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For centuries Daoist Masters have been harnessing the energies from within.

Using the Yin-Yang, positive and negative energies. Masters of the Art, harness this electric current by pulling the positive energy from the sacral  and the negative energy from the root chakra (Hui Yin). Alchemizing the energy at the sacral chakra, the (Shenjue or Xia Dan Tian).

This energy circuit known as the small heavenly circuit, does not directly translate to the inner flute in Buddhism (as depicted above). However, it is known that the area  just below the naval is the meridian energy center, where all energy is alchemized and all energy is collected and received.

This Master has meditated everyday since he was a young child and has studied this art for 18 years. His discipline has paid off, as he has gained the ability to project electrical energy from his body. The energy is hot enough to burn you at a single touch and high enough, to start a fire with a single hand.

It takes discipline and meditation to awaken this gift and requires extreme control of your every emotion. Once the energy is unleashed, the electric current is so potent that it can be become dangerous, if not used properly.

Qi or (chi) energy is collected by standing straight with legs at shoulder width. Place your right hand flat 3-4 inches from your sacral chakra and begin moving it in small circles gradually growing larger until your largest pass is at your forehead. (For men begin your circle downwards towards your feet and for ladies begin your circle vertical towards your heart)

Slowly begin decreasing the size of the circle until your hand is once again creating small circles at your sacral. It is best to collect Qi in the early morning hours between 7-9 am as well as in the evening 7-9 pm.

Mainly there are 5 different types of Daoist Meditation

Alchemical Meditation

vipassana-meditation-retreatKnown as the simplest meditation, but the hardest to perform. Alchemical meditation has no formal technique or posture, and no path to follow. Just being is the formality as you take every moment as perfect, whole and complete without the incessant need to judge or change anything. This meditation comes with the realization that everything is always in its rightful place, no matter how the mind eludes you to think that something must be changed or acted upon– karma.

Qigong Meditation

This dynamic meditation prescribes that the practitioner meditate by standing postures. Inspired by Martial Arts, Masters are applying what were once fighting techniques, to healing practices. The use of small movements are instilled and stances such as Taming the Dragon or Sword Fingers are used to allow practitioners movement of stagnant energy. This clearing then allows for flow through the meridians. ” Moving greatly is not as fine as moving in smaller motion, tiny movement is not as fine as stillness”- Master Wang.

Micro/Macrocosmic Meditation

inner-conflcit-7-672x372Known as the inward smiling meditation, the practitioner uses this inner visualization technique to circulate their Qi energy through the acupuncture meridians. This technique focuses at the internal organs to healing the weeping lungs or calm an anger liver. Once the energy channels are opened through the meridians, and the root causes are cleared the meridians are flooded with energy and health is restored.

Inner Child Meditation

Seated in a chair with palms of the hands facing up rested on the knees and feet flat on the floor. The practitioner first focuses on the breath to calm the mind and body, followed by visualizing a time when he was approximately 5 years old. A vivid memory quickly illuminates in the mind and with each breath, the memory and the child grow larger until the child has filled the entire body.

Golden Flower Meditation

Known as the flower of immortality, it is cultivated through the combination of two techniques. The first by opening the channels and the second by visualizing the birth of the immortal embryonic energy entity from within.  An immortal fetus. Once the initiate has achieved the next level, by projecting their consciousness outside of their body.

They have received the understanding, that their physical self is only a shadow of their true self on the cosmic/astral level. After further cultivation, the initiate then advances on the path of immortality by self-willed, conscious projection. At this stage the projected self, carries on remaining on the astral level while the shadow self (physical) has become catatonic in a state of hibernation.

By LJ Vanier

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