5 Ways to Use The Law of Attraction To Manifest Abundance in Your Life

The Law of Attraction has something to say about karma: that is, we get what we give. When we are negative or ego-driven, our life will be a reflection of that: unhappy, unfulfilled, and unwell. On the other hand, positivity will breed joy, satisfaction, and physical and mental well-being.

Sometimes in life, we complain that things are not going our way, but at the same time we are sending out intentions that are negative. Instead of doing what we can to get what we want out of life, we are unintentionally sabotaging ourselves. Instead of positively promoting and asking for what would make our lives perfect, we tell the universe that we want negativity through our negativity. It’s an endless cycle, and today we’d like to explore some ways to end it.

Don’t Worry About Moneywomen-worry-101217-02

Often, our worry about personal finances comes from a place of fear.

When we are stingy with our resources, we are promoting scarcity rather than abundance.

Instead, come from a place of having plenty, because you have plenty! The universe will then reward you with the abundance of which you are deserving.

Open Yourself To Love

Sometimes, when good things happen to us, we are humble to the extent of almost feeling like we don’t deserve the good things. It’s not that humility is necessarily a bad thing, but when it turns into a feeling that you are undeserving of the awesome things that life has in store for you, the universe will respond by withholding them. Nowhere is this more important than having love in your life. All are deserving of love, and when it happens, dive in head first!

Fear Not, Doubt Not

first-love-cameron-gray-Fear of failure can be the biggest driver of inaction.

Doubt is usually close behind. Instead, to have purpose and intention in life, we need to do.

We can’t fear the result, because that will promote a never ending cycle of having anxiety, then feeding that anxiety, and back again.

Act, and know that you will succeed.

You Have Time

By stating that there’s not enough time to accomplish what you want to accomplish, you’ve already set yourself up for failure. Instead of what we feel like we don’t have, focus on what we do have. Live in the moment. If time is limited and you’re feeling a deadline, then build yourself up with an ‘I Can,’ instead of using excuses.

Accept What Isself-love-woman

Most of all, don’t be disappointed in results.

No one likes to lose, and you shouldn’t think of yourself as a loser when results fail to live up to expectations.

Never seek the approval of others, but rather, seek the approval of yourself.

Grant yourself the status of a ‘winner,’ rather than the alternative.

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