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5 Ways To Focus When You’re Having Trouble Meditating

Distractions are everywhere these days, and nowhere is this more noticeable than when you take time aside for your daily meditation. Even if your smart phone fails to distract you with an unnecessary notification, its presence alone can fill space in the corner of your mind.

If you are having trouble getting into a meditative vibe, here are some ways to regain the focus which is crucial to your practice.

Focus On Where You Are Successful

If we set aside 15 minutes for meditation, and our minds spend half of it wandering around, it’s easy to label that as a failure in our practice. Instead, we should label it as a success.

After all, success is not derived from perfection. What was your intention for that time period? To meditate? Did you meditate? In this scenario, you achieved meditative state for 7-8 minutes. Experts say that benefits can be seen from just a few minutes of meditation, so we’ll call that a win!

A string of successes, to your mind, will yield a better overall practice. Don’t be so hard on yourself if you can’t reach your goal every time.

Meditate Throughout Your Day

Meditation is not limited to sitting cross legged with your eyes closed. Anyone experienced in the art of meditation will tell you that the state can be achieved anytime throughout your day. All it takes is a focus on the perfection of existence.

There is beauty to be found in all moments of life. While it can be difficult to find perspective in the face of a long workday or unruly child, for example, a key to daily meditation is to find the evidence for the astounding miracle of life in places you don’t normally seek it.

Realize That Meditation Is Personal

This is an extension of the above example. Not everyone will find it easy to focus when sitting cross-legged. Not everyone will be able to find the necessary focus while repeating mantras. Calming, new age music will not help the trance along for everyone.

When you decide that you’re going to have a meditation practice, it’s important to experiment. After all, you are a unique individual and what works for someone you derive inspiration from will not necessarily work for you. There are infinite ways to meditate. Find one that makes you comfortable, and allows you the all-important focus that will yield a successful practice.

Set Aside Physical Space

While it’s true that meditation can happen anywhere and anytime, to inspire a regular practice, it is always a good idea to set aside a space that is ‘for meditation.’ It can be anywhere, as long as it is consistent.

That consistency will allow your mind to focus, because of its familiarity with the space. It will unconsciously say: “This is where I meditate,” and half the battle for focus will be over.

Have Gratitude

Gratitude can bring on a feeling of contentment that is so important for putting yourself in a mental state which is ready for meditation. Similar to a religious prayer, listing things for which you are grateful can open up the channel to god – which in this case is you!

So when in your meditation zone, in whatever physical state is comfortable, take some time before the meditative process begins to give thanks for a few things in this life. This will help you find a state in which meditative focus will come more easily!

5 Ways to Use The Law of Attraction To Manifest Abundance in Your Life

The Law of Attraction has something to say about karma: that is, we get what we give. When we are negative or ego-driven, our life will be a reflection of that: unhappy, unfulfilled, and unwell. On the other hand, positivity will breed joy, satisfaction, and physical and mental well-being.

Sometimes in life, we complain that things are not going our way, but at the same time we are sending out intentions that are negative. Instead of doing what we can to get what we want out of life, we are unintentionally sabotaging ourselves. Instead of positively promoting and asking for what would make our lives perfect, we tell the universe that we want negativity through our negativity. It’s an endless cycle, and today we’d like to explore some ways to end it.

Don’t Worry About Moneywomen-worry-101217-02

Often, our worry about personal finances comes from a place of fear.

When we are stingy with our resources, we are promoting scarcity rather than abundance.

Instead, come from a place of having plenty, because you have plenty! The universe will then reward you with the abundance of which you are deserving.

Open Yourself To Love

Sometimes, when good things happen to us, we are humble to the extent of almost feeling like we don’t deserve the good things. It’s not that humility is necessarily a bad thing, but when it turns into a feeling that you are undeserving of the awesome things that life has in store for you, the universe will respond by withholding them. Nowhere is this more important than having love in your life. All are deserving of love, and when it happens, dive in head first!

Fear Not, Doubt Not

first-love-cameron-gray-Fear of failure can be the biggest driver of inaction.

