March 31st Divination ~ The Seekers of Truth

This reading is a yang to the yin that was yesterdays reading, which is about a struggle we are having, letting go, and moving forward with a higher understanding.

Have a look. Note the symbolism of both cards, one is about a perceived gain and loss, where the other is about leadership, and a higher spiritual understanding.

0025 - higherknowing

The 5 of Swords, on the left, depicts a man who has just won a battle, and two men who have lost, given up their swords at the feet of the victor. The sky is cloudy, and the seas are not peaceful, showing that not all is right in the flow.

The swords is also a card of the Mind, and in the Thoth deck this card is called Defeat. While the battle may be over, and you may be on either side of the fence (winner, or loser), there is still an aspect that is incomplete. Order has not been restored, and even the winner of the battle, still loses what could be two good friends.

This card is about engaging in conflict or finding yourself disagreeing with the flow that was set before you, leading to tension, and a begrudging hostility.

In this conflict, it has not resulted in an inner connection, but a mental battle that only yields more suffering, loneliness, and a feeling of ego.

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In order to correct this, we look to the next card, the Hierophant, to understand.

The Etymology of Hierophant is as follows:

“expounder of sacred mysteries,” 1670s, from Late Latin hierophantes, from Greek hierophantes “one who teaches the rites of sacrifice and worship,” literally “one who shows sacred things,”from hieros “sacred,” from extended form of PIE root *bha- (1) “to shine” (see ire) + phainein “to reveal, bring to light” (see phantasm). In modern use, “expounder of esoteric doctrines,” from 1822.


0018 - HierophantThis is indicative of our seeking someone who can help us on our path, and tells us that in order to resolve this, we must seek out a higher knowing. This can be from anyone but it should be someone or something that genuinely IS functioning with a higher awareness of the situation, or who can look at the situation and give you support based on their point of view.

In order to correct the mistakes of the past, and bring balance to the force, we must not be afraid of humbling ourselves, and showing respect to those who have already gone through these troubles, and come out on the other side with a greater sense of knowing.

It is in this action, the seeking information from those who have demonstrated wisdom, that we ourselves will become wise.

To read more about the Hierophant, check out this reading! 

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