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If You Truly Knew What You Were Capable Of, You Would be Doing THIS:

For centuries Daoist Masters have been harnessing the energies from within.

Using the Yin-Yang, positive and negative energies. Masters of the Art, harness this electric current by pulling the positive energy from the sacral  and the negative energy from the root chakra (Hui Yin). Alchemizing the energy at the sacral chakra, the (Shenjue or Xia Dan Tian).

This energy circuit known as the small heavenly circuit, does not directly translate to the inner flute in Buddhism (as depicted above). However, it is known that the area  just below the naval is the meridian energy center, where all energy is alchemized and all energy is collected and received.

This Master has meditated everyday since he was a young child and has studied this art for 18 years. His discipline has paid off, as he has gained the ability to project electrical energy from his body. The energy is hot enough to burn you at a single touch and high enough, to start a fire with a single hand.

It takes discipline and meditation to awaken this gift and requires extreme control of your every emotion. Once the energy is unleashed, the electric current is so potent that it can be become dangerous, if not used properly.

Qi or (chi) energy is collected by standing straight with legs at shoulder width. Place your right hand flat 3-4 inches from your sacral chakra and begin moving it in small circles gradually growing larger until your largest pass is at your forehead. (For men begin your circle downwards towards your feet and for ladies begin your circle vertical towards your heart)

Slowly begin decreasing the size of the circle until your hand is once again creating small circles at your sacral. It is best to collect Qi in the early morning hours between 7-9 am as well as in the evening 7-9 pm. Continue reading

Sure, It’s Easier To Run

i-am-02I just watched a documentary last night called I AM. This groundbreaking work follows director Tom Shadyac around the globe as he sits down with renown poets, business executives, psychologists, and biologists to ask two questions:

18iam-span-articleLargeWhat is wrong with the world?
What can we do to fix it?

The root to which it all boils down to is encompassed in a response given by English writer, G.K. Chesterton, to the initial question, posed to him by the London Times.
Q: What is wrong with the world?
A: I am.

Science today, as explored in this film, is rounding up more and more applicable and indisputable evidence to suggest that the totality of existence is in fact an energetic projection of The Individual Observer, that each of you reading this Now, whether aware of it or not, are in fact 100% responsible for the entirety of your every experience. Some have expressed this to be a daunting concept to accept, though I personally find this to be a most empowering paradigm. That we have the power to create worlds. That with personal mastery of our emotional and mental states, so too comes mastery of creating whatever reality we desire.

Running-awayOften times, we encounter struggles or set backs in life, and it’s as if it’s almost become natural for us to point the finger to a person or situation or group of persons for having caused the problem. Many times we have even chosen to walk away from a particular job or project, dissolve a personal relationship, or any other number of “move-away” tactics, as if separating ourself from “the thing” is going to solve the issue. The reality is, as the mystics have echoed through the ages, that the issue is within us, not “out there” and we have actual, measurable, repeatable evidence of this concept today! How exciting!

Thanks to institutions like Heart Math and Biocybernaut Institute, just to name a couple, Western culture is beginning to wake up to The Reality of what is true about ourselves and how we work, our natural design to exist in harmony with all that surrounds us, and step into authority of our lives by accepting fully the responsibility of our every experience.

change-your-thoughts-and-you-change-your-world18Instead of running from our problems, we now begin to see that there is no problem. There is only a manifestation of some personality trait that we desire other than to exhibit, and so we now become grateful for the encounter with these parts of ourselves, that they have been brought to our attention as an opportunity for personal growth through identifying those parts of our personality and shifting to what we truly desire to be.


How to be Anything and Everything in Existence


It’s not as hard  as you might think to see yourself as everyone and everything all around you. In truth, there is no separation. The appearance of individuality and isolated-ness comes from the filters we’ve set up inside the left hemispheres of our brains, as i’m sure if you’ve seen Jill Taylor describe it, when that part of the brain goes away, those laws of separation goes away with it.

It’s actually quite remarkable,  as the awareness of the interconnectedness flows through you to the depth and core of who You really are, you begin to see and recognize the Truth in it, and the old ideas of the way things are begin to break down. So its really working in both directions. The deeper you go into each other, the more the programs break down. And the more you dissect and break down the programs, the deeper you are able to See.

You are a part of everything, you are One with everything, and everything you observe and experience in your external reality is a reflection and a part of what is inside you. Likewise, what is inside you is a reflection of what is happening all around you externally, and thus both must be engaged in, in order to create the transformation and awareness that you seek.


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Being anything and everything you desire is not necessarily difficult, it simply takes an awareness, practice, and focus on the thing it is you are trying to achieve and create. Through Meditation, you can create that awareness internally, and then allow it to blend with your physical reality, allowing your physical actions to match the mental, emotional and spiritual awareness of what you’re trying to create.

There’s a video we made about it a while ago… This is the Parable of the Stonecutter.

I suppose you might say as a result that the best way to become everything in existance is to recognize that you are already it. You are already everything in existence, you are One with everything. With that awareness, the only thing left to do is ask… what do you want to do with it? And who do you want to do it with?