Doubt is usually close behind. Instead, to have purpose and intention in life, we need to do.

We can’t fear the result, because that will promote a never ending cycle of having anxiety, then feeding that anxiety, and back again.

Act, and know that you will succeed.

You Have Time

By stating that there’s not enough time to accomplish what you want to accomplish, you’ve already set yourself up for failure. Instead of what we feel like we don’t have, focus on what we do have. Live in the moment. If time is limited and you’re feeling a deadline, then build yourself up with an ‘I Can,’ instead of using excuses.

Accept What Isself-love-woman

Most of all, don’t be disappointed in results.

No one likes to lose, and you shouldn’t think of yourself as a loser when results fail to live up to expectations.

Never seek the approval of others, but rather, seek the approval of yourself.

Grant yourself the status of a ‘winner,’ rather than the alternative.

5 Simple Ways To Raise Your Vibration

What do we mean when we say ‘vibration’? We’re not talking about the rapid movement of matter in a physical sense, but rather the state of our own spiritual energy. Contributors to that are such things as: what we are thinking, the state of our bodily health, what we are feeling and what we believe. The confluence of these traits make up our ‘vibes,’ if you will.

Now, when we speak of ‘raising your vibration,’ we are talking about self-improvement. Oftentimes, self-improvement is a long journey, and sometimes we want immediate results when we are feeling down. Here are some suggestions for those times of immediate need.


When we say ‘breathe,’ we’re not talking about normal functional breaths, but rather ‘yogic’ breaths. In yogic breathing, emphasis is put on a meditative focus on each inhale and exhale. Make sure the breath is intentional to derive effect. On the inhale, fill the belly and then fill the chest. On the exhale, contract the diaphragm, expelling everything. Scientifically, yogic long deep breathing can hack the brain during times of stress and make us calm again.


While it might be difficult to laugh in times of low energy, it’s easy to go online or consult Netflix for something that is sure to produce laughter. If your problem is an argument with another, attempt to diffuse tension with humor.


Meditation is the trendiest way to impart a state of superior mental and physical health for a really good reason: it works. However, it can be difficult to stop everything for a practice in meditation, and this is especially true when you really could benefit the most from it. However, you can try to frame it differently if you have trouble meditating. Think of it as a break. As a former smoker, I find it easy to meditate when I consider the fact that I used to take hourly cigarette breaks. If I was always able to find 5 minutes to smoke when I was stressed, then I certainly can find five minutes to meditate. How can you re-frame meditation? Can you find one to five minutes to engage in what is likely to be the most important practice of your life?

Be Grateful

Whatever you are going through right now, the chances are that, if you are able to read this, then you are better off than the majority of people on this planet as far as making sure your basic needs are met. Sometimes, we need a little perspective to help put us in a better mood, and what better way than to be completely thankful that you are healthy, and have food, water and shelter?

Remember That Life Is Short

Remembering our own impermanence is sometimes what we need to change our outlook when we are down. From moment to moment, everything in this life is slowly and steadily passing away. You will never get those moments back, and when you are old and looking back, you will want to remember them as times that you made the absolute best of what you had, and that you were happy and at peace.


This Amazing Woman Meditates While ‘Wearing’ Thousands Of Honeybees

We’ve seen lots of different advice on meditation and instructions on techniques, and it’s true that a practice is intensely personal, and that everyone has their own methods.

However, we’ve never seen anything like this. Oregon artist and energy worker Sara Mapelli meditates while wearing a ‘blouse’ of bees covering her bare torso. Her intention? To commune with nature and assist others in overcoming their fears. In an interview with National Geographic, she said:

I’ve danced for people who were really afraid of bees…Many people come to me for deep intense personal issues. When I approached one of my clients with the bees [during the dance] he leaned back so astonished, but then came a huge smile as he realized he was safe. It was like watching someone transform. He was so heartfelt and emotional afterwards.

The dance with honey bees covering much of her body is just one aspect of her alternative medicine practice. She says that it helps people who feel detached from or have a fear of nature.

