How To Begin Remembering Your Past Lives

The search for meaning in our lives is a powerful one that we all share, and can take on a new meaning altogether when we are able to incorporate information from previous incarnations. After all, the journey of our lives is just a small subset of the timeless journey of our souls. The more information you can derive about that, the easier it will be for you to see the path ahead of you in this life.

Of course, it is easy to say this, but can be difficult to derive meaning from past lives without the assistance of a psychic who specializes in past life regressions. Not only that, it is a job in itself to find a qualified and trustworthy psychic with whom you will undertake this sensitive task. For this reason, we wanted to share some ways that you might get started on your own, so that when you find a good psychic, you already are well underway.


The soul has endured many bodily incarnations before the one it’s in now, so why not leave the body out of the equation as much as possible? The mind is a part of the body, and when the mind is quieted, the soul can speak without interruption. As you meditate, pay attention to what comes up. Are there memories of places, people or happenings? It is a lot of fun to write these things down after the practice is over, and see if you can derive some information when you compare your notes to history!

Consult Your Present Incarnation

What have you been through in life? Chances are, you have had many powerful experiences that have helped to create the person you are now. These experiences happened for a reason: they are part of the journey that your soul felt would help to shape its overall being. The truth is that karma carries over from previous lives, and present difficulties could be a sign of past transgressions. What could have happened in your soul’s past that might have caused it to need the lessons you’ve learned in your life?

Consider The Strangely Familiar

Everyone experiences the feeling of already knowing someone they’ve just met, or feeling oddly at home in a new or strange place at one time or another. These could be the direct result of knowledge from a past life. In fact, the soul is naturally drawn to that which it is familiar, so you’ll often find yourself treading paths that a previous incarnation also tread. It is therefore important to note that which is oddly familiar or causes a feeling of déjà vu. Write them down so you can remember.

Note Your Feelings About Past Memories

At some point, you may come across ‘memories’ that you didn’t actually experience. That is, you didn’t experience them in your present incarnation. If you randomly imagine something that brings up a powerful, soul felt emotion, pay attention! That could be a real memory from your spirit being coming across in this life.

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