Celestine Prophecy, we highly recommend reading this book for those of you beginning your path or wanting new information, however in the mean time, here is the abridged version of strictly insights on the process of waking up, clearing your negative habits, and releasing them to the universe to vibrate higher and changing frequencies of time, space, and matter itself!

Would you like the insights written down? Here’s all of the insights in text format, to copy and share to anyone or whatever :)

Check out the book ~ The Celestine Prophecy! 

12 thoughts on “Spirit Science ~ The Insights of Ascension!”

  1. Just wanted to share about how you can also have wonderful experiences with other books in the series. Don’t forget to read the 10th Insight which deals with other dimensions & soul groups. After that there’s The Secret of Shambhala that talks about the Unified Love or Intention Field. Both of these books are just as amazing & life changing as the first! All of these books are experiential insofar as that if you actually do what is described in them then you can have a real experience of the magical events you are reading about!!!

  2. I am new to all of this. I’m 19 and I’m on the 14th video and absolutely love this series. It’s is if something drew me to this site and the information it has to offer. After watching most of this videos it’s as if everything make sense and I want to be on the path to ascension. I would enjoy any tips on where to start. =]

  3. The Energy Drama’s really clicked for me. I never consciously realized it before but, after watching, I immediately realize the true nature/motivation behind the majority of my social interactions with people in how I get or give away energy from/to other people. What really startled me was how draining my roommate’s aloofness has been. Either he’d enthusiastically start a conversation about something or I’d start a normal one with him but, at some random response of mine, he’d switch to 100% aloof and responded with the most disaffected “Yeah…” I’ve ever heard.

    In that “yeah”, he conveys an absolute disinterest in whatever I’d just said, leaving me feeling drained and frustrated, especially in situations where he initiated the conversation in the first place. I’d then ignore him while I “recharged” myself with energy from conscious effort until I felt normal/happy again, at which point the cycle is inevitably repeated. I don’t have much trouble bouncing back after he takes my energy but it is somewhat frustrating/amusing to see this battle for energy taking place where I give it and then he protects his from being taken by using aloofness.

    By being aware of the drama in use, I can protect myself from energy theft. But what about the underlying cause? And is protecting myself the best/only thing I should be doing?

  4. I love what you guys said about Brian Cox; I remember just having gone through my spiritual awakening and seeing his take on quantum physics, grinning to myself. It fits so perfectly with my own idea of spirituality – I only wish some scientists could open their minds a little in order to get that perfect balance between the two. Wonderful video, too. Namaste! ^^ <3

  5. ok thanks so much lol sometimes they can be a little constricting, they dont allow anythything not totally christian but i will see what i can do thanks

  6. wow that was an amazing video, but then again all of your videos are amazing lol, keep up the great work! do you know if i could get that book on a free pdf, i am 12 and i cant just go around buying things without my parents consent lol

    1. Why not ask your parents then? You could even get them to read it! 2 birds with one stone, and something you can connect with your parents with :) (maybe, haha)

      otherwise, there is a movie i’m sure you could find online somehow ;)

  7. Wow, you guys want to talk synchronicity, I was just writing an article on synchronicity.

    Seriously, that knowledge you just shared really clicked. That’s the sort of thing I’ve been looking for.

    Thank you guys.

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