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April 2nd Divination ~ Man & Ice

Our divination for the day is provided by our Runes, an ancient alphabet of magical symbols we inscribe on wood or other natural elements cast to seek answers or insight.

In this reading, we asked what the day might bring and we were given this answer: The Rune of Ice, or stagnation, is met by the Rune of Man, or community.

Interesting… We then asked again and pulled the same two runes! This one is serious, so listen up.

Here we are given these two symbols, Isa on the left and Mannaz on the right. Isa is the rune of Ice, which represents not only cooling trends or effects but also stillness, stagnation, or a temporary halting of progress.

Mannaz, the rune of Man, exemplifies the unique experience of human community. The spirit of mankind emerges from our ability to work together and accomplish mind-blowing results.

.rune april 2nd words

When we consider this reading as a whole, we see the two acting one upon the other. Isa, the ice rune, acts as the object. In this we see stillness and isolation. We see the cyclical shrinking of our circles and we see time to rest and recover.

In Mannaz, we see a reversal of this as it acts on Isa. The rune of mankind highlights the interdependence of our existence. We exists not in isolation but among the living fabric our relationships. Friends, lovers, enemies, and strangers all play roles in our lives, and we are not ourselves without them.

Applying this reading to today specifically, we could say that it is a very auspicious time for new connections. It is the time to consider yourself an integral part of the community around you, the relationships you are in and the teams that you belong to.

Be prepared to lean on others to help you progress yourself or your goals. Be ready to accept new friendships and partnerships, and to offer your own unique talents as they may be helpful to or even required by others to progress. Offer kindness, assistance, and gratitude wherever you can.

We are all in this together.

 with Love,

Alistair and Forest

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March 31st Divination ~ The Seekers of Truth

This reading is a yang to the yin that was yesterdays reading, which is about a struggle we are having, letting go, and moving forward with a higher understanding.

Have a look. Note the symbolism of both cards, one is about a perceived gain and loss, where the other is about leadership, and a higher spiritual understanding.

0025 - higherknowing

The 5 of Swords, on the left, depicts a man who has just won a battle, and two men who have lost, given up their swords at the feet of the victor. The sky is cloudy, and the seas are not peaceful, showing that not all is right in the flow.

The swords is also a card of the Mind, and in the Thoth deck this card is called Defeat. While the battle may be over, and you may be on either side of the fence (winner, or loser), there is still an aspect that is incomplete. Order has not been restored, and even the winner of the battle, still loses what could be two good friends.

This card is about engaging in conflict or finding yourself disagreeing with the flow that was set before you, leading to tension, and a begrudging hostility.

In this conflict, it has not resulted in an inner connection, but a mental battle that only yields more suffering, loneliness, and a feeling of ego.

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In order to correct this, we look to the next card, the Hierophant, to understand.

The Etymology of Hierophant is as follows:

“expounder of sacred mysteries,” 1670s, from Late Latin hierophantes, from Greek hierophantes “one who teaches the rites of sacrifice and worship,” literally “one who shows sacred things,”from hieros “sacred,” from extended form of PIE root *bha- (1) “to shine” (see ire) + phainein “to reveal, bring to light” (see phantasm). In modern use, “expounder of esoteric doctrines,” from 1822.


0018 - HierophantThis is indicative of our seeking someone who can help us on our path, and tells us that in order to resolve this, we must seek out a higher knowing. This can be from anyone but it should be someone or something that genuinely IS functioning with a higher awareness of the situation, or who can look at the situation and give you support based on their point of view.

In order to correct the mistakes of the past, and bring balance to the force, we must not be afraid of humbling ourselves, and showing respect to those who have already gone through these troubles, and come out on the other side with a greater sense of knowing.

It is in this action, the seeking information from those who have demonstrated wisdom, that we ourselves will become wise.

To read more about the Hierophant, check out this reading! 

Thanks for reading!

With love,



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Daily Divination – Order from Chaos

A-HAAAH!!! For the first time ever, the Magician appears in a reading! Okay, not EVER… but In all of Daily Divination at least, I believe this is the first appearance of the Magician!