Mapelli said that her fascination with bees stems from childhood, where a sense of community was instilled in her at an early age.

As I got to know bees, I realized their world is all about community. Each bee has a job, and they take turns doing different things to help the whole. That interconnectedness, the idea that if you take a piece out the group is incomplete and doesn’t function as well—that’s part of the message I want to share.

The idea for the ‘bee blouse’ came to Mapelli in a vision while driving once through the beautiful Columbia Gorge. “I could visualize this bee blouse, but it took me a long time to find people to help me make it happen,” she said. “I finally found an entomologist to work with me, and I’m also connected with beekeepers all over the country. I plan to do a bee-dance tour in Europe next.”

She gets the bees to cover her body using a pheromone derived from the queen bee, after which a beekeeper lifts as frame full of bees from the hive and brings it near. Soon, she is covered in a ‘tornado,’ which soon covers the top part of her body with an 8-inch thick layer of nearly 15,000 bees.

“There is magic and fantasy in what I do, that’s part of my job. Not just to heal and educate, but to inspire magic. The bees help me do that,” she concludes in the interview (read the full transcript here). Check out this fascinating video below of her meditative honeybee dance!

3 Ways To Create Long Lasting Positive Vibes in Your Life

Cute Young Girl Hugging Two Teddy Bears

Let’s be honest, the culture that we’ve grown up in can be a highly negative place.  Through all of the negativity that we are exposed to, it can be pretty challenging for us to maintain good vibes. It’s really hard, and many of us have been unwittingly programmed into negativity, and its harder and harder for positive thinking to come naturally for us.

For those who are trying to master the creation process, the negativity of society can really interfere with our ability to be awesome all of the time!  In order to be deliberate creators, we must keep a positive state of mind. This can be tricky when we’ve been trained into a regular state of bad-vibes.

TVOne of the best examples that we have to date is the television itself. Look, it’s not called “programming” for no reason. Turn on the TV and it’s nothing but garbage. It’s difficult to find something that isn’t a nonstop stream of violence, crime, anger or gossip, and worst of all, ADVERTISING!  Constant exposure to these negative thoughts, emotions and actions automatically relate in your mind and start changing the way you see the world. What we surround ourselves with and think about, we become.

The good news is that you can program your mind into a high vibrational frequency just as easily as you could be programmed into negativity. Through exposing yourself to uplifting and inspirational ideas on a daily basis, you will begin to absorb and relate to the positive vibes, and even “emit” them yourself!

It sounds pretty simple, and the truth is, that it is! It just takes a little bit of practice, and sometimes, a little bit of help from a friend.

So, let me be a friend and describe exactly how this is done.

Like Burning Wood in a Fire

We’ve all seen a campfire before, right? Well, most of us anyways. In order to burn the fire and create warmth, we need a few specific ingredients. To start it out, kindling, tinder, some wood… and of course, the spark to ignite the flame.

Cozy home fireplaceBut once that fire is going, you don’t need the spark, tinder, or kindling anymore. The wood is your fuel source, and in fact, if you try and add those other ingredients again, your not going to support your roaring fire in the least. In needs a bigger fuel, more wood.

Now, if your like me, and have spent a lot of time around wood-stoves (our house has a wood stove, so I’m constantly feeding it throughout the winter), you’ll know that just throwing the wood on the fire isn’t always going to do the trick. No, the HOT COALS have to be touching the other wood. This creates a firey-friction of sorts, causing the unburnt log to ignite into flames, and cause the fire to overall get hotter!

Apply it to the Spirit

Much like burning wood in a fire, you need a “spiritual friction” of the right ingredients in order to create the warm heat inside that sustains your good feelings. The right ingredients, instead of logs, is actually #1 meaningful connections. Aka: Friendship. 

Happy couple

The spark, kindling, and tinder are the basis for the friendship that you have, and of course, there are tons of different kinds of logs. Some friendships are based around working together, intimacy, co-creation, and those can fractal to great depths in the possibilities of what can be accomplished.

