3 Ways To Create Long Lasting Positive Vibes in Your Life

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Let’s be honest, the culture that we’ve grown up in can be a highly negative place.  Through all of the negativity that we are exposed to, it can be pretty challenging for us to maintain good vibes. It’s really hard, and many of us have been unwittingly programmed into negativity, and its harder and harder for positive thinking to come naturally for us.

For those who are trying to master the creation process, the negativity of society can really interfere with our ability to be awesome all of the time!  In order to be deliberate creators, we must keep a positive state of mind. This can be tricky when we’ve been trained into a regular state of bad-vibes.

TVOne of the best examples that we have to date is the television itself. Look, it’s not called “programming” for no reason. Turn on the TV and it’s nothing but garbage. It’s difficult to find something that isn’t a nonstop stream of violence, crime, anger or gossip, and worst of all, ADVERTISING!  Constant exposure to these negative thoughts, emotions and actions automatically relate in your mind and start changing the way you see the world. What we surround ourselves with and think about, we become.

The good news is that you can program your mind into a high vibrational frequency just as easily as you could be programmed into negativity. Through exposing yourself to uplifting and inspirational ideas on a daily basis, you will begin to absorb and relate to the positive vibes, and even “emit” them yourself!

It sounds pretty simple, and the truth is, that it is! It just takes a little bit of practice, and sometimes, a little bit of help from a friend.

So, let me be a friend and describe exactly how this is done.

Like Burning Wood in a Fire

We’ve all seen a campfire before, right? Well, most of us anyways. In order to burn the fire and create warmth, we need a few specific ingredients. To start it out, kindling, tinder, some wood… and of course, the spark to ignite the flame.

Cozy home fireplaceBut once that fire is going, you don’t need the spark, tinder, or kindling anymore. The wood is your fuel source, and in fact, if you try and add those other ingredients again, your not going to support your roaring fire in the least. In needs a bigger fuel, more wood.

Now, if your like me, and have spent a lot of time around wood-stoves (our house has a wood stove, so I’m constantly feeding it throughout the winter), you’ll know that just throwing the wood on the fire isn’t always going to do the trick. No, the HOT COALS have to be touching the other wood. This creates a firey-friction of sorts, causing the unburnt log to ignite into flames, and cause the fire to overall get hotter!

Apply it to the Spirit

Much like burning wood in a fire, you need a “spiritual friction” of the right ingredients in order to create the warm heat inside that sustains your good feelings. The right ingredients, instead of logs, is actually #1 meaningful connections. Aka: Friendship. 

Happy couple

The spark, kindling, and tinder are the basis for the friendship that you have, and of course, there are tons of different kinds of logs. Some friendships are based around working together, intimacy, co-creation, and those can fractal to great depths in the possibilities of what can be accomplished.

The point is though, that regardless of what kind of friendship that you have, it is the continuing of feeding the fire, the continuation of the relationship, the deep communications, the shared time together, shared laughter, shared moments, is what continues the spiritual fire burning bright, which allows you to give love to all of those around you, and bask in the warmth of your glowing heart. 

When your Low on Fuel…

Now, lets say for instance that you have a great connection with your partner or friends, but sometimes you have to go to work, and when you do, there isn’t a single person there who you connect with in a meaningful way.

Besides the fact that this is an obvious sign that your job is draining your soul and you should get out, sometimes its hard to do that immediately, and thus you have to find a way of keeping your spirits up while surrounded by mental garbage.

Here are 3 methods you can use to help you get through the day, when you go into the darkness and don’t see light for many hours later.

1. Meditation for a lasting flame

When you meditate, you can compress the “coals” into a hot iron that will stay hot, longer. That compression can even become like a beam of light, to guide you through the darkness to come.

2. Stoke the Fire with Meaningful bits and bytes on the Internet

When your feeling drained, its always a great way to get a bit of release by going on the internet and watching or looking at something to just lift your spirits.. JUST BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE!  This is like throwing a big piece of thick cardboard on the fire, it will create a burst of energy for you, but its not a lasting flame. It can also be dangerous, because there’s a lot of sloppy wet cardboard on the internet, and if you put that on your coals it will DOUSE YOUR FLAME! 

What this means is, be super mindful about what you take in. Advertisements will douse your flame. Don’t let that stuff in.


My recommendation? Spirit Science Cartoons!… No wait, even better –> The Daily Kitty. If you’ve ever seen this Facebook page, it’s awesome. I’ve never seen a bad post from them, and that’s probably because we’re the criminal masterminds behind this wonderful magical page. Special thanks to Ray for its inception.

3. Sleep Hypnosis for an overnight fire

Personally, I haven’t done too much experimentation with Sleep Hypnosis except for binaural beats and lucid dreaming, but there is a lot of research to suggest its very helpful in its ability to support a holistic overnight “reprogramming” of neural pathways in order to support a healthy lifestyle.

Tired woman sleeping on the coach at office

Ultimately, if we begin changing our actions, our lives have no choice but to change.

Besides this, you can also maintain good feels when everyone around you is an ass by eating as good as you can, taking breaks with some exercise or stretching, and going out of your way to smile even when your not feeling it. Force it, because pretty soon you’ll realize your actually smiling because your happy, and not because your forcing it. Smiling creates endorphines in your brain, it’s actually pretty amazing.

Anyways, I really hope that all of this can help you on your journey! Thank you for reading!

With love,
Jordan Pearce

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