The Magician of course, is notorious because it is card #1, and the first steps on a journey into the Light.

Along with our magical friend is the 10 of swords reversed.

0024 - Nothingucantdo

Similar to how the Fool represents pure raw potential, the Magician (or Magus) is the essence of the first step on that journey into enlightenment. It is a time when you have the creative power and energy to create a new life for yourself in whatever way that looks for you. It is the WILL to do so, and the courage to see your dream come to life.

In it, you see all 4 elements laid out on the table. Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. His arm holds a staff which channels the energy and intent of the Cosmos through his body and into the physical plane.

You also see that his tunic is white, symbolizing his spiritual purity, but his cloak is red, emanating the fact that he is having earthly experience. This character is now experiencing LIFE, as you are.

This is a Tarot card about manifesting your goals by utilising the skills, tools and resources that are available to you. The Magician suggests that you will come up with creative ways to solve problems and you will be able to use your existing knowledge and networks to arrive at solutions.


But there is more to this reading than simply the magician. There is the added element of this card behind it, the 10 of swords reversed.

The 10 of swords typically means exactly as it implies. It is a dude stabbed to death, lying in his own death. However, upside down it reverses the polarity, and demonstrates the transformation that arises from the death or extreme that is experienced.

In this, the reading gains a new meaning. It is the fresh new steps that emerge from the dust of the old, that which destroyed a part of us. It’s like, we experienced a wild hardship, but in that we birthed a new part of ourselves, like the Phoenix, and rose to a new level that we hadn’t experienced before.

And that’s pretty amazing!

Thanks for reading,



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Daily Divination ~ The Secret to Strength

Todays reading truthfully is about honesty, and opening up our emotions.

The Cards are: 4 of Swords (Truce) – Ace of Cups (Essence of Emotion) – and the 9 of Wands (Strength). Together, they tell a story about the balance of mental energies, and opening up your feelings to create meaningful growth.

0023 - Strengthinemotion

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Lets go through these cards one at a time:

The 4 of Swords is Truce. Swords is a mental energy, and the card depicts 4 swords pointing towards each other around a blossoming flower. Together they create a large X, self contained around all of the chaotic mental energies.

The Book of Thoth describes this as “the strong man armed, keeping his house in peace”. 

The nature of the Air element is constantly in Motion, but the 4 is what happens when the mind solves a problem, finds a solution, completes a process, or has come to a satisfying compromise. Truce, a peace, can be enjoyed. If it stays still for too long it can lead to stagnation, but in this state, there is still a peace.

It is in this space that we come to card number 2. The Ace of Cups. Water in its most secret and original form.


This card shows the way deep into our soul: our inner beauty and trust. It is our greatest source of love, for growing feelings, and the desire for a relationship or the readiness to have a friend.

This is pure feelings and sensitive intuition. It is the essence of the emotions itself.

This card signifies the central theme of this reading. We need to express our emotions, let them flow – truthfully and graceful. This is the desire to melt into one another, and devotion to the connection.

It is in this that we build great strength, which is our final card. The 9 of Wands. 

This card is referred to as the Foundation; bringing energy back into balance. This card reflects upon itself, which is why you see both the Sun, and the Moon in the same card. It shows strength, determination, and discipline, preparing itself for the final step to completion.

Let us remember that in being true to ourselves we release energies that will help us deal with whatever we find within. Whatever we find in our own subconscious is, for better or worse, a part of us.

This is our inner strength that shines like the sun, and invokes personal reflection, from what came before.


So open up, and share in a sacred space with someone you care dearly for.

It will build your strength and open you up to all kinds of new, like you never before believed could be possible.

Thanks for reading!

With love,


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Easter Sunday Divination for the Day!

Of course, this is the card that would come up for Easter! Here we go!

As you are about to see, this card shows naked people rising from their graves, ready to be judged by the power of the Universe, represented here by Archangel Gabriel. In the background, notice the huge waves coming towards them, which signify the impossibility of avoiding judgement.

