5 Simple Ways To Raise Your Vibration

What do we mean when we say ‘vibration’? We’re not talking about the rapid movement of matter in a physical sense, but rather the state of our own spiritual energy. Contributors to that are such things as: what we are thinking, the state of our bodily health, what we are feeling and what we believe. The confluence of these traits make up our ‘vibes,’ if you will.

Now, when we speak of ‘raising your vibration,’ we are talking about self-improvement. Oftentimes, self-improvement is a long journey, and sometimes we want immediate results when we are feeling down. Here are some suggestions for those times of immediate need.


When we say ‘breathe,’ we’re not talking about normal functional breaths, but rather ‘yogic’ breaths. In yogic breathing, emphasis is put on a meditative focus on each inhale and exhale. Make sure the breath is intentional to derive effect. On the inhale, fill the belly and then fill the chest. On the exhale, contract the diaphragm, expelling everything. Scientifically, yogic long deep breathing can hack the brain during times of stress and make us calm again.


While it might be difficult to laugh in times of low energy, it’s easy to go online or consult Netflix for something that is sure to produce laughter. If your problem is an argument with another, attempt to diffuse tension with humor.


Meditation is the trendiest way to impart a state of superior mental and physical health for a really good reason: it works. However, it can be difficult to stop everything for a practice in meditation, and this is especially true when you really could benefit the most from it. However, you can try to frame it differently if you have trouble meditating. Think of it as a break. As a former smoker, I find it easy to meditate when I consider the fact that I used to take hourly cigarette breaks. If I was always able to find 5 minutes to smoke when I was stressed, then I certainly can find five minutes to meditate. How can you re-frame meditation? Can you find one to five minutes to engage in what is likely to be the most important practice of your life?

Be Grateful

Whatever you are going through right now, the chances are that, if you are able to read this, then you are better off than the majority of people on this planet as far as making sure your basic needs are met. Sometimes, we need a little perspective to help put us in a better mood, and what better way than to be completely thankful that you are healthy, and have food, water and shelter?

Remember That Life Is Short

Remembering our own impermanence is sometimes what we need to change our outlook when we are down. From moment to moment, everything in this life is slowly and steadily passing away. You will never get those moments back, and when you are old and looking back, you will want to remember them as times that you made the absolute best of what you had, and that you were happy and at peace.


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