7 Common Characteristics of A Lightworker

Lightworkers are those who have an innate desire to spread ‘light,’ in other words, concepts such as freedom, intelligence, self-actualization, love, etc. This mission in life does not necessarily result in a therapeutic or spiritual career, but often the road naturally draws the lightworker toward these types of callings.


The word ‘lightworker’ is often misunderstood. It seems to invoke the concept that one soul might be ‘more special’ than the next, or that some are ‘working for the light’ while some are not.

Simply, lightworkers may feel different than other people due to a strong sense of their life’s purpose, but they are not inherently ‘better’ or ‘higher consciousness’ than others.

Such claims of superiority come from an unenlightened place in the heart. Indeed, every soul on the planet becomes a lightworker at some stage of evolution.

That said, the soul of a lightworker is predisposed to a quick spiritual awakening. They may be older souls which have reincarnated over and over and gone through specific experiences which have planted the seeds for this type of inner mysticism to develop more naturally than in most.

Again, these souls are not ‘better.’ They have also been subjected to the pain and illusion that all experience in the karmic wheel eventually.

What Are Some Characteristics Of A Lightworker?

  • SpiritualEnlightenmentAwakeningThey may feel different, isolated, misunderstood and lonely, often from early on in life. For this reason the lightworker is typically an individualist, with unique outlooks and lifestyles commonplace.
  • Similarly, the lightworker is often anti-authoritarian, and may have trouble finding a traditional job or a place within hierarchical structures.
  • There is a deep reverence for life in these souls, often manifesting as environmental sensibilities and a love of animals. Conversely, environmental destruction can be deeply painful.
  • Lightworkers are naturally sensitive, good-hearted and empathetic. They can be idealistic, naive, and insufficiently grounded. As a result, they are easy prey for aggressive or conniving individuals.
  • Their outlook on life is always through a spiritual frame of reference. They might harbor conscious or unconscious memories of life in other higher planes and feel homesick for that existence.
  • heart-light-1Lightworkers are naturally attracted to occupational fields in which they can help others or contribute to the higher good. They are commonly therapists, healers, spiritualists, teachers and medical professionals.
  • Of the countless lives acted out on Earth by these individuals, the majority were as spiritualists, mystics, and members of religious orders. Throughout history, lightworkers have taken on the form of nuns, monks, witches, shamans, hermits, priestesses, etc. As thanks for their role in bridging the worlds of the material plane and the afterlife, they could have been revered in their times, but just as often tortured, killed, or otherwise rejected and persecuted. This memory of pain from previous lives leaves deep scars that are at times difficult to overcome.

Hardships That The Lightworker Must Overcome In This Life

Although they may start from a different point than others in life, the lightworker is no less prone to ignorance and illusion. Therefore, their personal development may be impeded by any number of factors.

The karmic burden discussed previously may be too heavy to bear, leading the potential lightworker astray for much, if not all, of their life. One must get to a point where they can look at the past and see how it grew them to this point. If mistakes were made in past lives, the lightworker must set them right to move on.Alex_Grey-Lightworker

In addition, being a being of light, the lightworker must relinquish the need for power or authority. Since society puts great importance on hierarchical structure, the lightworker can end up in states of self-doubt, depression and hopelessness due to the ways of the world going against their natural instincts.

After all, one might feel that there is something wrong with them if they feel that it is impossible to fit into the established order.

In order to overcome, the potential lightworker must not place importance on outside validation. This could mean disregarding loved ones such as parents or friends and finding their essential inner empowerment. The lightworker can only find their true calling when believing in themselves completely, and acting upon natural inclinations and trusting their inner knowledge.

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