0022 - JudgementDay


Judgement is a card about the Truth coming to light, and the coming of the new Aeon. It stands for a time of insight, and a true understanding of the circle of life, growing and fading.

Take time this day to reflect upon all of your actions up till this point. What got you here? Why did you go here? What are you going to do next, or at least, what do you want to be moving to next?

This card suggests you pay attention to your recent Epiphany or Awakening, your realization about how you’ve been living your life, and what changes NEED to be made moving forward.

It is upon passing through the gates of “Divine Judgement”, in Thoth called ‘The Aeon”, in which our actions and our focus has solidified into a new cycle, and now there is nothing left to do but surrender to the flow of time itself.

It is the “Finality” of things, the end and destruction of cycles, as well as the liberation, hope, and renewal of new cycles. It is Absolution. It is also:

Birth, Renewal, Transformation, and the Realization of Utopia.

So today, this is not a day to push forward on, but to be with the results of the day itself. You have manifested everything up until this point – Breathe, because you have made it to this cycle, coming to a close.

Easter. What are you doing this day? What does this day mean to you? Where will you be going?

Go with the flow. You got yourself this far.. See what’s on the other side of that portal.

Thanks for reading!
With love,


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Daily Divination – A Necessary Transition

Here is a celtic cross for you as we go into the weekend!

0021 - necessarytransition

Present Position – The Knight of Wands

The moral qualities appropriate to this figure are swiftness and strength, but he can act on impulse; especially when led by external influences; sometimes, especially when things get dizzy, a prey to indecision.

He is the airy (mental) aspect of fire (your passion). The thoughts created around your creative impulses.

He is the part of you that thinks and acts based on quick thoughts or spiritual passions, without much regard for the emotional, or physical aspects.

What Crosses You – The 5 of Wands

The imitation, or false stories. A play fight, or an argument that didn’t quite reach the core. Something new being added to the equation that causes strife, or a disturbance of sorts. You might be annoyed by the falseness of the games you play with some of the people around you, and this can cause your desire for something new.


Destiny – 7 of Swords

The card destiny designates a likely outcome if nothing changes. A plan, an attempt, a wish, a hope, or a dream, all coming together through your actions to see something through… however, this plan MAY fail, depending on other factors, see the other cards.


[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”5111573″]Distant Past – Star Reversed

In the distant past, what got us here was an arrogance and foolishness in not connecting to the bigger picture. In staying small minded, we created a limitation for us in the future.


Recent Past – The Emperor

Here we saw our firm hold on our creations, dominion, leadership, stability, power… a great person. We cared for our creation, and moved forward with a strong male energy.


Short term Future – 6 of Wands

Ultimately this card represents hope, and a sign of victory! Meaning, that if we continue on the path that we’re on, we will be victorious.


The Questioner – 9 of Disks Reversed

We feel a lack of faith in ourselves or in the All. It also speaks about a project being abandoned. This card relates to us as someone who is looking for something new.


External Reality – 7 of Cups

Dreams! We spark ideas in everyone we meet. We cause them to think about new ideas or things they hadn’t thought of before, both positive and negative. These are sparks of imagination, and they radiate in your presence, either affecting you, or everyone else around you.


Internal emotions – 10 of Swords Reversed

Well, this one looks like complete chaos, however because its reversed, its pretty much the opposite of gruesome death! So Life, success, and a good forward motion. Though, it also feels to me like removing all of the swords and the blocks, to inflict healing on the mind and a clarity of thought.

Final outcome – 6 of Swords

The 6 of swords is about a regretful but necessary travel, going on a journey, expedient..

This speaks to a big decision that you will need to make. Sometimes, big forward moving decisions are hard to make, because it means letting go of what you knew in the process. In order to move away, you have to leave something behind.

That’s not to say you’re supposed to be physically moving, it could be simply a change in a state of mind, which changes the way that you live your life.

Either way, this transition is necessary, even if its hard.

May the Universe be with You,

With love,


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