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A-HAAAH!!! For the first time ever, the Magician appears in a reading! Okay, not EVER… but In all of Daily Divination at least, I believe this is the first appearance of the Magician!

The Magician of course, is notorious because it is card #1, and the first steps on a journey into the Light.

Along with our magical friend is the 10 of swords reversed.

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Similar to how the Fool represents pure raw potential, the Magician (or Magus) is the essence of the first step on that journey into enlightenment. It is a time when you have the creative power and energy to create a new life for yourself in whatever way that looks for you. It is the WILL to do so, and the courage to see your dream come to life.

In it, you see all 4 elements laid out on the table. Fire, Earth, Water, and Air. His arm holds a staff which channels the energy and intent of the Cosmos through his body and into the physical plane.

You also see that his tunic is white, symbolizing his spiritual purity, but his cloak is red, emanating the fact that he is having earthly experience. This character is now experiencing LIFE, as you are.

This is a Tarot card about manifesting your goals by utilising the skills, tools and resources that are available to you. The Magician suggests that you will come up with creative ways to solve problems and you will be able to use your existing knowledge and networks to arrive at solutions.


But there is more to this reading than simply the magician. There is the added element of this card behind it, the 10 of swords reversed.

The 10 of swords typically means exactly as it implies. It is a dude stabbed to death, lying in his own death. However, upside down it reverses the polarity, and demonstrates the transformation that arises from the death or extreme that is experienced.

In this, the reading gains a new meaning. It is the fresh new steps that emerge from the dust of the old, that which destroyed a part of us. It’s like, we experienced a wild hardship, but in that we birthed a new part of ourselves, like the Phoenix, and rose to a new level that we hadn’t experienced before.

And that’s pretty amazing!

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