The point is though, that regardless of what kind of friendship that you have, it is the continuing of feeding the fire, the continuation of the relationship, the deep communications, the shared time together, shared laughter, shared moments, is what continues the spiritual fire burning bright, which allows you to give love to all of those around you, and bask in the warmth of your glowing heart. 

When your Low on Fuel…

Now, lets say for instance that you have a great connection with your partner or friends, but sometimes you have to go to work, and when you do, there isn’t a single person there who you connect with in a meaningful way.

Besides the fact that this is an obvious sign that your job is draining your soul and you should get out, sometimes its hard to do that immediately, and thus you have to find a way of keeping your spirits up while surrounded by mental garbage.

Here are 3 methods you can use to help you get through the day, when you go into the darkness and don’t see light for many hours later.

1. Meditation for a lasting flame

When you meditate, you can compress the “coals” into a hot iron that will stay hot, longer. That compression can even become like a beam of light, to guide you through the darkness to come.

2. Stoke the Fire with Meaningful bits and bytes on the Internet

When your feeling drained, its always a great way to get a bit of release by going on the internet and watching or looking at something to just lift your spirits.. JUST BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!  This is like throwing a big piece of thick cardboard on the fire, it will create a burst of energy for you, but its not a lasting flame. It can also be dangerous, because there’s a lot of sloppy wet cardboard on the internet, and if you put that on your coals it will DOUSE YOUR FLAME! 

What this means is, be super mindful about what you take in. Advertisements will douse your flame. Don’t let that stuff in.


My recommendation? Spirit Science Cartoons!… No wait, even better –> The Daily Kitty. If you’ve ever seen this Facebook page, it’s awesome. I’ve never seen a bad post from them, and that’s probably because we’re the criminal masterminds behind this wonderful magical page. Special thanks to Ray for its inception.

3. Sleep Hypnosis for an overnight fire

Personally, I haven’t done too much experimentation with Sleep Hypnosis except for binaural beats and lucid dreaming, but there is a lot of research to suggest its very helpful in its ability to support a holistic overnight “reprogramming” of neural pathways in order to support a healthy lifestyle.

Tired woman sleeping on the coach at office

Ultimately, if we begin changing our actions, our lives have no choice but to change.

Besides this, you can also maintain good feels when everyone around you is an ass by eating as good as you can, taking breaks with some exercise or stretching, and going out of your way to smile even when your not feeling it. Force it, because pretty soon you’ll realize your actually smiling because your happy, and not because your forcing it. Smiling creates endorphines in your brain, it’s actually pretty amazing.

Anyways, I really hope that all of this can help you on your journey! Thank you for reading!

With love,
Jordan Pearce

Seven Steps to Mastering The Law of Attraction in Your Life

Yet again, another year passes and we all think (at least a little bit) about what the new year will bring.  While losing weight, eating healthy, and quitting smoking are all fantastic resolutions to have, there is one thing that you could do that would make ALL of your dreams a reality, and that is to make it your mission to master the Law of Attraction this year.

shutterstock_307917479The universe responds to your thoughts and feelings and brings you exactly what is going on in your mind.  Unfortunately, most people think and feel as a reaction to the things that are already occurring in their realities.

This reactivity often creates a cycle of anger, depression, hostility or anxiety.  For example, you become angry about something, and this causes the universe to deliver to you something else that makes you angry.  Then you get angry again and the cycle repeats.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could find ways to think and feel positively throughout your day so that the universe could bring you more things to be happy about? If you could find a way to think and feel positively regardless of your current reality, you would be able to master the Law of Attraction and a new reality would emerge that contained in it everything that you wanted.

With this in mind, here are seven steps to take this year to ensure that next year your reality is leaps and bounds beyond where you stand today.

1. Drop the “struggle mentality:” Many of us have fed into the belief that in order to be good people we have to work hard and we shutterstock_211403866have to do things we don’t like to do.  If you hold this belief, the universe will continue to send you hard work and struggle.

Instead of hammering away at projects and work you don’t like to do, make it a priority to enjoy life at least a few times a day.  Continue reading